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1 IntelliDrive SM IntelliDrive SM for Transit 101 ITS America Annual Meeting May 4, 2010 Jeffrey L. Spencer FTA.

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1 1 IntelliDrive SM IntelliDrive SM for Transit 101 ITS America Annual Meeting May 4, 2010 Jeffrey L. Spencer FTA

2 The Problem!!! Safety 33,963 deaths/year (2009) 5,800,000 crashes/year Leading cause of death for ages 4 to 34 Mobility 4.2 billion hours of travel delay $78 billion cost of urban congestion Environment 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel

3 What is IntelliDrive? A suite of technologies and applications that use wireless communications to provide connectivity… – …with and between vehicles; – …between vehicles and roadway infrastructure; and – …among vehicles, infrastructure and wireless consumer devices. 3

4 Probe Data E-payment Signal Phase and Timing  Real Time Network Data  Situation Relevant Information Instrumented Roadside Opportunity for Innovation It’s All About Connectivity Safety Messages “The Network”

5 Applications Level 1.A Non-Time Sensitive Level 2 Vehicle-Based Data Level 1 Non-Vehicle-Based Data Level 2.A Non-Time Sensitive Non-Proprietary Vehicle Level 2.B Non-Time Sensitive Proprietary Vehicle Level 2.C Time Sensitive Proprietary Vehicle Level 1.B Time Sensitive Taxonomy  cell phone data  probe vehicles  I-2-V  DSRC  “Here I am” message  SPAT  DSRC  Heartbeat messages  Weather  Environment  V-2-V  V-2-I Active SafetySituational Awareness Safety Real Time Traffic & Transit Management Commercial Vehicle Enforcement & Fleet Management Are Applications Effective? Are Benefits Validated and Cost Effective? Should Equipment be Mandated with Regulatory Actions? What Incentives can be Provided to Achieve Voluntary Adoption?

6 6 IntelliDrive SM Safety

7 Opportunity for Safer Driving 7 Intersection Collision Avoidance Greater situational awareness – Your vehicle can “see” nearby vehicles and knows roadway conditions you can’t see Reduce or even eliminate crashes thru: – Driver Advisories – Driver Warnings – Vehicle Control Work Zone Notification IntelliDrive has the potential to address 82% of the vehicle crash scenarios involving unimpaired drivers

8 IntelliDrive Safety Vision: – Each vehicle on the roadway (inclusive of automobiles, trucks, buses, motor coaches, motorcycles, and pedestrian/bicyclists) will be able to communicate with other vehicles and the infrastructure such that this rich set of data and communications will support a new generation of active safety applications and safety systems. The vision is being implemented through three program areas: 1.Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Applications 2.Vehicle-to-Vehicle Applications 3.Safety Pilot Demonstration 8

9 Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Wireless exchange of critical safety and operational data between vehicles and roadway infrastructure Avoid and/or mitigate motor vehicle Apply to all vehicle types and all roads Transforms infrastructure equipment into “smart infrastructure” 9

10 Program Plan Track 1—Perform analysis to identify priority V2I applications. Track 2—Develop prototype applications. Track 3—Address infrastructure communications/interoperability to enable multiple systems or components. Track 4—Demonstrations and field operational testing. Track 5—Deployment planning and develop tools and guidelines that will aid practitioners in making sound decisions on how to deploy, operate, and maintain V2I systems. Track 6—Analyze policy and institutional issues and provide recommendations to address industry concerns that will facilitate deployment of V2I safety systems. 10

11 Vehicle-to-Vehicle Dynamic wireless exchange of data between nearby vehicles Exchange anonymous, vehicle-based data regarding position, speed, and location V2V communications enables a vehicle to: – sense threats and hazards with 360 degree awareness – calculate risk – issue driver advisories or warnings – take pre-emptive actions to avoid and mitigate crashes. 11

12 Program Plan Track 1: Crash Scenarios – Create a crash scenario framework by which to identify safety applications needs Track 2: Interoperability – Ensure safety applications work across all equipped vehicles Track 3: Benefits Assessment – Estimate the safety benefits of V2V safety applications Track 4: Application Development – Develop and prototype selected safety applications Track 5: Driver Issues – Identify and address key driver issues with safety applications Track 6: Policy Issues – Identification of policy issues that are critical but not always unique to V2V and coordinate how these issues are addressed 12

13 Safety Pilot Demo Goal: – Obtain empirical data on the safety capability and value of IntelliDrive under real world conditions for multiple vehicle platforms. Objective: – Support 2013 V2V decision milestone – Evaluate aftermarket/carry-in devices for “Here I Am” messages – Develop better understanding of IntelliDrive related driver issues 13

14 Technical Issues Data Security Positioning Scalability Channel Switching 14

15 Policy Issues Major policy issues to be addressed – Enforcement of DSRC standards – Rules of operation – Certification (devices) – Certificate Authority (security) – Privacy – Infrastructure Iterative process between policy and technical 15

16 Driver Distraction Safety is the Department’s number one priority Technology provides tremendous opportunity Reap benefits of technology without creating distractions Human factors research into driver distraction is a major focus of the IntelliDrive program 16

17 IntelliDrive Safety Next Steps Execute the V2V program in support of a regulatory decision on in-vehicle equipment by 2013 Accelerate in-vehicle technology for “Here I Am” messaging – Enables both safety and active traffic management applications Accelerate infrastructure communications capability – Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) as initial focus – Enables safety, mobility, and environmental applications Establish a real world multi-modal test bed for high value applications 17

18 Major Deliverables (Pilot Demo) Mandates to Install Safety-critical Applications New and/or Revised Regulations Related to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Recommendations on Best Practices Guidance on How to Acquire and Maintain Transit IntelliDrive Safety Applications 18

19 Transit Opportunity Purpose: – Deploy Transit IntelliDrive safety applications to aid in mitigating fatalities and incidents from occurring on transit vehicles and ensuring the continued safe operation of a transit vehicle. Need: – Between 2003 and 2007, there were: 1,233 passenger fatalities 24,000 incidents (reported) $50 million in property damage per year – Transit System Deaths are Front Page News! Transit needs to help address the various technical, policy and driver issues! 19

20 Current Activities Crash Analysis Infrastructure Assessment Positioning Technology Assessment Transit Application Identification – Pedestrian Indication – Vehicle Collision Warnings (Direct Crashes) – Vehicle Collision Warnings (Indirect Crashes) 20

21 Discussion Items Industry Day in mid-July in Chicago – Need to have transit representation from interested technology vendors Role of transit in the Model Deployment – Send out Here I Am messages – Receive Here I Am messages Transit Driver Clinics 21

22 For More Information… Jeffrey L. Spencer,,

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