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Hazen High School Class of 2019 Preparing for the 2015-2016 School Year.

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1 Hazen High School Class of 2019 Preparing for the School Year

2 Welcome Kate O’Brien Principal

3 Student Perspective Rachel Thibodeau Class President, Class of 2018

4 Gordy Guides Spencer Chin Gordy Guide Exec

5 Gordy’s Guides  Facilitate Freshman Orientation Day/First day of school  Welcome Freshmen to high school and encourage their school involvement  Connect Freshmen with Junior and Senior mentors through year- long activities  Provide transitional support and advice throughout the year  Plan and conduct academic celebrations

6 Co-Curricular Activities & Athletics Ed Crow & Susan James Assistant Principals

7 GET INVOLVED!  Chance to meet new people, be supported by coaches and advisors, participate in team environment, etc…  Why should students get involved? Increases Academic Achievement Improves Attendance Offers Leadership Opportunities Helps to Realize and/or Develop Talents and Interests Builds New Friendships Instills Feeling of Belonging/Connectedness Develops Life Skills Creates a Sense of Balance Promotes having FUN! Colleges are looking for students that have a more well- rounded High School experience.

8 Athletics  Fall Season Cross Country (Boys and Girls) Football Girls’ Soccer Girls’ Swim & Dive Girls’ Volleyball Golf (Boys and Girls) Boys’ Tennis  Winter Season Basketball(Boys and Girls) Boys’ Swim & Dive Gymnastics (Girls) Wrestling(Boys & Girls)  Spring Season Baseball Boys’ Soccer Softball Girls’ Tennis Track & Field(Boys and Girls)

9 Clubs and Activities Clubs/Activities  Anime Club  Asian Student Union  ASB Student Government Class Officers  Black Student Union  Break Dance Club  Cheerleaders  Chemistry Club  Culinary Arts/Skills USA  D.E.C.A.  Diversity Club  D.I.Y. Club (crafts)  Drill Team  Earth Corps  Egalitarian Club  F.B.L.A.  FLASH(Photography)  Gay/Straight Alliance  Gordy’s Garments  The Hazen Players Drama Club  Health Sciences  Highlander Club  Jewish Student Union  Key Club  The Kilt Newspaper  Latino Student Union  Literary Magazine  National Honor Society  Orienteering Club  Robotics Club  Speech and Debate  STEAM Club  The Lonach (Yearbook) Music  Chamber Singers  Concert Band  Marching Band  Concert Choir  East Hill Strings  Divina Voce  Jazz Ensemble  Man Choir  Mixed Chorus  Orchestra  Symphonic Band

10 Hazen PTSA Roger Ingalls President

11 Registration Christi Leick Head Counselor

12 Hazen Counseling Staff Support Staff Madelene Matthews, Registrar Tracy Harris, Counseling Secretary Greta Perkins, Counseling Office Assistant Counselors Christi Leick, Counselor (A-E) Brenda Day, Counselor (F-Li) Brian Creeley, Counselor(Lo-Ri) Erin Palmer, Counselor (Ro-Z) Career Center Quan Nguyen Anderson, Career Specialist

13 What is a High School CREDIT?  One semester-long class equals 0.5 credit If you pass all 6 classes in one semester, how many credits will you earn for the semester?  3.0 credits So how many credits can you earn in one year (2 semesters)?  6.0 credits How many credits can you earn in 4 years?  24 credits You need 22.0 credits minimum to graduate.

14 Minimum Graduation Requirements Additional Requirements:  State Exams SBAC: English/Language Arts & Math End of Course (EOC): Biology  Culminating Project/High School Plus Education Plan  20 hours of community service CourseClass of 2019 Language Arts 4 credits Math (through Alg 3-4 minimum) 3 credits Science 2 credits Social Studies 3 credits Fine Arts 1 credits Health and Fitness 2 credits (0.5 Health & 1.5 Fitness) Occupational Education 1 credit Electives 6 credits TOTAL22 credits

15 Graduation vs. University Admission CourseHigh School Graduation 22 credits required Min. College Admission 15 credits required, plus electives Language Arts 4 credits Math (through Alg 3-4 minimum) 3 credits (must take math Sr. yr) Science 2 credits Social Studies 3 credits Fine Arts 1 credits1 credit Health and Fitness 2 credits (0.5 Health, 1.5 Fitness) N/A Occupational Education 1 creditN/A World Language N/A2 credits (of the same language) Electives 6 credits Choose electives that support career and academic goals For more information on the College Admission Process, Google “Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board”

