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Free Tools for Students and Schools Lana Sveda October 22, 2013.

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1 Free Tools for Students and Schools Lana Sveda October 22, 2013

2 Today’s agenda  SAT Practice Tools  You Can Go!  Big Future  College Ed  My College QuickStart  Leading Success Toolkit

3 Welcome to the SWRO WebEx Series!  Please mute your phones for the duration of the session.  How to ask questions:  There is a box at the bottom of the screen where you can type in questions. We will address all questions at the end of the session.  How to get access to this PowerPoint  You can request via email (contact info will be given at end of Webex)  It will be posted on the SWRO website :

4 The College Board Mission The College Board's mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. We are a not-for-profit membership organization committed to excellence and equity in education.

5 SAT Practice Tools

6 Free SAT Practice   SAT Study Plan  Question of the Day  Practice Test  Answers Imagined  “About the Test”

7 You Can Go!


9  You Can Go! provides motivation for students who might not think college is in their future.  See how students overcame various obstacles-cost of school, grades, responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed-and eventually made it to college.  or

10 Big Future


12  A free comprehensive website that improves the college planning process with a step-by-step approach that makes college planning easier to navigate. Research colleges Explore careers Find scholarships and learn about financial aid Get information about the college application process Make a plan And much more! 

13 College Ed on Big Future

14 College Ed  Free, standards-based, college planning and career exploration program Three consistent themes: "Who Am I?", "Where Am I Going?" and "How Do I Get There?” Three levels: middle school, 9 th and 10 th grade, and 11 th and 12 th grade Student workbook and accompanying educator guide Lessons written by experienced counselors and AP teachers  resource-center/collegeed-college-planning-program resource-center/collegeed-college-planning-program

15 Click here to get to College Ed

16 My College QuickStart

17 My College QuickStart

18  Online college and career planning tool  Available free of charge to all students who take the PSAT/NMSQT.  Provides personalized information that helps students take their next steps toward college. Online Score Report SAT Study Plan My Personality Major and Career Matches College Matches AP Potential  My College QuickStart demo site My College QuickStart demo site

19 PSAT/NMSQT Student Score Report PLUS Scores and percentiles National Merit Scholarship Information Personalized feedback on skills Student answers Next Steps - My College QuickStart AP Potential

20 AP Potential On My College QuickStart

21 AP Potential on My College QuickStart The shading of the steps icons illustrates level of potential Choosing a major puts a checkmark in the Matches Major column next to appropriate courses This column tells a student if this course is likely offered at their school Look for courses where they have “potential”, it matches their major, and it’s offered at their school


23 Leading Success Toolkit for Educators

24  Shares the techniques of successful educators through videos that chronicle their stories, as well as an anthology of best practices, collaborative activities and research. 


26 Questions? We are happy to help.  Email us at or  Call the regional office at (512) 721-1800

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