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IReverse Home Loans a Subsidiary of Hopkins Federal Savings Bank New Employee Orientation.

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1 iReverse Home Loans a Subsidiary of Hopkins Federal Savings Bank New Employee Orientation

2 Agenda History of iReverse History of iReverse Company Vision Company Vision FRAUD! You have been warned FRAUD! You have been warned Compliance- It’s not a choice- Just do it! Compliance- It’s not a choice- Just do it! Getting Started Right Getting Started Right Navigating the Corporate Intranet Navigating the Corporate Intranet Working with Lenders Working with Lenders Summary Summary

3 History of iReverse Hopkins Federal Savings Bank is a $250 million dollar Maryland based institution that has been serving local communities since 1921. Kenneth J. Klawans is a Certified Senior Advisor and 20-year mortgage and banking industry veteran. In 2007, Hopkins Federal Savings Bank teamed up with Kenneth J. Klawans to create an organization that rewards ethical, compliant, honest, experienced, self-generating, bright and motivated Reverse Mortgage Specialists with the opportunity to earn extraordinary compensation.

4 iRevese Home Loans Vision Our Vision is to provide a platform where ethical, honest, compliant, experienced, self-generating, bright Reverse Mortgage Specialists can earn industry-high compensation for their production.

5 FRAUD! (you have been warned) If you’ve been in the mortgage industry for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve been presented with a “Fraud Policy” to sign. Did you read it? Really…did you read it? Most people don’t because it’s just another form to sign…blah, blah, blah…I know about fraud. Well consider this a warning and read it again…fraud takes on a different meaning at iReverse Home Loans. Every employee has an obligation to be the eyes and ears of this organization and report any suspected threat of fraud. As an operating subsidiary of a FDIC insured federal savings bank, we have an obligation to report fraudulent activity to federal authorities. We utilize numerous high-tech methods of uncovering fraud. We will prosecute anyone directly or indirectly involved in fraudulent activity.

6 COMPLIANCE (It’s not a choice. Just do it!) Residential mortgage lending is one of the most highly regulated industries in the country. Like it or not, we have no choice but to adhere to and be in strict compliance to all regulations. iReverse Home Loans utilizes a variety of methods to insure we are in full compliance. The two primary methods are education and audits. We will make every effort to clearly define what is required of you in order to be in compliance. Our corporate intranet includes numerous education/training materials that define your responsibilities. We strongly advise you to immediately and thoroughly review our “Employee Compliance Orientation” located in the Document Library. Let us know if anything is not clear. In order to verify we are always in full compliance of the many rules, laws and regulations that governs our business, iReverse Home Loans conducts numerous audits. Some you will be aware of (pre-closing audit, post-closing audit, etc.) and others you will not be aware of. Again, as long as you follow the directions listed on the intranet, you have nothing to worry about. iReverse Home Loans will not pay loan officers for files that do not pass audit. In addition, repeat offenders will be terminated.

7 Getting Started Right Transitioning Your Existing PipelineTransitioning Your Existing Pipeline

8 Navigating the Corporate Intranet Continually being developedContinually being developed Current Availability: * Home Tab * Human Resources Pre-Employment/Employment process overview * Policies & Procedures * Grapevine * News * Links * Support Request * Accounting Tab * Loan Reconciliation Download * Marketing Tab * Approved Marketing Companies

9 iReverse Home Loans Corporate Intranet Current Availability (cont.): * Compliance Tab * Required Documents * Fraud Prevention * Vendors Tab * New Vendor Request * Approved Appraisers * Approved Title Companies/Closing Agents * Approved Marketing Companies * Approved Lenders/Investors * Operations Tab * Operations Tab * Document Library

10 Working With Lenders/Investors Without our Lenders/Investors, we can not exist. RULE #1: Be respectful and professional when speaking with and/or dealing with our lenders. No single employee is worth more then the relationship we have with our lenders/investors. We must speak to all their employees respectfully and professionally. The packages we submit to lenders must exceed their expectations (i.e neat, clean professional packages that meet all their guidelines). Any complaint from a lender/investor (which includes Account Executives) will result in severe consequences including possible termination.

11 Next Steps 1.Confirm you have received via e-mail your username/password to the iReverse Corporate Intranet. Login and look around! 2.Place order for business cards/letterhead (corporate intranet- Home tab-”store”). 3.Review approved vendors (corporate intranet- Vendors). If you utilize any vendors not on the approve list, complete form to request approval. 4.Confirm you have received your iReverse e-mail address (sent via your personal e-mail) username, password and setup instructions. 5.Confirm you have received your telephone/voicemail username, password and setup instructions. 6.Confirm you have received via e-mail a username/password to each of our lender/investor sites. 7.Tell everyone you know about your new position with iReverse Home Loans. 8.Start originating!

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