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ECE 477 Final Presentation Team 6  Spring 2010 Digital Sound Projection.

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1 ECE 477 Final Presentation Team 6  Spring 2010 Digital Sound Projection

2 Outline Project overviewProject overview DSP Algorithm overviewDSP Algorithm overview Block diagramBlock diagram Design challengesDesign challenges Individual contributionsIndividual contributions Project demonstrationProject demonstration Questions / discussionQuestions / discussion

3 Project Overview A high quality wireless audio transceiver systemA high quality wireless audio transceiver system –Battery powered transmitter –Receiver base to process and output audio Digital signal processing (DSP)Digital signal processing (DSP) –Digital EQ –Digital Mute (Voice enhancement)

4 DSP Algorithm Overview Digital MuteDigital Mute –Enhance the contrast of human voice –Selectively adjust the amplitude of human voice harmonics Equalization EffectsEqualization Effects –Adjust the amplitudes of 11 different frequency bands

5 System Level Block Diagram

6 Transmitter Block Diagram

7 Receiver Block Diagram

8 Design Challenges Faced Analog Circuitry for High Fidelity AudioAnalog Circuitry for High Fidelity Audio –Differential (balanced) signaling –Eliminating power supply noise Signal ProcessingSignal Processing –Real-time constraints –Memory size constraints and organization –Mixed signal environment

9 Design Challenges Faced Heat Dissipation From Power CircuitryHeat Dissipation From Power Circuitry –High voltage drop with large current (1.5A+) –ADSP-21262 core consumes around 800mA. –Linear regulators generate too much heat.

10 Design Challenges Faced PCB DesignPCB Design –Large number of integrated circuits –Area constraints –Power and ground trace routing –Receiver required 4 layer design

11 Individual Contributions Team Leader – Mike GoldfarbTeam Leader – Mike Goldfarb Team Member 2 – Steve AndersonTeam Member 2 – Steve Anderson Team Member 3 – Shao-Fu ShihTeam Member 3 – Shao-Fu Shih Team Member 4 – Josh SmithTeam Member 4 – Josh Smith

12 Team Leader – Mike Goldfarb Component SelectionComponent Selection –Provided guidance to team on interfacing requirements –Microcontroller and DSP selection Software / Hardware InterfacingSoftware / Hardware Interfacing –DSP implementation –Device drivers –Digital hardware prototyping and debugging and debugging

13 Member 2 – Steve Anderson Receiver SchematicsReceiver Schematics –PCB decals Receiver PCB layoutReceiver PCB layout –2 layer board  4 layer board Receiver Boards verificationReceiver Boards verification –Continuity test –Component soldering Packaging DesignPackaging Design

14 Member 3 – Shao-Fu Shih DSP Algorithm development and simulationDSP Algorithm development and simulation –Overlap-save method –Frequency analysis Analog circuitry designAnalog circuitry design –Power circuitry design and filtering –Differential audio circuitry design –Analog hardware prototyping and debugging IC solderingIC soldering Packaging designPackaging design

15 Member 4 – Josh Smith Transmitter PCBTransmitter PCB –Custom component footprints –PCB Schematic –PCB Layout/Routing –Verification and continuity testing –Component soldering Packaging designPackaging design

16 Project Demonstration 1.An ability to display information to the user on an LCD about the status of the device. 2.An ability to wirelessly transmit and receive a digital audio signal. 3.An ability to control output volume wirelessly from the transmitter. 4.An ability to allow the user to adjust EQ effects applied to audio signals. 5.An ability to apply digital mute to the audio signals based on a threshold.

17 Project Demonstration

18 Questions / Discussion

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