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Bono, lead singer of U2 and humanitarian By Emma.

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1 Bono, lead singer of U2 and humanitarian By Emma

2 Quick Facts about Bono Full Name: Paul David Hewson AKA Bono D.O.B: 10 th of May 1960 Enneagram type: Type 2, The Helper Star sign: Taurus Best known as: Lead singer of U2 Religion: Christian but his mother was a protestant Achievements: Free your mind award at the British MTV awards Knighted in Britain Received the rank of Chevalier dans l’Ordre de la Legion D’honneur At least two nominations on separate occasions for the Nobel Peace Prize Various degrees from the worlds top universities Sat as editor in a magazines and newspapers across the world Nominated for various other awards

3 What, Where and When Bono lived Bono was born in Dublin, Ireland. Bono lived in this area for most of his life but has travelled around to many schools. He went to The Inkwell a small protestant church of Ireland junior school, St Patricks Cathedral Choir School and finished at Mount Temple Comprehensive School. It was a controversial school as it was Irelands first non-denominational co-educational high school. Bono called Ireland home for many years of his life and still does but some of his first gigs were in smalls pups and bars across America and Europe. U2 relocated to Berlin at the end of the 80’s when some of there on stage acts got criticised to redo their sound and image. This did bring some change in Bono public character. U2 have been on tours all over the world.

4 U2 first came about when Larry Mullen Jnr. put up a poster on the mount temple bulletin board asking for musicians and although Bono was interested in acting he decided to respond. 5 other boys also responded but to were kicked out early on. This left 15 year old David Evens (Edge) who played the guitar, 16 year old Adam Clayton who pretended he could play the bass guitar and Dick who is David evens brother. Dick left eventually to go to Trinity college. At the start U2 was called feedback then Hype but ended they ended up with U2. Bono, Edge and Larry three of the band members were christen and so joined a christen group called Shalom. As his parents were from different religions bono became suspicious of organised religion. The shalom group was of non-denominational nature gave the three of them solace, harmony and strength. Adam was non believing and so this caused friction in the group and the three of them left Shalom because they felt that they were being taught that rock ‘n’ roll and god did not go together. The band started playing in pubs and bars across America and Europe where bono would connect with the crowd by kissing people and drinking their wines and on a tour in 1983 bono would climb the stage trusses to captivate the fans attention Bono then earned the reputation for connecting physically with the fans. Some of his other acts are jumping off the stage, pulling girls and boys onto the stage to be sprayed with champagne danced with played songs hugged and filmed. Bono has the reputation of being one of the all time great performers and U2 as heartfelt and love for its fans. U2, the band that made him famous

5 When they came back from Berlin Bono started to use alter egos the first one was the fly which was described by Bono as a man who when making a phone call from hell loved it. Many others became known including Macphisto who was infamous, the devil who was a tired old pop star who worked on the Las Vegas circuit. They were obviously not popular as it didn’t last the decade and Bono returned to a tuned down version of him self on the 2001 and 2005 tours. At this point he was preferred to teach their fans. The main focus’ were politics and spiritually. U2, the band that made him famous

6 Won 22 Grammys 34 nominations for a Grammy 7 BRIT awards 14 Meteor awards 1 AMA 4 VMA 10 Q awards 2 Juno awards 3 NME awards 1 Golden Globe Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame 1 ASCAP award each Sold 150 million records Their songs and albums and Bono and the Edge also appear in Rolling Stones Lists U2’s Awards

7 Over the years Bono also worked as an activist. It began when he was inspired by LiveAid and though his christen beliefs. He travelled to Ethiopia and worked in a feeding camp. He also went to Central America and toured with U2 for a benefit concert. He also worked with Greenpeace and made a documentary with Bill Carter which won an award. He has rallied many stars since 2000 to help with his causes. Some of the causes he supports are ending Third world debt ending AIDs and extreme poverty in Africa. He has started the charities DATA which stands for Debt, Aid, Trade, Africa, The one campaign which is to end poverty and the make poverty history movement. He also helped organise the concerts and performed. In 2005 he and his wife Ali decided to create a clothing line that promotes fair-trade and sustainable growth. They had help doing this from fashion designer Rogan Gregory. They made sure that they were made in healthy environments and the producers were paid fairly. The next year he joined together with Bobby Shriver to co found the product (RED) campaign. The point of this new campaign was to get companies who were global to sell specific lines and a portion of the profit would go towards fighting AIDs TB and malaria. Bono, the Activist

8 Fry, M. (n.d.). Bono's Biography. Retrieved October 18, 2010, from @U2: U2. (2010, October 29). Retrieved October 29, 2010, from Wikipedia: Bibliography

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