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Presentation by Anne Jakins (SEN Co-ordinator) Nick Falk (ICT Co-ordinator)

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2 Presentation by Anne Jakins (SEN Co-ordinator) Nick Falk (ICT Co-ordinator)

3 Key Elements Building an effective eTwinning relationship between schools and participating teachers Communication tools for eTwinning Educational benefits of eTwinning Examples

4 Getting Started – Building a relationship

5 Accessing eTwinning portal to find partner Use of emails to establish suitability Booking eTwinning chat facility to plan projects Setting up ICT tools for effective communication Wall display to involve whole school/department KEY


7 Communication Tools for eTwinning

8 Teacher to teacher My eTwinning Desktop Tools Skype Building the relationship Student to student Forums Email

9 Project tools Forums Photo stories Video diaries Audacity Producer Webcasts Online newspaper

10 Educational Benefits of eTwinning

11 Aims Building up new competences and new approaches to learning methodologies through the use of digital multimedia applications Increasing the students’ responsibilities, motivation and self esteem develop peer learning Provide a ‘blended learning’ experience

12 Objectives To enhance cultural awareness To improve all aspects of literacy with particular emphasis on writing for a specific audience To encourage the use of simple digital multimedia applications by partnership students

13 Outcomes – students Students with raised self-esteem Increased motivation Students able to write for a specific purpose Students able to analyse their use of language through writing for a specific audience eTwinning targets embedded in IEPs More accurate perceptions of another country – broadened attitudes

14 Outcomes - teachers Improved ICT skills in both participating schools – teachers and students Continuing professional development for teachers Exchange of expertise and good practice Raise the profile of both schools Sharing good practice

15 SEN/ICT Project – Online Newspaper Click the image to see the results

16 SEN/ICT Project – Online Newspaper Learning objectives Reading for information – using research skills on a variety of topics. Sport, Fashion, Politics, Local news Differentiating more complex text into simple sentences to convey information and meaning. Selection and upload of photographic images to enhance news articles.

17 Raising self-esteem through team work, positive feedback, success and achievement. SEN/ICT Project – Online Newspaper Learning objectives Peer learning – creating the opportunity for students to improve each others vocabulary, use of literacy and cultural and political awareness.

18 Making a Potato Trap – an environmental comparison Learning objectives ICT Using a digital camera to record the stages in an experiment. Process and upload images as a photo story for partner students. Science Living thing in the environment Environmental comparison

19 Bear exchange – part of a blended learning experience Click the image for a photo story

20 Taking a Walk in Spring Students explore the footpaths on the map finding the hotspots on the way habitat environment language geography

21 Ideas links Sharing environments Sharing myths The Virtual School Conference

22 Experimental data and experiment exchanges

23 Partnership with Finland Kumpula School – SEN facility on site of mainstream school Rural area one hour out of Helsinki Students have independent use of English Both schools have set up forums – this displays projects and monitors use of English

24 First Projects ‘Through our window’ – cultural awareness and environmental project ‘Spring’ – geographical and science comparison ‘The Bear Exchange’ – Spencer visits Porvoo and sends back holiday photos and the diary of his trip

25 E Twinning with Finland Partnership

26 Spencer’s Adventures in Finland


28 Cross Curricular Projects A walk to remember- environmental project Celebration and commemoration – RE Interactive story writing – English The potato trap – science – mini beasts Fashion show – Art/Technology Traditional food – exchange of recipes – producing a recipe book – Technology

29 Future possibilities - communication Mp3 exchange School internet radio Digital video – using webcams Internet newspaper

30 E Twinning with Italy Partnership

31 A d d i n g a u d i o i n t e r e s t

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