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Collection Features: A new approach to collection promotion.

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1 Collection Features: A new approach to collection promotion

2 Objective  Emphasize processing activities  Increase the usability of collections  Broaden library community The Spencer Library hopes to reveal many of the collections currently hidden from users.

3 The Way it Was  Six large cases and three floor cases  60-70 items displayed  Extensive review  Object lists  Conservation review  Label information  Interpretive text  Design of exhibition display  Label creation  Exhibition installation  Documentation design  Scanning and web development


5 The Way it is  One floor case  5-10 items displayed  Collection Review  Object List  Conservation Review  Label Information  Interpretive Text  Scanning/Photography

6 Preparation  Annual Scheduling  Initial Review  Feature Development  Conservation Review  Scanning/Photography  Exhibition Design and Installation  Documentation design  Website Development

7 Rack Card  Each Rack Card: Similar to an oversized bookmark Uses the same graphics-based template Hosts the Collection Feature logo Created for each selected theme Features images from all three departments in the Spencer Library


9 Exhibition Case  Only one physical display case is now used and it resides in the reception area of the Library  Items in the case highlight one collection from the theme currently featured  Includes actual items from a featured collection along with interpretive text from the curator

10 Main Gallery Today

11 Exhibition Case

12 Virtual Exhibition  A virtual display is created for each collection feature. Like the rack cards, each web display uses the Feature logo and follows the same template  The virtual version of the exhibition is limited to the one collection featured in the physical display case but can include additional images if desired




16 Exhibition Benefits  Create awareness and communicate the strengths of the collections housed in the Library  Show the Spencer Library as a positive asset to the University of Kansas  Promote, in a meaningful way, coinciding events in the university or scholarly community

17 Future Exhibitions  Evaluation/Assessment Promotional Tool Internal Partnerships Impact on Spencer Library and University of Kansas

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