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Quality Indicators to Improve Patient Care

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1 Quality Indicators to Improve Patient Care Andy.Spencer@IC.NHS.UK

2 What is a Quality Indicators ?  A quality indicator is a periodic measurement of an aspect of clinical practice that can be used to drive improvement.  A quality indicator will normally relate to one or more of the following:  Infrastructure  Process  Outcome  The UK concept of quality embraces:  Clinical Outcome  Safety  Patient Experience

3 Measurement – The big idea?  Always been part of good personal practice  World Health Organisation  Organisation for Social & Economic Development  Lord Kelvin applied by Lord Darzi to NHS  “You can’t be sure to improve what you can’t measure”

4 “The difference between a well- performing health system and one that is failing can be measured in death, disability, impoverishment, humiliation and despair.” The World Health Organisation World Health Report 2000



7 Counter Argument “Not all that counts can be counted and not all that can be counted, counts.” Albert Einstein

8 Neonatal WMQI To ensure that:  we only count what counts  we count what is most important first  we only count what can be counted  we always count what we mean to count  what is counted is always counted in the same way  we only count once  we make what we count, count

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