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口令: BBS1113 口令: RAPID708 Charlie Chaplin By Chris Shen 1.

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1 口令: BBS1113 口令: RAPID708 Charlie Chaplin By Chris Shen 1

2 口令: BBS1113 Charlie Chaplin was born the 6th of April 1889 in London. His Real name is actually Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin. He was considered one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood and lived an interesting life both in his films and behind the camera. He performed in the silent film era and one of the most popular characters he played was "Little Tramp". Late 1890's to late 1920's About 70% of films believed missing Chaplin's legacy is still well known Brought smiles to people everywhere Introduction 一. 输入标题 Charlie Chaplin. (1889-1977) 2 Introduction

3 口令: BBS1113 Born Emigrated to the US Career as an entertainer began Peakedness Died 1889 1898 1910 1914-1940 1977 Life Timeline 3 Comedian,director, composer,movie producer,writerBest known for silent films

4 口令: BBS1113 When he was a kid he suffered through hardships and poverty. His mother and father got divorced.Charlie and his brother moved with his mother, her mother had no incomes so Charlie worked in a workhouse at age 7. At age 14 his mother had metal asylum Later to go to an orphanage with his half brother Sidney. They got hungry and beaten up if they misbehaved. Not able to read and write. Childhood 一. 输入标题 Charles Chaplin as a kid 4 Childhood

5 口令: BBS1113 Charlie Chaplin got his first taste of acting when he replaced his mother on stage when she lost her voice during her own performance. He even added a little of his own comedy to the act by imitating his mother's raspy voice.Unfortunately, this laid to rest Chaplin's mother's stage career as she was never able to recover her singing voice. This left the Chaplin's with no source of income, which forced Charlie and Sydney to live in a London's workhouse for a short while. Young Age 一. 输入标题 Charles Chaplin as a kid 5 Chaplin at a Young Age

6 口令: BBS1113 “The Gold Rush” “The Circus” “City Lights” “Modern Times” “The Great Dictator” “Monsieur Verdoux” 1925 1928 1931 1936 1940 1947 RepresentativeWorks Representative Works 6 Career “Limelight” 1953 Charlie's career started when he was twelve. He was in a legitimate stage show. When he was 21 he got sighned to Mutual Film Company. He was in 12 2 reel comodies. When his contract expired he became his own director, writer, and actor.

7 口令: BBS1113 A Week $150 7 Chaplin eventually got into a vaudeville with Fred Karno and started his acting career in the United States. That is also where Chaplin caught the eye of a film producer named Mack Sennett who had Chaplin sign a contract for $150 a week. Chaplin's first movie was Make a Living, released in 1914, but did horribly in the theaters. The debut of the memorable Chaplin character, a.k.a., "The Little Tramp," didn't hit the screen until the movie, Kid Auto Races at Venice, released later in 1914. Chaplin would later leave the vaudeville life and move on to be paid by the Mutual Company where he would be paid $670,000 a year.This is also when we saw Chaplin make his more renown films during the 1920's: The Kid, The Pilgrim, A Women in Paris, The Gold Rush, and The Circus.

8 口令: BBS1113 In the Silent Era is where Charlie Chaplin rises to fame. The Silent Era was over 3 decades 1890s - 1920s. These types of films consisted of no dialogue and just gestures. The Silent Era became a big business. Charlie Chaplin was the most famous of them all. During the Silent era Charlie Chaplin rose with his first film The Tramp. He also a comedian actor, director, and a composer. Later to be discovered by the by the Co-Founder of United Artist in 1919 and Chaplin was now in the business of Movie Making Silent Era 一. 输入标题 8 Silent Era

9 口令: BBS1113 Charlie Chaplin after the Roaring 20's 9 When the end of the "Roaring 20" Charlie Chaplin started on other movies, Life of a dog, The Great Dictator, The kid and many other movies. When his parents past away in his early life. Frequently falling in love with young actresses, marriage to divorce until his 4th wife Oona O'Neil who he stayed until he eventually dies in his age 88 in 1977.

10 口令: BBS1113 His Impact 1 Little Tramp best-known character of silent film era 2 Was quick to improvise 3 One of the first international superstars 4 Influenced future characters 01 Little Tramp 02 Improvise superstars 03 04 Influenced His Impact on Comedy 10

11 口令: BBS1113 Something Unique 1 3 2 Signature look was derby hat, cane, mustache. Played several instruments by ear Known as a perfectionist 11

12 口令: BBS1113 ❤★ ★ Made people laugh during dark times Taught people to laugh at misfortunes 12 His Significance to the Study of Comedy Significance

13 口令: BBS1113 Nearing the end of his life, Charles Spencer Chaplin became "Sir" Charles Spencer Chaplin as he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in the year 1975. Final Years 一. 输入标题 13 Final Years

14 口令: BBS1113 December 25, 1977 14 But... On December 25, 1977, Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin died in his home in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. But... HIS BODY WAS STOLEN! His body was stolen from his resting place near Lake Geneva by two men who demanded $400,000 for his safe return. After 11 months, the culprits were arrested and the body was cremated in his original cemetery

15 口令: BBS1113 一. 输入标题 15 Please wait the video start

16 口令: BBS1113 O(∩_∩)o The End @Chris Shen Charlie Chaplin

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