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Regional Associations Advancing Issues at the Core of All Philanthropy Presented by: Mike Litz, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers Elisabeth.

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1 Regional Associations Advancing Issues at the Core of All Philanthropy Presented by: Mike Litz, Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers Elisabeth Hyleck, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers Michael Remaley, Philanthropy New York Theresa Jackson and Mailee Walker, Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia Marissa Manlove, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance Sindhu Knotz, Philanthropy Northwest Kelly Brown, D5, Moderator

2 Kelly Brown Director, D5 Coalition 2

3 Before we begin… Please mute your lines (*6 to mute your line) Please use the chat box to ask questions At the conclusion, please take the time to fill out the survey We are recording this webinar to share online at 3

4 the priorities Four Big Goals 1. Recruit diverse leaders for foundations—including CEOs, staff, and trustees 2. Increase funding for diverse communities and ensure that foundations offer all constituencies equal opportunity to access the resources they need 3. Improve data collection and transparency so we can measure progress 4. Identify the best actions we can take in our organizations to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion 4

5 WHAT WE DO Vital Partners for D5 and the Field 5 Regional associations are leading and connecting efforts across the country and within their communities to advance DEI.

6 Mike Litz President & CEO 6

7 WHAT WE DO The Forum Network 7 In 2013: 13 RAs had an issue group on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with more than 280 member foundations 9 RAs had a Diversity/Inclusion Committee 24 RAs had guiding principles and/or a strategic plan that includes diversity and/or diversity and inclusion 14 RAs had at least one staff member whose job duties include support for diversity/inclusion 18 RAs offered at least one educational program or member gathering on diversity/inclusive philanthropy

8 WHAT WE DO Today’s Conversation 8

9 WHAT WE DO Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers 9 Energy for Advancing DEI within ABAG: Commitment from CEO Commitment from Board: Definitions of diversity and inclusion were included in the 2009 strategic plan for the first time even though it had been named in goals for years Institutionalized through Diversity & Inclusion Committee Composed of ABAG members Guided by our Diversity and Inclusiveness Policy Focused on infusing ABAG's values of diversity, inclusiveness and respect in our work through organizational practices and supporting the learning of ABAG members Reports annually to ABAG’s Board (including tracking of speakers at ABAG programs and if and how DEI issues are addressed at programs, by whom and how)

10 WHAT WE DO Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers 10 Recent activities: Training for ABAG staff, board, and key members leaders on the Race Matters Toolkit Intentional recruitment strategies for the board, committees, consultants, vendors Values about inclusiveness, respect, and diverse viewpoints incorporated into the guidance that goes to all program organizers and speakers Signed-on to D5’s Take 5 campaign to set an example for members

11 WHAT WE DO Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers 11 What we’ve learned: Members want to see progress around DEI There’s always more learning to do What’s next: A session using the “What’s Race Got to Do With It” tool with ABAG Members Share tools and resources around intentional recruitment strategies for staff, consultants & vendors What would help: D5’s Policies, Practices, and Programs for Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report & resource guide Learn more about what other RAs are doing

12 WHAT WE DO Philanthropy New York 12 Key Milestones from PNY’s Diversity Related Program History: 1990: PNY adopts a policy on Diversity and Inclusiveness 1995: Formation of PNY Increasing Diversity in Philanthropy Committee 2012 - 2013: PNY Increasing Diversity in Philanthropy Committee supports the work of D5 in two specific ways: 1) data project, and 2) population focused funds (PFFs) March 2013: Convening of PFFs (Giving Circles) for a round table discussion From 2011 - 2013: Developed 28 diversity-related educational programs

13 WHAT WE DO Philanthropy New York 13 What we’ve learned: A focus on diversity in all its forms can make members feel rejuvenated in their own efforts rather than chastised for lack of progress RA, itself, needs to think and talk about all forms of diversity and (seeking out the vast array of voices and experiences in our committees, our program and our professional development efforts) What’s next: More programs and information sharing on gender and New Americans especially Continuing programs on diversity in philanthropy jumping off of D5 research What would help: Advice / positive experiences in how to get funders interested in coming and hearing about how to apply a certain “lens” to their issue

