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Rhinitis in children Jacqueline M Mardon.

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1 Rhinitis in children Jacqueline M Mardon


3 A collaborative model retrospective review 47 children referred by ENT
allergic or non-specific rhinitis ineffective conventional therapy assessed by homeopathic practitioner treated with homeopathy ± isopathy follow-up and outcomes

4 The integrity of the child
What is rhinitis and what is it an expression of in the child’s being? What is the significance? (different levels this can be approached)



7 A very visible manifestation:
flowing, sticky lurid green, yellow, clear burny blood Face full, tender, squeaky, stuffed-up Unseen pain, itch - nose rub, palate scratch

8 Eyes water, stick, searing tears
Ears fuzzy, bubble Skin prickles and flakes Hard to breathe - the night is not peaceful, disturbed with grunts, snorts and gasps

9 An assault to the dignity of the young individual and their integrity
Affects concentration, distorts the face. Hard to gaze outwardly. There may be shame, mute misery Can experience being shunned, bullied


11 Conventional approaches
History, examination ± investigation (skin prick tests, RAST) Associated asthma, eczema, foods? Treatment nasal corticosteroids, anti-histamines


13 Self-help approaches Allergen avoidance/reduction Saline nasal washes
Light impulse probes?


15 Homeopathic “holistic” approach
The child first and always Welcome the family Symptoms Maternal history, birth Early life, breathing, feeding and weaning FHx Onset allergy - eczema,asthma, rashes, food


17 Homeopathic “holistic” approach (2)
Movement Physical, social and emotional development Sleeping Day rhythms Temperature Observations; significance of ages


19 Review of cases(1) 47 children: 18 girls, 29 boys
Age range: years


21 Review of cases (2) ENT referral/diagnosis
Non-specific rhinitis - 8 children Allergic rhinitis/multiple allergies - 37 Other - 2 children

22 Review of cases (3) other medical problems/Hx
A hetereogeneous group Congenital heart disease Tonsils, adenoids Cleft lip and palate Nasal intubations/feeding, surgery Grommet insertions, ear problems


24 Review of cases (4) medical hx cont
Asthma (11 children) Eczema (13 children), 5 with both “ALLERGY MARCH” Urticaria/rashes Food allergies: milk protein, fish, egg, dairy Chest and respiratory tract infections - multiple antibiotics

25 Review of cases (5) Allergy tests RAST - 2 children
Skin prick tests - 39 children (9 negative results; 30 positive for one or more allergen)

26 Review of cases (6) Family history
Siblings with congenital heart disease (2) 30 children with family hx of atopy

27 Review of cases (7) Maternal hx/birth
33 children recorded details 7 Caesarean Section births 5 births by Forceps delivery - SCBU with bruising to head/face in 2 babies Individual experiences eg “stuck”, purple large baby with excess mucus, lasted several months

28 Review of cases (8) Conventional medication:
one child parents declined nasal spray one child spray effective but parents concerned re side-effects In most cases the tx (steroids,antihistamines) ineffective or limited effect Also bronchoinhalers and antibiotics


30 Review of cases (9) Previous homeopathy - one patient visited homeopath in Pakistan; another previous patient GHH

31 Review of cases (10) Homeopathy/Isopathy Tx
Many different remedies, first consultation and beyond No treatment (1) Single (constitutional) remedy (17) Single (local)remedy (1) Miasmatic nosode and constitutional (3) Isopathy and constitutional (23)

32 Review of cases (11) Follow-up
11 children attended one appointment only- 1 was planned Further ENT assessment/treatment? (10/46 is DNA rate of 21.7%) 36 children attended at least one follow-up (range 1 to 14 months from first seen - patient-led!)


34 Review of cases (12)- Outcome
Reduction/cessation conventional Tx No response at follow-up - 5 children (1 did not like powders): 5/36 (14%) Partial response - 9/39 (25%) Good response with significant improvement - 22/36 (61%) 31/36 children (86%) of those seen more than once have either partial or good response - some follow-up and Tx ongoing

35 Review of cases (13) Discussion
Rhinitis is a symptom - complexity of individual’s history and circumstances Many of these children had heavy load of interventions and Tx Allergies on many levels Can treating early in holistic way affect longer-term outcome?


37 Collaborative model Child at centre Family General Practitioner
Specialists - ENT surgeon, Homeopathic/holistic practitioner Community/environment


39 Thanks Mr HA Sadiq ENT Surgeon, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow Elaine Hamilton, Nadja Gunneburg, Kamal Ohri, Bridie O’Dowd, Robert Leckridge Linda and administrative staff Betty and pharmacy staff

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