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Why is Peter Spencer on a Hunger Strike 300 ft up in the air And what does it have to do with the Kyoto Protocol and Kevin Rudd?

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1 Why is Peter Spencer on a Hunger Strike 300 ft up in the air And what does it have to do with the Kyoto Protocol and Kevin Rudd?

2 The story began 10 years ago John Howard was Prime Minister Peter Beattie was Qld Premier Bob Carr was NSW Premier

3 And they all wanted to Stop Land Clearing to reduce CO2 emissions for the Kyoto Protocol

4 Land clearing is the process which turns generally unproductive land into grazing or cropping land So for example Australian Governments stopped Land with native trees (like the Brigalow trees that regrow thickly {in the middle}) from being blade ploughed (Left) and able to grow crops on it (Right) When you lose those rights you have next to no rights to manage that land and manage it so it can be continually productive.

5 So for Australia to be seen to be a part of the international community observing the Kyoto Protocol, the Federal and State Governments systematically removed the rights of Australian Landholders So many Australian Landholders who previously had many rights to manage their land now have few rights - so effectively these rights have been stolen Landholders rights removed without “just terms” compensation as specified under the Australian Constitution Pre Kyoto Today

6 What were some of the rights removed? The right to harvest timber for building purposes

7 The right to control trees that regrow (often thickly)

8 The right to grow crops

9 The right to build fences

10 The right to stickrake timber (to slow water runoff and reduce erosion)

11 The right to graze animals on the land

12 The right to build earthworks (so better water infiltration occurs)

13 And in the end many farming families lost their rights to make a fair and decent living

14 So millions of hectares of Australian farm land has vegetation on it being kept aside under the Kyoto treaty. Farmers like Peter Spencer cannot sell the land or make income from it

15 Peter Spencer has attempted to seek some justice to his situation during the last 10 years because he cannot use his land due to the current laws. He has gone to every level of court and had some 200 days in court appearances but has been unable to get his case heard so with his current debts he cannot go any further so he wrote the following letter to Kevin Rudd

16 Monday 23rd November 2009 To the Prime Minister of Australia Mr Kevin Rudd MP. As you and your Government have decided to refuse me my Constitutional rights – see copy of letter attached below 2nd May 2008, I now am intending to take my plea to the people. I have found your Ministers and Members - the ones referred to in correspondence, entirely immoral and as said in all my correspondence they have had every opportunity to rectify the injustice against the Australian Farmer/land owner. However they have refuse as you have done to act morally and as the Australian Constitution requires, as have the Courts and the Public Service. However, as the head of the Australian Commonwealth Government, you must bear the burden for the theft of the entire Kyoto emission target being Mt - 87.5 CO2 - e. from the targeted farmers. It is now my role to tell the world this is your standard of conduct - that is, you steal the entire commitment to meet this International treaty from your own people, being we the targeted Australian Farmers referred to in this submission at horrific cost and suffering to us. Subsequently, my adopted course of action is as follows and once again I point out my response as presented here is entirely due to your failed response to our numerous pleas for justice on Just Terms and your deliberate cover up and deception of the entire expropriation of our assets. I am now retiring to my property Saarahnlee and I will scale a 300 foot Wind Monitoring mast on the main cordillera of the property which is - the cordillera, a mile high. The Tower is located between the Mountain of Flinders and Roberts. I will remain there until that which I seek is agreed to. I will ask the Australian People – those that have all the rights to this democracy NOT the mere servants of those people - as they those servants have proven they are not worthy to be given that trust - I will ask the people if I we the farmers are entitle to our constitutional rights in payment and by so receiving that payment enable Australia to meet its International treaty obligations in good faith and as a civilised State that does not steal its citizens property breaking even the most basic of human rights. I will not be eating for the time on the Mast and I will not leave the Mast until the terms are met – there is no comprimise, no negotiation and no discussion. I have tried the protocol of being reasonable for 10 years. That opportunity has passed. In the event my terms are agreed (See Terms as set out in the in Attachment - Actual Claims to the prime Minister) – that is the Government has agreed to behave Constitutionally, then I require a committee be established immediately to ensure the items raised here are all provided to totally fulfil to the detail all the matters raised here. The committee will require the funding of a commission of enquiry and these persons names are to be found in a signed letter at Saarahnlee if needed. The role of the committee will include the terms of reference for the Royal Commission and the agreement of the appointment Commissioners to be appointed and all demands and all aspects of the payments in this document including the timing deadlines. Further the committee’s brief is to include any other matters that the committee see as necessary to carry out there responsibly. As you prepare for Copenhagen think of us the Australians who paid the entire Carbon tab while you rewarded the polluters the power stations and the coal industries and lied to the people about our role…. Please do not lie in Copenhagen tell the world how you achieved your targets and the fact you stole your achievement. I beg you to show the world this submission and attachments and see if they applaud you as the white knight of global warming as I will be placing it on the web and in the hands of the global media. Thank you. regretfully Peter Spencer

17 So Peter Spencer is sitting up in the air on a hunger strike until he gets recognition from our government his rights have been removed injustly and he will be dealt with fairly by our courts However…….

18 This issue is a matter that concerns every Australian If Peter`s rights can be removed unjustly without any court ever hearing his case …. so can yours. If Peter can be forced under a treaty to have carbon kept on his property that he cannot get paid for ……….so can you. If Peter can be ignored by our elected representatives…………so can you.

19 Please forward this to your friends, members of parliament and media contacts and visit his site to register your support at We demand “Just terms Compensation” for Peter Spencer (& all property rights removed by any level of Government) Compiled by Leon Ashby, a landholder who injustly lost his property rights also in 2000 Also you can hear Peter Spencer`s radio interview with Alan Jones herehere And his interview with Mal Davies herehere


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