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How to. Select members. Here are three ways to find people: Method #1 Find people by scrolling through your Hangouts list.

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1 How to

2 Select members. Here are three ways to find people: Method #1 Find people by scrolling through your Hangouts list.

3 Method #2 1. Click the + button at the top of your Hangouts list. 2. Type a name, email, number, or circle. Repeat the first two steps to add additional people. Click the video call button. Example 1 - Searching for a person’s name

4 Example 2 – Searching for a G+ Circle Search for a Google+ circle using the search box at the top of your Hangouts list. Tip: You can also add people by typing a person’s name and then pressing Tab to select the person. Repeat this process until you’ve selected everyone you want to add and then press Enter. Note: If you have enabled the Hangouts Chrome extension, Hangouts started in Gmail or Google+ will open outside of the browser window.

5 Method #3 Start a hangout party by clicking the Start a party button at the bottom of Hangouts list. Add names, circles, or e-mails.

6 During the hangout, you can also invite (or re-invite) people using the invite button on the left menu. NOTE: Sometimes, the invite notification doesn’t reach the person you invited. To make sure they will know that the hangout is open, start the hangout (via the New hangout or start a party), once the hangout window is active, send them another invite using the invite button, and finally, copy the link of the hangout and email it to your group members.

7 Notifications Try to login to Google+ at least 10 – 5 minutes before your schedule Bible study. There are at least five ways you will be notified (and ways to join a hangout) when you are invited in a hangout, the G+ stream, chat, hangouts sidebar, notification bell and email. Group leaders should also email link to the hangout to members to ensure no one will miss the Hangout. There is that likelihood that some members may not get the invitation so an e-mail with link is always a good idea. As a GL you will need to initiate the hangout and invite members using the How to Start a Hangout process. Make sure members have added you to their circle so they can receive your Hangout invitation.added you to their circle The very first step is to login to Google +:

8 1) Click “Join Hangout” and a new window will open for the hangout. 2) Click “Answer” to join the hangout. 3) Click the green camera icon to join the hangout.

9 Click the notification bell and click on the hangout invite notification. It will open a new window for the hangout.

10 Once received, members will click on the link sent by GLs to join the hangout. Clicking the link opens up the hangout window. To obtain Link to the Google+ Hangouts simply copy link in the address bar of the hangout and send to group members via email.

11 Audio meter: Lights up when microphone is picking up your voice and shows how loud your audio is. Mic Mute button: Use this to mute own microphone (reduces background noise/feedback). Button turns red when muted. Note: Other users can also mute you. Use this button to unmute yourself. Video mute button: Behaves similar to the mic mute button except that it mutes your video and displays your Google+ profile picture. Note that only you can mute your video. This is how your Mic and Video mute buttons look like when muted: End call/hangout button: Disconnects you from the hangout.

12 Bandwidth problems can result in poor audio and video quality (e.g. choppy video or audio). This usually happens when there are multiple computers in your house using the same connection simultaneously, or on a public wifi hotspot. To lessen the load on your bandwidth, simply drag the slider to another bandwidth setting: Auto: This is the default mode for all users and is probably the best setting for people who don’t have HD. In this mode, Hangouts will use all available bandwidth to provide the best quality experience. Bandwidth used can be in excess of 1000 Kbps in each direction. You can see everyone’s live video feed.

13 Low: In this mode Hangouts will use less bandwidth to send and receive video. Bandwidth used will typically be approximately 500 Kbps in each direction. This setting turns off the little live video feeds at the bottom leaving only your live video feed and the big screen of the person doing the talking (everyone else will use their profile images).

14 Very low: In this mode, your upstream bandwidth usage will be further reduced by employing a visual effect that makes you look a bit like a pencil drawing. Bandwidth used will typically be approximately 150 Kbps upstream and 500 Kbps downstream. All participants in the hangout will see your black and white sketch-like video.

15 Audio only: In this mode you will not send or receive any video or screen share. Hangouts will focus instead on giving you the best possible audio experience. Bandwidth used will typically be approximately 35 Kbps in each direction.

16 Clicking the settings button gives you the ability to change your WebCam, Microphone, and Audio settings. These settings will be automatically configured for you, but if experiencing issues you can try changing your settings here. Make sure to save your settings when done.

17 Try to wear earphones. It will lessen sounds delays and prevent echoing for yourself and others. Even if you don't hear a delay, you can cause others to hear one because you are not wearing earphones. Turn off nearby telephones. Avoid typing on keyboards during session since the sound can be disruptive (or mute your mic). Mute your mic if you have an unexpected disruption (UPS delivery, emergency call, etc.). Give yourself a private space where you will not interrupted by people or vocal pets. Adjust your seating in your room so the light source is facing you instead of behind you.

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