14 WHAT WE DO Indiana Philanthropy Alliance 14 Began with discussion in Member Services Committee Collecting data as way to introduce topic Small group of the “usual suspects” + strong supporters Research has revealed more happening around state than we knew

15 WHAT WE DO Indiana Philanthropy Alliance 15

16 WHAT WE DO Indiana Philanthropy Alliance 16 What we’ve learned: 990 filings don’t tell the full story of who a grant is intended to support While not the most top-of-mind issue, members are interested in learning more What’s next: Part II report on DEI practices and policies among Indiana foundations Programming in 2015 What would help: Content partners to help design and deliver programs Ideas from other RAs about what has been successful

17 WHAT WE DO Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia 17 Report Findings  Institutionalizing DEI work in Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia In the past: Idea to do work around DEI came up and interest surfaced, but it didn’t get traction Member-led/member-driven: Bubbled-up from our members in the past year+, and then Philanthropy Network supported it Started with a core group Impressed by patience and care of members

18 WHAT WE DO Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia 18 Report Findings How It Got Traction: Meetings of members, supported by Philanthropy Network to brainstorm needs, areas of interest and opportunity, and create an Action Plan Open invitations and flexibility for when/how people engaged Champions of the work – peer champions Some of the work was visible, some was invisible – and invisible leadership was perhaps most important What’s Next: Implement the Action Plan: taps into members’ leverage points and interests to live beyond any individual or member Communicate to the larger membership to broaden the audience

19 WHAT WE DO Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia 19 Report Findings What we’ve learned: Operationally: Importance of bridging understanding about the needs of regional associations and foundations/our members Hiring consultants is tricky How DEI work moves: Learned how to think and talk about DEI differently; intent does not equal impact Timing is everything (timing was right for us as an organization and for the individuals involved) Opportunity to see how the issues are connected – moving from piecemeal approach to holistic approach What would help: Need to build Philanthropy Network’s capacity to do this work (people, partners, institutional support, financial commitments)

20 WHAT WE DO Philanthropy Northwest 20

21 WHAT WE DO Report Key Findings 21 1. Organizational culture is central to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. 2. Leaders need support from peer networks to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

22 WHAT WE DO Impact on Philanthropy Northwest 22 Learn more during the October 22 webinar!! Impacts: 1.Deepened our DEI work externally, highlighting importance of transparency and relationships in traditionally marginalized communities 2.Sparked internal conversations, raising board/staff awareness of DEI 3.Informed our future approaches to co-learn with members Next Steps: 1.Continue to offer peer learning cohorts across our region 2.Explore new ways we can support members and build on our research, such as offering a fellowship program for diverse professionals 3.Continue internal work with staff and board to lead with DEI values

23 WHAT WE DO Discussion 23 What impacts do you see on your membership as a result of your DEI work? On your role in your region? What themes do you see across the regions? What’s the future of regional association work around DEI?

24 WHAT WE DO Look under Research for DEI resources Resources 24

25 Visit today! 25

26 Visit : Access a wide range of supportive resources Learn about and get involved with Take 5 Sign-up for our mailing list, newsletter and e-alerts Visit Access resources Webinar Series – All start at 1 p.m. Oct. 22: Vision and Voice: The Role of Leadership and Dialogue in Advancing DEI Nov. 19:Empowering People in Philanthropy to Take Action Dec. 10: Building Momentum for Data Standards to Tell Philanthropy’s Story Email Hafizah Omar for more information or to rsvp: 26

27 WHAT WE DO THANK YOU For follow-up inquiries or to register for future webinars, please contact Hafizah Omar with the D5 Coalition at 27

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