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INDIA ON THE MOVE Organic Products Krishan Guptaa.

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1 INDIA ON THE MOVE Organic Products Krishan Guptaa

2 Contents ORGANIC – We made it too complex Markets India’s Potential – Within India and Exports Advantage India Our Bottle necks ORGANIC INDIA – a overview

3 Organic TOO complex Too many certifications and process Each step adds cost to the product Major beneficiary – certifying agencies, labs, who have no direct role to produce organic products Results - Expensive product Seems Organic products are for elite class and product coming from Mars

4 Complexity- List of certifications Demeter Non GMO NOP NPOP Bio EU Soil association UK JAS TGA HACCAP GMP ISO KOCHER Halal Fair Trade

5 Let’s Simplify Organic Organic food is clean food Our traditional method of farming Direct Benefits to Mother earth, Farmer, Cattles,Human beings and planet as a whole Minimize certifications

6 Why Organic Products Use of prescription medication is the third leading cause of death in developed countries An adverse drug reaction is five times more likely to kill you than an automobile accident or AIDS The leading problem in world today is not the use of illegal drugs but it is the use of legal drugs Each year there are more than two million hospital admissions due to adverse drug reactions and 180,000 of them result in death Leading doctors across the globe believes that prescribing drugs should be the last resort in most medical cases

7 Benefits of Organic Products Provide better medicinal/nutritional value Are free from hazardous effects of contaminants, genetic modification and irradiation, Sustains fertility of mother earth, Protects the environment / ecology. Protects numerous plant and animal species from extinction. Protects interests of marginal farmers, rural craftsmen and tribal population

8 Why India History of over 5000 years Majority of the herbs. Spices and commodities grow /can grow in different parts of our country due to different environment and weather conditions Scientists, doctors, agriculture universities / Institutes available for research / development 881 species of herbs in India – 60 are cultivated and 760 are wild crafted / harvested Better economics – availability of human resource at reasonable cost APEDA – Our Asset.Making the difference

9 Herbs and Herbal Products Big Opportunity Present Demand Projected Demand (for 2015) Europe US$ 35 Billion US$ 70 Billion North America US$ 6.5 Billion US$ 25 Billion China US$ 4.0 Billion US$ 12 Billion India US$ 1.5 Billion US$ 3 Billion Others US$ 13 Billion US$ 30 Billion Total US$ 60 Billion US$ 140 Billion

10 Organic Market - India The top 8 metros contribute to over 80% of the up market products in the country Market Accessible Potential(Rs.Crs.) Chennai 84 Hyderabad 33 Bangalore 69 Mumbai 148 Ahmedabad 30 Pune 28 Delhi 112 Calcutta 57 Total 562 ( $125mn )

11 India’s Organic Export market Total export of organic products was US$ 118 million with growth of 50% over previous year. About 135 products being exported as against 86 products last year India is a baby in world market though has the potential to play a dad’s role globally

12 Advantage India Herbal and Medicinal plants production and processing industry can become the engine for growth and livelihood for BPL families as under Human Resources and Natural Resources Production and Processing, Resulting in Value Addition Benefits Employment Generation * GDP Growth and Exports (Foreign Exchange Earnings) * Estimated to increase from 1.25mn people now to 2.5mn people in coming 5 yrs

13 Our Bottle necks Samples Vs. Actual delivery Consistent Quality Execution delays – weak Infrastructure Reliable accredited testing lab to test heavy metal and pesticide as per international standards at reasonable cost Issues of reciprocal arrangement between NPOP and EU Indian company fighting Indian company instead of working together Coordination and cooperation among various govt. agencies and business

14 Key Challenge In the U.S., EU, Australia, and Japan, Indian herbal and medicinal products have faced entry barriers due to lack of understanding/appreciation of the ingredients used in these products. There is a need to suitably take up with the importing countries for permitting the import/use of Indian herbs for benefit of man kind Challenge for manufacturers in India is to meet international quality standards in complete supply chain

