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Network May 21, 2013 Kiwanis Senior’s Community Centre.

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1 network May 21, 2013 Kiwanis Senior’s Community Centre

2 Agenda Welcome Ice breaker Updates Draft Terms of Reference and Discussion Working Group Instructions Break 8 Working Groups meet Questions / Next Steps / Prizes 2

3 VISION A diverse, vibrant, caring and healthy community which empowers all individuals to age well and have opportunities to achieve their full potential. 3

4 Ice Breaker Name That Tune Record your answers on the paper on your table. There are prizes at the end of the meeting!!! 4

5 Updates Council endorsed the Plan in November 2012 Submitted the Plan to the World Health Organization Age Friendly Cities Network Sharing our Process to develop the Plan with many other communities and organizations (Ontario Seniors Secretariat, Pan Canadian Age Friendly Communities Network who are part of the Public Health Agency of Canada etc.) Conversations with stakeholders and organizations that can assist you in implementing your Plan. 5

6 Updates Age Friendly Survey is currently underway –we have collected a number already through a mailout –copies available at front desk for you to complete if you are over 55 (put in drop box or mail in) –we have extras that you can take home to your friends and family –completion date May 31, 2013 International Federation on Ageing – International Istanbul Initiative on Ageing – Age Friendly Cities and Communities Innovation Awards – video submission 6

7 Draft Terms of Reference Mandate To implement the Age Friendly London: A Three Year Action Plan over the next three years Term of the Network To June 2016 After Year 1 the Network can review the Terms of Reference 7

8 Draft Terms of Reference Membership Membership is open to any Londoner No limit on the size of membership New members can join at any time The City of London will be the holder of the Network membership list –Will not share any names or contact information 8

9 Structure of the Network 9 Age Friendly London Network Outdoor Spaces & Buildings HousingTransportation Social Participation Respect & Social Inclusion Civic Participation & Employment Communication & Information Community Support & Health Services

10 The Working Groups Smaller groups to focus on the details of the plan –This is where the Plan is put into action - implementing and getting things done –Not adding new strategies and action Made up of Network members who may be: stakeholders, agencies, organizations or individuals with expertise or a commitment to the strategies identified within that focus area –Expected to commit to the working group for one year –Working groups will be re-established in June of each year –Members may wish to join more than one Working Group Decision Making – anything off-plan needs to go back to the larger Network group for consultation 10

11 The Working Groups Each group will have 2 Co-chairs who will: –Serve for minimum 1 year: June 2013 to June 2014 –Book meetings –Develop agendas –Facilitate discussions –Communicate with City of London support staff –Report back to larger Network on progress One of the Co-chairs is already in place and the second one will be determined by the individual Working Groups before the end of June Each working group has been assigned a City of London support person(s) 11

12 The Working Group Co-Chairs 12 Focus AreaCo-ChairsCity Support Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Christian Bullas, Senior Homecare by Angels Andrew Macpherson Lisa McNiven, Dianna Clarke, Tim Wellhauser TransportationTyson Cragg, London Transit Commission Donna Baxter (Doug MacRae) HousingLouise Stevens, City of London Housing Lou Pompilii Social ParticipationBev Farrell, Third Age Outreach Michelle Kerr Respect & Social Inclusion Dharshi Lacey, London Intercommunity Health Centre Paul D’Hollander (Tony Kyle, Josie Josten) Civic Participation & Employment Maureen Spencer-Golovchenko, Pillar Nonprofit Network Elisabeth White Communication & Information Jean KnightTara Thomas, Tracy Drenth, Janice Walter Community Support & Health Services Patrick Fleming, London Health Sciences Centre Gregg Barrett Kerri Killen

13 Proposed Meeting Schedule Meeting dates will be posted at 13 Network Meetings: – May 21, 2013 – November 13, 2013 – Feb/March 2014 – June 2014 – Nov/Dec 2014 – June 2015 Working groups: – Once before end of June 2013 – At least 4 times per calendar year – Groups set schedule based on workload

14 Terms of Reference QUESTIONS? 14

15 Working Groups 30 minutes Introductions Read through the strategies and actions (handouts at the Working Group tables) Set meeting date for June If anyone is interested in being a co-chair please speak to your current co-chair at the end of the meeting 15

16 Age Friendly Working Groups Outdoor Spaces & Buildings Transportation HousingSocial Participation Respect & Social Inclusion Civic Participation & Employment Information & Communications Community Support & Health Services

17 Age Friendly Focus Areas Transportation Social Partic Respect & Inclusion Outdoor Spaces Civic Partic & Employment Housing Communication Supports & Health Services

18 Homework Working Group Homework: –Review the strategies and actions in the handout that you received –Record anything you know that is already happening Any other questions or comments? 18

19 Age Friendly Conference 19

20 Age Friendly Conference Need volunteer presenters for 20 minute presentation on the Age Friendly Action Plan and the Network Please see Kim at the desk on your way out if you are interested. 20

21 PRIZES 1.Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy 2.Ma She’s Makin Eyes At Me 3.Are you Lonesome Tonight 4.I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover 5.Give My Regards to Broadway 6.O-Hi-O (O-My-O) 1921 7.Yes Sir That’s My Baby 8.Cheek to Cheek – Fred Astair 9.Over the Rainbow 10.Goodnight Irene – The Weavers 21

22 Title Text See you in the Fall! Network Check-in Meeting Wednesday, November 13, 2013 @ 2:00 – 4:00pm Kiwanis Seniors Community Centre Check for upcoming Working Group meeting dates and location and

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