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Enterprise Application Integration Matthew Haisten.

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1 Enterprise Application Integration Matthew Haisten

2 Why are we here today? Discuss your opportunities to:  Improve Business Processes  Leverage Business Partners  Achieve high Return on Investment Learn how BizTalk can help you:  Automate Business Processes / Eliminate Process Steps  Integrate Business Partners / Exchange Business Data  Reduce Expense and Improve Efficiency

3 Extranet The Integration Challenge IntranetCustomerMarketplaceSupplier Internet FTP XML EDI HTTP TCP/IP PeopleSoft SAP X12-850 PO X12-997 PO MQSeries SMTP FAX Telephony CRM Notes Internal App Exchange

4 Business Challenges  Defining and integrate business processes  Businesses require agility  Embrace changing business models  React to new competitors  Absorb mergers and acquisitions  Support new partner relationships  Handle outsourced, virtual organizations  Make real-time decisions  Business challenges drive technology challenges

5 Technical Challenges  Traditional approaches to integration result in a plethora of issues  Integration of heterogeneous environment  Leverage Existing IT Investments  Develop scaleable, available, and manageable solutions  Integrate with business partners  Handle outsourced organizations  Build on open standards

6 Solution Requirements  Openly support data standards based on XML, but also legacy business data formats  Easily map between different business document formats, preferably without programming  Quickly define and deploy internal and external trading partner relationships across any platform  Securely and reliably exchange data between cooperating systems  Visually define and manage distributed business processes independent of underlying technology  Easily extend the systems that support different applications and technologies  Must minimize cost, time, and risk

7 BizTalk Solves Challenges In EnterpriseApplicationIntegration(EAI) BusinessProcessAutomation EAIEAI EAI BusinessToBusiness(B2B) BizTalk Server 2000

8 Comprehensive Toolset  Orchestrate your Business Processes  Define Your Business Documents  Build Trading Partner Relationships  Learn from your data  Manage the System  BizTalk Admin Console  BizTalk Orchestration Designer  BizTalk Messaging Manager  BizTalk Editor  BizTalk Document Tracking  BizTalk Mapper  Transform Your Business Documents

9 Evolution of Integration EDI Manual re-keying EAI B2B Process Automation Orchestration

10 BizTalk Orchestration Designer  Separation of Definition and Implementation  Concurrency and Synchronization  Long Running Transactions  Composability and Replacement  Management and Monitoring  Process definition output in XML

11 Orchestration Process 1. Business Analyst defines the business process 2. Developer maps business to software components Process 3. BizTalk generates the orchestration code BizTalk Transform/ Routing Engine Internal Applications FS FTP HTTP BizTalk Orchestration Engine Internal Applications COM+ MSMQ WSC FTP Customers, Suppliers, Marketplace Internet SMTP Web Services HTTPS

12 BizTalk Editor  Define Business Document Structures  Generates XML Schema Syntax  XML/Non-XML  EDI-X12  EDI-EDIFACT  Flat File  Import Modules  DTD / Schema  WebDAV Repository

13 BizTalk Mapper  Generates XSLT-based maps  Schema driven  Extensible  Functoids  Supplied  Script  COM  BYOF  WebDAV Repository

14 XSL Map EDI Document FlatFile Document EDI Parser XML Document XML Document XSL Engine Serializer XML Schema XML Schema Example 2: EDI to Flat File XSL Map XML Document XML Document XSL Engine Example 1: XML to XML Translation Examples XML canonical format 1.Convert to XML 2.Perform XML to XML translation using XSL 3.Convert from XML to outgoing format

15 BizTalk Server 2000 Messaging  Abstraction of transport target location  Contains “public” information about how two entities exchange data  Encapsulates  Possible multiple targets (groups)  Encryption and encoding  Digital signature  Transport protocol (and “location”)  Tracking information  Envelope

16 Enterprise Needs Security  Public Key Encryption and Digital Certificates  HTTPS/SSL  S/MIME Versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0  Reliability and Scalability  Guaranteed exactly-once delivery  Clustered deployment model  Scalability and Manageability  BizTalk Server Clustered Architecture  BizTalk Servers work in virtual array  Integration into MOM and NetIQ  Integrated into Application Center

17 Security  Public Key Encryption  X.509 Compliant  Digital Certificates  HTTPS/SSL  S/MIME Versions 1.0, 2.0, 3.0  Extensible architecture for third party security products

18 Reliability and Availability  Guaranteed exactly-once delivery  Clustered deployment model  Recommended architectures for high availability  Guaranteed availability on Windows DataCenter Server

19 Scalability and Manageability  Scale Up and Scale Out  Scale from 1-32 CPU’s with Windows 2000 DataCenter Server  Scale out for incremental growth  BizTalk Server Clustered Architecture  BizTalk Servers work in virtual array  Deployment services available from MCS for high-end configurations  Integration into MOM and NetIQ  Integrated into Application Center

20 Accelerations and Adapters Accelerators –BizTalk Accelerator for HIPPA –BizTalk Accelerator for Suppliers –BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet Microsoft Adapters –Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for SAP –Microsoft BizTalk Adapter for MQSeries Over 140 3 rd party adapters –Oracle, DB2, Sybase, … –PeopleSoft, JDE, SAP, Siebel –Onyx, Pivotal –Great Plains ers/default.asp

21 Customers in Production  Solutia  Ford Motor  VerticalNet  Dell  Verizon  HealthAxis  Qwest  VisAlign  Finetrics  Volvo  WPC  State Insurance  Radio Shack  Sylvania  Portum   Aircast  Vobix  Marks & Spencer  Siemens   Haystack Toys  Manhattan Assoc  Microsoft ITG 100+ by Jan 2001, Now 800

22 Leveraged existing EDI systems From 5000 lines of code to 100 Integration with mainframes Integration Agility Connected QuickBooks and SAP 2,000 concurrent users

23 99.98% availability 100+ SAP Applications EAI for POS Reducing US DoD process from 168 days to hours/days

24 Microsoft Messaging Hub BizTalk Server MSMQ Windows 2000 Store S/390 Systems DB2Database Model 204 APPLICATION SQLDatabase MSMQ POS Transactions wrapped in XML XML BizTalk doc Message Routing Message Transformation Message Dependent Processing EAI: Marks & Spencer COM-TICICS data MSMQ/ MQ Series Bridge MQSeries data MSMQMSMQ BizTalk doc

25 B2B: US DOD Procurement  Interoperability without forcing standardization on one Product Data Management System (PDM)  Automate flow of 1000s of government documents  Supply chain automation within and between agencies and with third parties  Reduction in process time from average of 168 days to hours/days Air Force CSR TO-4 BTS 33 9 Navy BTS Army BTS Boeing TO-4 BTS CSR BTS 339 DoD Purchasing Warehouse Internet

26 BizTalk Server Resources   Technical and product information  Downloads  BizTalk 2000 Evaluation edition  BizTalk Framework specification  Technical Whitepapers  3 rd Party product offerings 

27 BizTalk.Org  BizTalk Framework community resources  Tools to register schemas and track use  First open web schema library  Automated notification mechanism  1000+ third party XML business documents  350+ registered organizations  Available 24x7 for reuse and validation

28 BizTalk Server Demonstration

29 BizTalk Demonstration

30 Discussion ?

31 Next Steps  Engage Intellinet to schedule consultative session  Invest in Intellinet EAI Pilot Program

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