16 Freshman Year – Class Requirements  Language Arts 1-2 (Year-long) Some students may be identified for an additional reading class instead of an elective.  Science: Physical/Earth Science (Year-long)  Health (One Semester)  1 Computer Course(One Semester): Info Tech Academy, Multimedia Design, Comp Programing Intro  Math (Year-long) Standard Algebra 1-2 or higher  Physical Education (Year-long)  Elective Class (1 Year-long or 2 Semester classes)

17 Academic Support Courses Your student’s 8 th grade Smarter Balanced ELA & Math Scores (formerly MSP) matter! Reading Lab Gives students strategies for building vocabulary, expanding comprehension, improving study skills, and writing skills. Intensified Algebra Two-period course provides targeted supports and interventions to increase success in Algebra 1-2.

18 9 th grade Honors opportunities ALL Honors courses are student-selected. Students are encouraged to consider challenging themselves with the Hazen Honors course options which include:  Honors Language Arts 1-2: Integrated into the regular LA class. Your student will sign up at the beginning of the school year.  Honors Information Technology: Integrated into your regular IT class.  Honors Physical/Earth Science: Separate science section from the standard course. Select this class on the Registration Form.  Important consideration: Once enrolled in an Honors course, a student will not be able to switch back to a standard course. In all cases, expectations for honors courses will be very high.

19 Academic Rigor at Hazen – Opportunities for ALL Students Students have many opportunities to take rigorous coursework Honors th grades AP th grades Growth of our Advanced Placement (AP) Program: 2010: 8 AP Courses, 210 AP Exams 2014: 16 AP Courses, 550 AP Exams “Road Map Project” opportunities: PSAT for all students (10-11 th grade) School Day SAT for all students (11 th grade)

20 Can I waive PE?  1.5 years of Physical Education is required for graduation by the State of Washington.  Students may DELAY taking P.E. classes for academic reasons. As a Senior, students may apply to waive the PE graduation requirement.

21 Registration Form Send this to school with your 8 th grader on Friday, March 27 th

22 Resources

23 H.E.L.P. (Hazen Extended Library Period)  Every Monday through Thursday, the Hazen library will remain open until 3:00 p.m. Including a special math support area. Sorry, there is no bus service on these days.  Teachers and fellow students will be available for tutoring.  Computers, books, and working space are available in a calm and safe environment.

24 NHS Homework Help  Are you struggling with a subject in school? Need help studying for that big test? NHS is here to help!  Who: ALL STUDENTS  What: Homework help, somewhere you can meet with study groups  One on One Tutoring may be arranged!  When: Thursdays from 2:10-3:00pm  Where: Dr. Jones’ room, #134  See you there!

25 Stephanie Dickman & Corey Cerna Co-Presidents

26 Who We Are… A Non-Profit run by parent volunteers Focus is to support extra-curricular activities at Hazen 28 active groups made up of sports teams, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Senior class & leadership clubs Grant $6,000 annually to various teams & clubs Raised over $60,000 annually through several fundraising activities Annual Hazen Booster Club Dinner & Auction raised $50K last year. Membership cost: $25 per family More information:

27 Executive Board…  Corey Cerna & Stephanie Dickman, Co-Presidents  Deana Mellinger, Vice President-Membership  Steve Dinkins, Vice President-Fundraising  Karin Nagel, Secretary  Christie LeBar, Treasurer

28 Visitation  Hazen National Honor Society Members are available to lead tours  Hazen Department chairs are in the Commons to answer questions. Business Education Dept.: Ray McCabe Family & Consumer Sciences Dept.: Kerri Dowd Fine & Performing Arts Dept.: Josh Viles English Dept.: Sarah Menaul English Language Learning Dept.: Leah Gipe Health & Fitness Dept.: Jamie Wespestad Math Dept.: Travis Savala Science Dept.: Mike McCarron Social Studies Dept.: Marybeth Mayzak Special Education.: Angie Atkinson Technical Education Dept.: John Clark World Languages Dept.: Gail Ellis

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