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Transforming Patient Experience: The essential guide.

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1 Transforming Patient Experience: The essential guide

2 Transforming Patient Experience: the essential guide – available now! A package of patient experience research and on-line support is now available to support NHS services to improve patient experience:

3 The Research In 2010 the Department of Health and the NHS Institute commissioned King’s College London and The King’s Fund to undertake research into: What Matters To Patients? Developing the Evidence Base for Measuring and Improving Patient Experience. The research featured interviews with patients, case studies from across health services and resources provided by people working to improve services.

4 NHS Patient Feedback Challenge Promoting excellence in patient experience The NHS Patient Feedback Challenge is an opportunity to share, spread and implement the measurement and improvement of patient experience across the NHS. We are looking for evidence of sustained improvements in the feedback cycle leading to transformation in patient experience. The NHS Patient Feedback Challenge will develop and support ambitious demonstration sites that: Set out to develop a fully integrated patient experience measurement system that leads to continuous improvement cycles Create wholly patient focussed organisations Encourage spread and adoption of positive patient experience practice within and across organisations Develop sustainable approaches that live beyond the initial programme

5 How the NHS Patient Feedback Challenge will work … A web portal will collect ideas and support the development of demonstration sites. Teams will be able to bid for staged funding/rewards and the funding will be based on the ability to demonstrate spread of the approach to improving experience to new settings. The programme will include development support which will have been identified through selection process. New relationships will be developed with key partners and sponsors (including commercial sector) to raise the profile of the programme and make the most of exceptional practice in other sectors

6 Discovery Phase The Discovery Phase is about establishing state of readiness for the NHS Patient Feedback Challenge in the four SHA areas. Deliverables include: audit/report of Experience programmes/mechanisms across the patch, identification of best practice and possible NHS Patient Feedback Challenge bids, hot-housing ideas for bids with community development and support.

7 North Activities will include: Stakeholder Engagement Events (to explain the positive and extensive work already done so far in the North East; to test out a suggested core set of questions and to gain/gauge support from key stakeholders across the North of England) Undertake a survey of current mechanisms/approaches currently in use to gather more real-time patient experience/survey data Run workshops to share good practice in gathering, analyzing and using real-time patient experience data Funding a project development lead Elaine Wilson, Angela Hamilton

8 South Initial scoping workshop in each locality focusing on mapping the strands of engagement and experience work locally A piece of desk-top analysis bringing together any relevant data on the patient and carer experience from all providers and commissioners in a locality and if possible from local authority partners and independent sector providers A workshop with staff from the emerging local office of the NHS Commissioning Board, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the local Commissioning Support Organisation to pull together the strands of work and agree the plan to forward moving into 2013-14 for continuous improvement of the patient experience in the patch. Richard Gleave, Mark Woodcock

9 Midlands and East The project aims to achieve the following: A comprehensive understanding (building on the previous work undertaken in the region) of the patient experience work of all NHS Trusts in the NHS Midlands and East area, including Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Community Trusts, Ambulance Trusts, PCT Clusters and CCGs An understanding of the areas of work where improvement support would be most beneficial and identification of communities of interest for developing potential solutions The production of a series of case studies of those trusts, PCT Clusters and CCGs who are undertaking outstanding work, and details of this work Dissemination of the learning and best practice case studies through 3 Patient Experience Seminars (in each of the 3 regions of the cluster) In addition, we will explore the possibility of including Local Authorities in this scoping and learning stage of work recognising the wealth of experience relating to service user/citizen engagement and in support of the integration agenda. Stephen Dunn, Mavis Spencer, Kay Fradley

10 Thank you!

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