15 ABOUT US ORGANIC INDIA – Internationally certified Organic Health & Wellness Products Manufacturing and Marketing company enriching lives of people across the globe. Research facilities in India and USA. Products developed by international panel of doctors in India and US blending tradition of Indian with modern science Serving over hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers spread across the globe. Offices in USA, Australia, Israel and India. Our Distribution Network

16 ABOUT US Processing facilities located near farms to ensure faster processing of fresh herbs. Thousands of small farmers, tribal people and their communities around India have been touched directly or indirectly by the work of ORGANIC INDIA. Strategically located processing and manufacturing plants in the states of Uttar Pradesh, AP, Gujarat and Rajasthan besides the final packaging operations in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). Participation in major State, National and International Exhibitions. Our Distribution Network

17 OUR CREDENTIALS One of the First companies in India to get International Organic certification from Control Union, Ecocert, SGS and Orthodox Union. Products compliant to all International standards including U.S.A, European, U.K, Australian, German, Indian and Japanese standards. Global Products, Global Standards with presence in over 30 countries

18 Our Product Range Tulsi and functional teas –28 flavours Supplements – 33 covering all parts of body Psyllium, Chicory, Quinoa, Wheat grass, Moringa Flower like Rose, Chamomile, Jasmine etc Complete range of commodities – Kalanamak Rice, Durum wheat, Pulses etc. Complete range of spices Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

19 Our Product Range

20 Our USP Ethical Agricultural and Environmental practices. i.e. every one in the chain from mother earth – Farmers – Associates-Employees- Consumer and environment as whole wins We use only whole herbs and not extract or give any other chemical treatment to herbs thus using herbs as gifted by nature All products being prescribed by doctors over last 40 years thus having complete substantiation reports, test reports State of the art processing and packaging setup. Processing centers near the farms to process herbs as fresh thus maintaining the prana in herbs Products compliant to all International standards including U.S.A, European, U.K, Australian, German, Indian and Japanese standards. Exporting products to over 40 countries including US, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Australia, Newzeland

21 Quality Heavy metals Insecticide and Pesticide levels Certification Authenticity Consistency – sample and supply of same quality meeting all specifications Global products – same quality products in all countries







28 Retailers

29 Store Presence ORGANIC INDIA products on the shelves at Natural Foods Stores

30 Store Presence ORGANIC INDIA products featured in a Holiday Display, Self Serve Tulsi Tea Station, Tulsi Tea Demo, and Featured product demo.

31 Food bazaar, Bangalore International trade Fair,Rishikesh


33 Spencer’s Retail, GhaziabadModern Bazaar, Delhi

34 Stand alone - RetailMetro, Bangalore

35 Wet dispensing of Tulsi Tea at Air Force club Bangalore Ladies in the queue for tasting Tulsi Tea. Wet dispensing of Tulsi Tea at Air Force club Bangalore Ladies in the queue for tasting Tulsi Tea.

36 Our Partners- Esteemed Doctors



39 AREA OF OPERATION:  15 Villages of Palhani Block of district Azamgarh, U.P.  Rath block of district Hamirpur, U.P.. OBJECTIVES  I ncrease the awareness about key health factors among community especially among mothers and children.  Provide basic health services to the community

40 CURRENT ACTIVITIES Health Services Free Medical Services Free Medicines Regular Health Camps Counseling Behaviour Change Communication Health Awareness Program Distribution of educative material in Hindi Community Events Community Peer Educators (Volunteers) Program

41 HEALTH PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONATION CAMPS. Every year ORGANIC INDIA Foundation organizes voluntary blood donation camps at it’s health centers in collaboration with the government blood banks.

42 INITIATIVES AND RESULTS Vocational training to women - Stitching classes and then gifting the sewing machines Self Help groups for women – Lead a dignified life by growing Tulsi Hygiene improvement by partnering with villagers to construct toilets Over 50,000 villagers / farmers treated every year Blanket / gifts distribution every year Financial support of bright students in Villages Job opportunity for bright students from the villages in ORGANIC INDIA




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