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Who We Are Broward Children’s Center’s mission is to … Serve infants, children, and young adults with special health care needs. Founded in 1971, our.

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2 Who We Are Broward Children’s Center’s mission is to … Serve infants, children, and young adults with special health care needs. Founded in 1971, our nonprofit facilities in Pompano offer a range of health, education, recreation, therapeutic, daily living and advocacy services. During more than three decades of service Thousands of children and families have benefited from the Center’s programs.

3 Children’s Comprehensive Care Center (CompCare) The Center’s newly named CompCare complex is the only free-standing nursing facility for children who require sophisticated medical treatment in the Southeast USA. “The nursing staff that takes care of Spencer are like extended family. Without their around the clock care we would never have just celebrated his 10th birthday.” - Mark, father of Spencer

4 CompCare Services Skilled nursing I.V. therapy Respiratory, PT, OT and speech therapies Medical and social services Educational programming Psychological counseling Recreational activities Case management

5 Group Homes Broward Children’s Center has three group homes serving infants, children, and young adults with medical and/or developmental disabilities. “ The Center has given me a real home, real friends and real independence. My life is so much better here.” Brian, group home resident.

6 Group Homes Staffed 24 hrs a day with CNAs Supervised by LPNs 24 hr access to primary care and pediatric specialists Residents attend school in the community or at in-home education programs Occupational, physical, and speech therapy available Recreational therapies including: Sensory stimulation, music, arts and crafts, cooking, videos, movies, literature, park, concert, beach and museum visits

7 Young Adult Group Home Broward Children’s Center’s latest group home is a unique facility for medically fragile young adults who require 24-hr care. The facility provides independence for members of a growing population of individuals not covered by Medicaid.

8 Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) “PPEC is relief for a single parent trying to survive.” - Lora, parent of aftercare recipient, Tyrese. PPEC is a medical childcare program providing an alternative to in-home nursing for children with complex medical needs.

9 Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) Services include: Skilled nursing Respiratory care Developmental and educational programs Nutrition OT, PT and speech / language therapy Social services Recreation Medical Transportation Services offered for up to 12 hours a day

10 Children’s Comprehensive Home Health (HomeCare) “Without the agency I would be a nervous wreck; it would be hard to live without them.” - Pat, grandmother and guardian of Britnee Nuby. HomeCare provides home health care that allows infants, children and young adults to remain in their own homes while receiving the medical services they need.

11 Children’s Comprehensive Home Health HomeCare HomeCare services include: Ventilator care Skilled and school nursing Speech, physical and occupational therapy Medical and social services Gastrostomy tube feeding Tracheostomy care I.V. therapy Diabetic management and education

12 Preschools Awarded the Gold Seal of Excellence by Florida’s DCF, the Center’s preschool program provides educational, developmental and therapeutic services to infants and children with special needs. “Elizabeth doesn’t talk much, but she always tells me she’s ready for school – she looks forward to it each day. She’s made tremendous progress, and really opened up; she’s even found a best friend.” Mary, mother of preschooler.

13 Staffed by: Certified teachers Licensed therapists Social workers Teaching assistants Pediatric LPN Services include: Pre-kindergarten Early intervention Early-learning programs Before and after and summer school programs Wheelchair-accessible buses Preschools

14 Kids Klinic programs are designed to provide comprehensive family-centered, mobile and Center Based medical services to children.

15 Kids Klinic Services provided: Primary care Routine wellness visits Immunizations and sick visits Staffed by: Pediatrician Advanced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner “Going to the Kids Klinic is not a draining experience that takes half the day. Flexible scheduling makes sure my children receive quality care without me needing to miss work.” Marie, parent of Kids Klinic patients, Anthony and Athena.

16 Therapeutic Services “David’s progress has been tremendous. His therapy has changed his life.” - Christine, mother of a child receiving Center therapy. Therapy services include Occupational, Physical and Speech language therapy services from facilities in Pompano, Ft. Lauderdale, and to clients in the home.

17 Therapeutic Services Clinics screen, evaluate and treat infants-adolescents with developmental delays in speech and language, motor skills, and daily living activities. Including those with respiratory difficulties, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, language impairment, apraxia, muscular dystrophy and other primary physical impairments. Licensed and certified/accredited therapists have extensive experience with tech-dependent clients. Medicaid transportation available.

18 Social Services Provide ongoing support to children and families to improve their standard and quality of life and connects clients with community partners, such as: FL, DCF Department of Education Children’s Medical Services

19 Social Services Onsite and in-home assistance for: Short-term psychotherapy Education Case management Information and referral Families may also be linked to other community agencies, or assisted through an available emergency fund. “Social Services have made a huge difference in Erica’s life. We’re so lucky to have their support.” - Vicki, mother of Erica.

20 Respite Care The stress of caring for a child with special needs can be overwhelming and isolating. Respite Care allows caregivers to: Get out of the house Rejuvenate Take care of emergencies Attend to their own health needs

21 Respite Care “The Center has been the ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. It is the best thing that has ever happened for my children and me. We have better lives thanks to you.” - Victoria, parent of children receiving respite. Populations served include clients with special health care needs, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder and mental health diagnosis. A Respite Home provides caregivers with the opportunity to bring children to a state-of-the- art facility staffed by professionals who provide 24 hr care.

22 Innovation Florida’s only free-standing licensed pediatric skilled nursing facility

23 Cutting-edge First and only group home for ventilator-assisted young adults

24 Leadership Florida’s first after-school program for handicapped children

25 Advocacy Florida’s first community-based residential program for medically fragile youngsters

26 Originality First preschool program for medically fragile children (with Broward County School District)

27 Needs Driven First classroom for ventilator-assisted children and teenagers

28 Field Leaders First full-day school program for medically fragile and developmentally delayed children.


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