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Mixing the Worship Band Glyn Chapman Acoustic Arrangements.

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1 Mixing the Worship Band Glyn Chapman Acoustic Arrangements

2 General Points Know your system Practice and Learn your craft Be practically aware Be spiritually aware Part of a Team

3 For Starters Correct microphones & DI’s Correct positions Check radio mic tuning & batteries Line Check Identify channels on mixer Check processors, amps and speakers

4 Mixer Group Masters Channel Masters L,R,M masters PFL Dual Mid Sweep EQ AFL Aux Masters Matrix section Monitoring, Talkback Aux Sends Stereo Inputs Phantom, Polarity, Gain & HPF Pan, Mute Routing

5 How to set your graphic eq Pink Noise and RTA Auto EQ products – dbx Driverack Ringing Out Sensitive flat response microphone. Flat EQ on mic channel and graphic. Set gain level just below feedback. Increase each band until feedback and reduce by inverse amount. or Increase gain until feedback and reduce offending frequency.

6 Mid Sweep EQ

7 Sound Check Take control Set input gain for loud content. PFL to 0dB Provide foldback (only where necessary) Decide routing/effects/compressors/gates Listen and set EQ Repeat for other channels Adjust Foldback Mix – Less is More! Adjust Main Mix Headphones only for checking

8 Going Live Look & Listen Adjust mix levels Mute or reduce levels by 10db when not in use Remember why we are there – to serve God to serve the needs of the congregation to serve the leaders and musicians


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