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2 + Your Leadership has Great Impact – STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

3 + Our Statewide Network – OSPI - Statewide Vision and Structure Communications Calibrate content Curriculum Groups Advisory Group District Network Grants AESD Regional Network District Leader Networks Teacher-Leader Cadres Custom Professional Learning District and Building Support Support Regional Initiatives Statewide Network OSPI/AESD Coordinator Cross- State Collaboration Statewide Fellow Network Common Professional Learning for CCSS Partnering with Statewide Initiatives STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

4 + Fellows Network Overview STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014 120 Returning Math Fellows 51 Returning ELA Fellows 80 New Math Fellows 119 New ELA Fellows 155 Districts!

5 + The Impact of the Math Fellows Math Goal 2 - Increase student achievement by improving teachers’ ability to implement effective instructional practices and increasing teacher content knowledge. 12% more students met the Standard for Mathematical Practice and 25% more students met the content standard STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014 2012-132013-14 151 Fellows 8545 Teachers 46 MEC MSP 387 Teachers 9 RMCs52 Fellows9 RMCs  Math Goal 3 – Increase capacity of teacher leaders to support CCSS-Mathematics professional learning. “One of the most important ideas that I encountered is your constant modeling of quality teaching strategies. Another would be the time my teachers are given to learn from each other. The “math” thinking and sharing will help the teachers be more comfortable in their classrooms.” ~ Principal

6 + The Impact of the ELA Fellows 2013-14: Pilot Year! 6 Fellows chosen in each ESD Integrated work with regional networks CCSS-ELA focus, with an eye on classroom practice 2014-15: Full scale with common focus on the ELA shifts Regular practice with complex text and its academic language Reading, writing and speaking grounded in evidence from text, both literary and informational Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

7 + Fellows – Who Are You? They are teacher leaders who support district and school Washington State Learning Standards (CCSS) implementation and instructional shifts for English language arts and mathematics. They are part of a regional and state cadre who engage in common professional learning and leadership development. They return to the district and/or building and lead other professionals in professional development with respect to the common learning. STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

8 + The Fellows Mission To gain common knowledge and expertise and provide leadership and support within individual school districts. Fellows’ goals include significantly impacting teaching and learning aligned with Washington State’s Learning Standards (CCSS ELA & CCSS M) to increase student achievement in mathematics and English Language Arts. STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

9 + Commitments of a Fellow Attend four (4) regional Fellows convenings, which includes the statewide Fellows convening on November 17, 2014. Develop a deep understanding of the CCSS and instructional shifts, and implement within own instructional practice. Provide leadership to work with other teachers in implementation of the CCSS. Meet with district leader or school principal to revisit and update the District/School Fellow Plan before each Fellows convening, document this within the District Fellow Plan for 2014-2015 and submit the plan to the Regional Coordinator. STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

10 + Commitments of the Administration STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014 Meet with the Fellow after each regional convening to discuss the Fellows work and collaborate to monitor and adjust the District/School Fellow Plan. Support the Fellow in attending the regional meetings. Cover the cost of a substitute and travel for a minimum of four regional meetings. Ensure structures that enable the Fellow to share learning with other teachers.

11 + District Fellows Plan – Section A STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014 After the Fellow has attended his/her first Fellows convening, the Fellow will meet with his/her principal and/or district administrator to collaboratively write up Section A of the District/School Fellow Plan.

12 + The Fellow will continue to collaborate with his/her district administrator and principal (if Fellow is a teacher) throughout the school year and document ongoing reflections and plans as outlined in Section B. District Fellows Plan – Section B STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

13 + At the end of the school year, the Fellow will complete Section C and turn in his/her completed 2014-2015 District School Fellow Plan to the regional coordinator by Friday, June 5, 2015. District Fellows Plan – Section C STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

14 + Question and Answers Regional Math Coordinators Contact Information Regional ELA Coordinators Contact Information STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014

15 + FELLOWS ADVISORY TEAM RLC– ELA Coordinators - Angie Schoenbeck (189) & Abby Spencer (101) RMC-- Math Coordinators - Greta Bornemann (121) and Mary Ellen Huggins (189) Katy Absten, Mathematics Specialist, OSPI Amy Ripley, ELA Specialist, OSPI Andrew Eyres, Assistant Superintendent at ESD 113, Math Champion Anne Gallagher, Director of Mathematics, Teaching and Learning, OSPI Ian Grabenhorst, Executive Director of Network Integration of the AESD Barb Lomas, Assistant Superintendent at ESD 112, English language arts Champion Liisa Moilanen Potts, Director of Literacy & Professional Learning Integration, OSPI Jessica Vavrus, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning, OSPI STATE FELLOWS NETWORK OVERVIEW_10_07_2014


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