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[4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]1 OVERVIEW of DHIMMITUDE by Lyle B., Ph.D. September 23, 2008.

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1 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]1 OVERVIEW of DHIMMITUDE by Lyle B., Ph.D. September 23, 2008

2 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]2 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE (a)? uDhimmi -- subjugated "protected people." uA formal agreement -- Muslims & dhimmis. uPeople of the Book only; others convert or die. uDhimmi status: denial of equality. [Robert Spencer (all)]

3 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]3 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE (b)? uA humiliating form of semi-slavery. uA heavy poll tax (Jizya) required. uAlways defer to a Muslim in public. uLimited practice of religion allowed. [Robert Spencer (all)]

4 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]4 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE (c)? uClothing – must be different than Muslims. uNo ringing of bells. uNo public display of wine or pork. uNo public display of crosses. [Robert Spencer (all)]

5 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]5 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE (d)? uNo reciting Torah/Bible verses out loud. uNo public display of funerals. uNo public display of feast days. uBuilding height < Muslim buildings. [Robert Spencer (all)]

6 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]6 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE (e)? uCannot build new churches or synagogues. uCannot repair religious buildings. uMust never lead a Muslim away from Islam. uMust never demean Allah, Islam, or Muslims. [Robert Spencer (all)]

7 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]7 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE? (f) uCan’t complain -- may lead to violence. uDhimmis -- cowed into silence; no rights. uThose who submitted did have “peace.” uDhimmi legal codes justify slavery.

8 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]8 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE? (g) uMany Jews in Mohammed’s time gave up and became dhimmi. [CSPI, p. 83] uThose dhimmi Jews taxed at 50% rate. [CSPI, p. 83] uMany Jews been dhimmi under Islam. [CSPI, p. 86]

9 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]9 WHAT IS DHIMMITUDE? (h) Modern-Day Israel: The first time Middle Eastern Jews been “free” of dhimmitude. But not free of Islam – rockets & suicide bombers… [CSPI, p. 86]

10 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]10 MODERN DHIMMITUDE IN USA (a) MC – Multiculturalism… PC – Political Correctness… uLeads to limitations of free speech. uProhibits kafirs from telling truth. uHelps promote creeping Sharia.

11 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]11 MODERN DHIMMITUDE IN USA (b) uPrior to 9/11 MC & PC whitewash okay. uAfter 9/11, we must be more careful. uOverlooking political Islam is type of dhimmi. uCreeping Sharia: a social problem, not military.

12 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]12 MODERN DHIMMITUDE IN USA (c) uTruth designated as “hate speech” uHides the evils of jihad– current & past. uHides evils of dhimmitude. uSuch silence & distortion may be deadly.

13 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]13 MODERN DHIMMITUDE IN USA (d) uGloss-over plays into hands of jihadists. uMany in Western world are blinded by MC & PC.  This only serves the jihadist goals.

14 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]14 SELECTED QUOTES RE DHIMMITUDE (a) “… It is, however, strictly forbidden for a dhimmi to try to convert a Muslim to his religion, and if by any mischance he succeeds, the penalty for apostasy is death... [Bernard Lewis, p. 53]

15 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]15 SELECTED QUOTES RE DHIMMITUDE (b) “The policies of dhimmitude are clearly seen in Europe in the decades-long taboo of condemning the persecution of Christians and the violation of human rights in Muslim countries...” [Bat Ye’or, p. 331]

16 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]16 SELECTED QUOTES RE DHIMMITUDE (c.1) ‘This abstentionist policy by Europe, while claiming to defind human rights, obeys a fundamental law of dhimmitude: dhimmi minorities are forbidden on pain of death to appeal for help to outsiders, or to propagate ideas considered hostile to Islam. (continued)

17 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]17 SELECTED QUOTES RE DHIMMITUDE (c.2) Dhimmis who request help from Christian counties are deprived of all the rights and privileges they had obtained through the dhimma tribute agreement and “of the right of immunity of life and property.”’ [Bat Ye’or, p. 331]

18 [4x-Dhimmitude-PP-Slides- LB.PPT]18 BIBLIOGRAPHY (RS) Robert Spencer, Dhimmitude, (BY) Bat Ye’or. Islam and Dhimmitude, Where Civilizations Collide. Fairleigh dickinson University Press, 2002. (CSPI) Center for the Study of Political Islam, Mohammed, Allah, and Politics, The Islamic Trilogy, Volume 10. WWW.CSPIPUBLISHING.COM, 2007. (BL) Bernard Lewis. Islam and the West. Oxford University Press, 1993.

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