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Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAP) WCFAAA Webinar February 24, 2009.

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1 Emergency Home Energy Assistance for the Elderly Program (EHEAP) WCFAAA Webinar February 24, 2009

2 Introductions and Roll Call

3 Please mute your phone

4 Topics of Discussion Program Review BIG NEWS! - changes in the program Eligibility Verifying a crisis Filling out the Application Documenting Eligibility Calculating Income Corrections File documentation Questions?

5 References EHEAP Technical Assistance 2009 2009/10 EHEAP Contract

6 EHEAP Program Review

7 Eligibility At least one member of house is 60+ Household income under 150% of Poverty Level Applicant is resident of county Has verifiable energy crisis Household has not received LIHEAP or EHEAP benefits during application period *#22, EHEAP TA 2009

8 Definitions of Crisis Heat or cooling system has been cut off Household has been notified that energy source will be cut off Household received a delinquent or past due notice Unable to get fuel, out of fuel, or in imminent danger of being out of heating fuel Other problem causing lack of access to energy source *#23 and #24, EHEAP TA 2009

9 EHEAP Benefits can Pay for: Continuance of heating or cooling Repair of heating or cooling system *approval to repair must be given prior to repairs. No reimbursements. Pay deposits to turn on utilities for heating or cooling Purchase of space heater, blanket, wood, fuel, fan, A/C, etc.

10 Eligibility Benefit Periods Heating- October 1 st to March 31 st Cooling- April 1 st to Sept. 30 th Eligible for 1 benefit each season


12 How times have changed! 1950’s 2009

13 EHEAP Changes !

14 New Contract Begins as Soon as Contract is Signed Ends March 31, 2010

15 Maximum Benefit Amount Increased- Now $600 per season- Up from $400 *Attachment I, (4), EHEAP Contract 2009-10

16 Definition of Energy Crisis Expanded Now includes when a household has received a delinquent or past due notice #23 + #24, EHEAP TA 2009 Past Due

17 Client Income Less than 50% Poverty Level Question #3, page 2 of application Explain how basic living expenses are met if income is below 50% of Poverty Level.

18 HUH???


20 How do I find 50% Poverty Level? “Home Energy Benefits and Poverty Level” reference Sheet OR Divide the annual income limit on page 2 of application by 3 Example: For 1 person, 150% Annual Income Limit is $16,245 / 3 = $5415

21 Eligibility

22 Automatic Qualification Consumer has a home energy emergency and one of the following: Receives Food Stamps Receives SSI Applied for WAP and is currently eligible Applied for Community Services Block Grant and is currently eligible

23 Automatic Qualification continued Computation of income is not necessary if consumer automatically qualifies. Documentation must be attached. (We’ll go into this further in a bit.)

24 Eligibility of Illegal Aliens Cannot serve an illegal alien If a legal citizen resides in the household, the household is eligible for EHEAP screening Ineligible aliens are not counted in the household size *#36a, EHEAP TA 2009

25 Verifying the Crisis

26 How is Energy Crisis Verified? Cut off, delinquent, or past-due notice : AND Contact with energy supplier and documentation of cut off date or Acceptance of applicant’s statement of need for heating or cooling supplies ( blankets, fan repairs, wood, gas, fuel oil, etc.) *#25, EHEAP TA 2009

27 Bills Over $600 ? Obtain proof that excess was paid prior to approval If excess amount can not be met and the crisis resolved, application must be denied

28 Filling Out the Application

29 Documenting Eligibility SSNs are not required SS card should not be copied Pseudo IDs can be made, must provide some form of ID and income All household members & income must be listed Verification of ID can be documented by viewing SS card as last resort

30 Documenting Eligibility continued Birth certificates can be used for children Copied forms of ID such as driver’s license for each resident should be kept in the file Note: All applicants must receive SSN confidentiality disclosure forms and a copy must be kept in the file *#2, EHEAP TA 2009

31 Documenting Automatic Eligibility Food Stamps- approval letter for anyone in household Proof of age 60+ for one member Verifiable crisis Print Food stamp eligibility in ACCESS SSI- approval notice WAP and CSBG- Call WAP or CSGB provider to confirm eligibility, document date, agency, and name of person confirming eligibility.

32 Calculating Income

33 Calculating Income for those automatically eligible Household annual income entered in CIRTS DATA portion of application All other income references can be omitted Don’t need to fill in #1 of Income info on front of application or #1,2, or 3 on the back *#33, EHEAP TA 2009

34 IF Auto-eligible, no need to fill in highlighted section below.

35 IF Auto-eligible, no need to fill in #1, 2, or 3 below.

36 Calculating Income for those without automatic qualification Use the most current economic situation to calculate annual income *Standard: Multiply monthly paycheck by 12 = annual income

37 Current Economic Situation Example: A client was recently laid off from a job where he made $700 monthly for the past year. What is his current annual income? $0

38 Current Economic Situation continued Example #2: A household member just started a job making $800/month after being unemployed for 11 months. What is his annual income? $800 However, “use whichever method will provide the most accurate representation of the applicant’s current economic situation when calculating annual income.” #37, EHEAP TA, 2 2009

39 Documentation of Income The name of the employer should be on the pay stub (if not, note employer’s name on app.) Info for each adult household member should be listed Self-declaration form is completed by adult applicants attesting to “0” income #38 + #39, EHEAP TA 2009

40 Medicare Premium Add in $96.40 Medicare Premium only if not included in SSA Add in Medicare Part D, if applicable

41 Common Mistakes and Corrections SSA/SSI often put in earned income These are unearned sources of income

42 Legal corrections Cross out the error Correct the error Date the correction Initial the correction

43 Corrections NO white out or correction tape

44 File Documentation

45 Client Files Separate files for each applicant CIRTS info is also kept under this applicants name

46 EHEAP Client File Contents: Application Names, ages, and id docs of all household members Income amount and method of verification for all household members Age and income docs to support eligibility Statement of self-declaration of income when applicable *#60, EHEAP TA 2009

47 Client File Contents continued Statement of how living expenses are being provided if at less than 50% of current Federal Poverty rate Documentation of consumer’s obligation to pay energy bill Copies of bills of services provided Copies of approval or denial letters to applicant If preference given for disability, documentation including disability income or physician’s statement *#60, EHEAP TA 2009

48 Client file contents continued Documentation of referrals to LIHEAP, CSBG, and WAP Documentation of payments to vendors Documentation of calculation for subsidized housing If applicant approved, the info for one elderly member of the household must be entered into CIRTS SSN disclosure form NOTE: Grievance Policy must be posted in office but statement of receipt no longer required in the file. *#60, EHEAP TA 2009

49 Prioritization

50 Prioritization “Make payments on behalf of those consumers with the highest home energy needs and the lowest household income, which will be determined by taking into account both the energy burden and the unique situation of households that result from having members of vulnerable population, including very young children, the disabled and frail older individuals.” #50 & #51, EHEAP TA 2009

51 Suggestions for Prioritization Take appointments Prioritize based on age, frailty, income, highest energy need Prioritize based on if there is a disabled person or child in the household Policy must be in writing and followed consistently NOT first-come-first-served

52 ACTION REQUIRED 1. Develop Your Prioritization Policy 2. Please send a copy to WCFAAA by March 15, 2009

53 Resources

54 USF Kinship Center For applicants answering ‘yes’ to Caregiver of a live-in child or grandchild Refer to USF Kinship Center


56 USF Kinship Center Kinship Care Warmline 1-800-640-6444 (statewide support line)

57 Questions and Comments

58 For additional questions or technical assistance, please contact: Debbie Hofer at Sarah Van Dyke at Thank you

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