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National Brokerage Webcast Presenters: Lance Barton and Todd Ruplinger Please Note: Please be patient while we wait for the presentation to begin Listen.

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1 National Brokerage Webcast Presenters: Lance Barton and Todd Ruplinger Please Note: Please be patient while we wait for the presentation to begin Listen by turning on your computer speakers -OR- call in to the conference number provided All phone participants will be muted during the webcast We will open for questions at the end of the presentation

2 Back to Basics  Client Building Philosophy "The profit is in the relationship, not the sale.“ --Alfred Granum  How do you achieve a combination of money, individual freedom and service to others?  The answer lies in building a client base.

3 Client vs. Policyholder  Policyholder engages in a single sales transaction with an agent and buys one at a time.  Client buys repeatedly. On average a client will buy 6 different times from their agent.  Whether the client is an individual or a business, they will continue to buy from the agent who understands and responds to their changing needs.

4 Needs Based vs. Transaction Based Selling  A client is built through need based rather than transaction based selling.  Client building is through listening and focusing on their needs. This will develop long term clients.  Sales people are selling products, but customers are buying relationships.

5 Becoming Bulletproof  Developing a large, diverse client base protects you against any unfavorable changes Insurance carriers changing Economy Tax Law Political Changes Industry

6 How to Change Policyholders to Clients  Client lives are not static  Financial and family situations change  Understand your client’s needs and objectives

7 One Guaranteed Sale in this Economy!  Perform a basic policy review  Save your client money  Never has there been a more critical time to review your client's policy than right now.  Your clients are desperately looking to save money wherever they can, and you can help them.

8 Back to Basics  We were taught to review your client’s coverage once a year or...... Family Changes: New marriage, divorce, new baby, new home, supporting elderly family member or other changes Business Changes: New business, sold business, new loan, new partners or other changes  A repeat sale is easy compared to the effort to obtain the new client

9 Our Whole Country is Going Through a Change  Net worth down  Home values down  Equities down  Retirement and college education accounts down  Now is a perfect time for a policy review

10 Asset Recovery  Life insurance is one of the only financial tools that can guarantee asset recovery for your clients right now  Take a small portion of their overall net worth (5-7%) and put into life insurance and significantly improve the value of the estate

11 Review Your Client’s Policy  Align it with their goals and budget  Term rates are lower then ever  Mortgage Life - that usually can be beat with just a level term  UL rates are lower then and guaranteed for your clients life  Variable Life - Usually not performing, lucky if your account values are flat for the last ten years  Many clients have policies you or even they don't know about

12 Let Us Be Your Back Office Support  Don't have enough time to review your client’s life policy?  Not sure if that old policy is still the best for your client?  Have a bunch of old clients who need policy review, but don’t know where to start?

13 Case Study  Last year, one of our agents who had not been practicing a basic annual policy review gave us 247 policies to review... 95% of which were term. He wrote 114 new applications and placed 92 of them for a total premium of $121k. Not only did he make an additional $121k that year, but he dramatically improved his client's policies and turned them from policy holders to clients. 

14 Like Any Industry, Progress Has Been Made  Some decisions took longer than they should when you said, "My typewriter is as good as any computer" and "I'll never use a mobile phone" or "I don't need e-mail when I have the postal service.“  You are facing a similar choice right now: to use National's One "E" System or not. There are certain decisions that are easy and this is one of them.

15 Some Decisions are Easy…  Your client choosing a new policy after you perform a review that lowers their premium and extends their coverage  Use the OES or not: Send a personalized approach letter to all your clients at once Have all your clients info in one location Prepare side by comparisons Regular follow up correspondence

16 Back to Basics  “Without a system you have no real chance to accomplish your goals” - Alfred Granum  "Whole process couldn't have been easier. National gave me all the support, they provided the comparison and the filled out app. All I did was present the options to my clients and I got more referrals from them." - Agent: M. Johnson, TX

17 Next Steps  Download and complete our National Policy Review Form - The form will provide basic policy information, current health and client's objective.National Policy Review Form  We will compare current policy to the best available for your client.  We will provide comparisons. If a policy can be improved, we will provide a populated formal application.

18 Questions & Answers  To ask a question: In the Live Meeting console, open the Q&A section and type in a question - - OR - - If you are dialed in to the conference call, dial #6 to un-mute your line and speak up (dial *6 to mute your line when done!) National’s TOP Principles Transparent: Earning your trust through integrity, communication and full disclosure Objective: Searching for the best possible solution under your direction Professional: Working at the highest level of professionalism to facilitate every case

19 Conclusion  That concludes our webcast. A full recording of this session should be available on our website within 24-48 hours:  Contact Us: (800) 377-6344

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