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FAMOUS AUSSIES Marinela Majić, Josipa Bašić, Silva Orlić.

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1 FAMOUS AUSSIES Marinela Majić, Josipa Bašić, Silva Orlić

2 Sir Edmund Barton Born in 1849 He was Australian politician and judge Served as first Prime Minister of Australia Resigned from his position in 1903 Until 1920 - judge of Australia’s High Court

3 Jesse Gordon Spencer Born in 1979 in Melbourne Australian actor and musician Jesse started his career in 1991 Most famous role - Robert Chase in TV show ‘House’

4 Nicole Mary Kidman She was born in 1967 Nicole became famous in 1983 One of the most famous actress in 21st century 2003 she was the most requested actress in Hollywood She also acted in Dogville Confessions, Birthday Girl, Far and Away, and other

5 Natalie Jane Imbruglia Born in 1975 Famous Australian singer She started career in 1997 Genres – pop, rock MTV best perfomer in 1998 Won three nominations for ‘Grammy’

6 Emma Laura Snowsill Born in 1981 Australian triatlon World and olimpic champion in triatlon 2009 – won award called ‘OAM’ (Order of Australia)

7 Elizabeth H. Blackburn Australian scientist Area – molecular biology Won Nobel award in 2009 in area of medicine First Australian who won ‘Nobel’

8 Peter Charles Doherty Born in 1940 Australian researcher on area of medicine Shared ‘Nobel’ with Rolf Zinkernagel for discovery in medicine

9 Julia Eileen Gillard Born in 1961 Prime Minister of Australia Becomes Prime Minister in 2007 Also leader of ‘Australian Labour Side’

10 Anthony John "Tony" Abbott Born in 1957 President of ‘Liberal side of Australia’ On position since 2009 Stands for further conduct of Queen Elizabeth II.


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