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One Planet Economy Network: Europe (OPEN:EU) Project Kick Off Webinar 22nd June 2010 09:30- 11:30 GMT Presenter: Rachel Brown.

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1 One Planet Economy Network: Europe (OPEN:EU) Project Kick Off Webinar 22nd June 2010 09:30- 11:30 GMT Presenter: Rachel Brown

2 One Planet Economy Network: Europe (OPEN:EU) Project “Welcome to our Webinar!” Introductions Facilitator - Cheryl Hicks Host – Rachel Brown WWF-UK Participants

3 Webinar Guide Presenter: Cheryl Hicks You are all on ‘mute’. The facilitator can ‘un-mute’ you. When you are speaking, please first state your name. The Control panel is on the right hand side of your screen Chat: Click on the bubble icon, in the control panel to type questions, comments or contact others during the webinar. Test: Say hello to your fellow participants now. Questions: During the designated Q&A portions of the agenda, the moderator will respond to you and ‘unmute’ you to allow you to speak. THE SESSION WILL BE RECORDED. Notes from the chat will be available following the webinar.

4 Webinar Purpose Presenter: Rachel Brown WWF Introduce the project: objectives, outcomes, next stages Explore opportunities for participation from other organisations Uncover mutual areas of interest and next steps for involvement

5 Outcomes You have a clear understanding of the project and how it can help you You are aware of how you can get involved We start to make connections with one another

6 Agenda What is the One Planet Economy Network (OPEN: EU) Project? What does it want to achieve? Why participate? How to participate? – Introduction to the OPEN:EU application (EUREAPA) – Introduction to OPEN:EU policy & scenarios – Introduction to the OPEN:EU Network

7 Context for OPEN:EU Project The environmental impact of the European economy is nearly three times what the planet can cope with. Europe, as the world’s largest economy must complete a major transformation by 2050 to avert dangerous climate change and prevent ecosystem collapse. A shift to a sustainable future will require a significant mobilisation and behavioural change of actors and institutions from every aspect of society.

8 What is the OPEN:EU Project doing? Building the evidence base: Academically robust indicators on EU consumption & its impact Building the applications: Producing a scenario modelling tool to address specific issues in policy and business Building the capacity: Creating opportunities for dialogue between civil society, business groups, policy-makers at national & EU level 2050

9 Building the evidence base For the first time, Ecological, Carbon & Water Footprint indicators will be brought together under the same trade model. This means we will be able to calculate the environmental impact of consumption for the whole of the EU. The project will use multi-regional input-output analysis for this. Our results will be made freely available.

10 Building the applications The OPEN EU Project is developing an on-line ‘next generation’ modelling tool: EUREAPA (European Resources and Energy Analysis Programme Application) This modelling tool will allow EU policy makers to explore different opportunities for reducing the impact of the EU economy on our environment.

11 Building the capacity Achieving a transition to a One Planet Economy in Europe can only be implemented by people. Therefore the final strand of the project, to form the One Planet Economy Network (OPEN). will bring together in a dialogue process, key actors and decision makers from across the EU,

12 OPEN:EU Project Plan 1 Project Set-up Evidence Gathering Define Footprint Indicators 2 Building the evidence base Data Model Development 3 Building the applications Application Development Policy Relevance & Future Scenarios Input from EU policy-makers Business Leaders Think Tanks Scenario Experts NGOs Developing the Network Mar 2010 June 2010Mar 2011 Aug 2011 4 Building capacity Finalising the Network Network Launch

13 Why participate? Using the OPEN EU software and indicators in isolation will not achieve a One Planet Economy for Europe by 2050. Instead people will need to apply their brain power and experience alongside these tools to develop appropriate solutions. + = Appropriate Solutions 2050

14 How you can participate? You can help us: To understand the needs of different user groups (i.e. policy makers) to ensure that the EUREAPA application functions appropriately and is easy to use By lending your expertise at key points in the project to develop policy scenarios & guide future work By engaging with the project via the OPEN:EU Network to explore sustainable solutions

15 Any Questions? ???


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