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1 iCarly

2 iCarly This is Carly, Sam and Freddie Carly on the left, Freddie in the middle and Sam on the right. They all star in a show called iCarly. It’s a web show!!

3 This is Spencer He’s Carly’s Older brother. He’s also her guardian
This is Spencer He’s Carly’s Older brother. He’s also her guardian. You see there dad works in the military and is in a submarine at the bottom of the sea as we speak. FUN FACT Spencer is a sculptor

4 About The Show Carly Shay is played by Miranda Cosgrove
Sam Pucket is played by Jenette Mcurtney Freddy Benson is played by Nathan Kress Spencer Shay is played by Jerry Trainor In the show Sam is an obnoxious irritating person to Freddy. She’s very strong and can beat up anyone. Even a chef. But she always has Carly’s back.

5 Gibby Gibby is a funny kid who Carly, Sam and Freddy use for the show. They embarrass him and for some odd reason Gibby likes Taking his shirt off.

6 Mrs. Briggs and Mr. Howard There are the 2 meanest teachers in There School. They both know sam to well because sam is always getting a Detention

7 How The Show Was Found The show was found because of Mrs. Briggs. Carly took the blame for one of Sam’s pranks. Her punishment was to decide who will get into a talent show. Carly brought Sam with her. Not very bad punishment, right. Well get this it was on a SATURDAY. And after that they gave the results of the talent show to Mrs. Briggs. And she said that those people weren’t going into the talent show. So Carly decided to make a web show, and on the 1st show, they showed people with amazing talents.

8 What about Freddy and Sam?
Well Freddy is the technical producer. He makes all the special effects and he even came up with the name iCarly. I- internet, iCarly. Sam is Carly’s funny and amazing side kick on the show. Sam doesn’t know a thing about technical stuff, but she holds a remote that makes sounds. Such as booing cheering and a lot of other stuff.

9 Not so secret Crush Want to hear something big. Freddy has a crush on Carly!!!!! But Carly just wants to be friends.

10 Who has Freddie and Sam Kissed?
Freddie says to Carly in private he’s never kissed any one. But Sam hears and tells the world on iCarly!!! But after a while she feels a little guilty and tells every one on iCarly the truth. She’s never kissed any one. Then she goes and talks to Freddie behind Carly’s back and look what you get!!!!!!

11 What does Carly Think? Carly didn’t know they kissed and when she finds out she is mad. the episode is called ithink they kissed. This is a picture of Sam at the dentist and she’s full of some wacky gas stuff. That’s how Carly found out.

12 Creddie vs. Seddie A lot of the iCarly fans think that Carly and Freddy are dating. A lot of them also think Sam and Freddy are dating. So they came up with Creddie ( Carly and Freddy) And Seddie (Sam and Freddy) and it gets in a big war.

13 iSaved your life This is when Carly and Freddy start dating. Lucky Freddy. But its Freddy who brakes up with Carly. Carly was walking across the road and a taco truck was coming and Carly didn’t see it. Freddy pushed her away and got hit. Carly starts to think she loves Freddy. But Freddy tells her that she’s in love with what he did. She’s not in love with him!!!

14 Season 4 Guppy In the new season Gibby has a little brother. That’s Guppy. Guppy is just a little funny Gibby that is WAY smarter.

15 Iweb awards Carly, sam, Freddy, Spencer and Freddy’s mom go to Japan to compete in the Iweb awards. But in Japan they two people trick them into missing the Iweb awards but luckily Spencer and Freddy’s mom find them and they make it to the awards and win. That just shows how awesome iCarly really is.

16 A couple other characters that I forgot about
Here’s 2 other characters who have been there for the whole thing. That’s Lewbert the door man and Freddy's mom.

17 Freddy’s Mom Freddy’s Mom is WAY over protective. She would do anything for Freddie and if Freddie got a Tattoo, well if you’ve seen the show you know what I’m talking about.

18 Lewbert Lewbert is weird, odd and supper mean… and a lot more weird. He has a big wart right on his face. Disgusting. Actually on iCarly there's a segment called messin with Lewbert

19 Mrs. Benson and Lewbert sitting in a tree?
In one episode Where a messin with Lewbert goes to far Lewbert gets injured and Mrs. Benson volunteers to take care of him. And they end up dating. Poor Freddie. Lewbert’s your daddy. Until Mrs. Benson sees the real Lewbert!!!!!

20 iCarly Forever A lot of stuff on iCarly is drama. But all it really is, is comedy. The worlds best comedy. Sure you can say your on team Creddie or team Seddie, but you should take iCarly as what it really is. Comedy.

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