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An Insight into an Outstanding Faculty

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1 An Insight into an Outstanding Faculty
4/13/2017 An Insight into an Outstanding Science Faculty GEORGE SPENCER  FOUNDATION SCHOOL & TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE  A TRAINING SCHOOL Nottingham Principal: Mrs Susan Jowett school. Number on roll: 1300 K. Mayle Curriculum Leader Science George Spencer

2 Curriculum Leader for Science George Spencer School Nottingham,
13/04/2017 KEVIN MAYLE Curriculum Leader for Science George Spencer School Nottingham,

3 George Spencer Foundation school and Technology College.
11 – 18 Mixed comprehensive on role. 6 miles west of Nottingham City Centre. Technology College Status from 1994. Ict mark 2010 OFSTED April 2010 – “Outstanding”( new framework) 96% of students achieving 5+ A*-C (74% including English & Maths) “Best in Nottinghamshire.” Accredited School provider 2010 SSAT Most Improved Schools Award (2007,2008, 2009.) SSAT 5A*C EM ( 2007,2008,2009) SSAT value Added Award (2008,2009) Advanced Consultant School 2009 Leading Edge status for curriculum and workforce innovation. I.I.P. 2008, 2005,2002,1999. SSAT mentor school for raising achievement. Non contextualised CVA of 1024 percentile ranking of 11

Inspection Framework 2009 – How Effective are Teaching and Learning?

5 OUTSTANDING TEACHING Teaching is at least good and much is outstanding, with the result that the students are making exceptional progress Teaching is highly effective in inspiring students and ensuring that they learn extremely well Excellent subject knowledge is applied consistently to challenge and inspire students Resources, including new technology, make a marked contribution to the quality of learning, as does the precisely targeted support provided by other adults OFsted Observation Guidance Sheet

6 OUTSTANDING BEHAVIOUR (Attitude to learning)
Behaviour for all groups is exemplary Students’ behaviour creates an extremely positive school ethos Students’ behaviour contributes to their successful learning Students are highly considerate and very supportive of each other in lessons Students encourage others to conduct themselves well There is no evidence of disruptive behaviour OFsted Observation Guidance Sheet

The students acquire knowledge, develop understanding and learn and practise skills exceptionally well. Students demonstrate excellent concentration and are rarely off task, even in extended periods without direction from an adult. Students consistently work at or near their capacity and make and sustain comprehensive gains in their learning Progress is at least good and is exemplary for some students in relation to their target grades/levels OFsted Observation Guidance Sheet

Teachers and other adults are very aware of their students’ capabilities and of their prior learning/ understanding, and plan very effectively to build on these Marking and dialogue between teachers, other adults and students are consistently of a very high quality Students understand in detail how to improve their work and are consistently supported in doing so Teachers systematically and effectively check students’ understanding throughout lessons, anticipating where they may need to intervene and doing so with striking impact on the quality of learning OFsted Observation Guidance Sheet


10 An Insight into an Outstanding Faculty
4/13/2017 Staff feel ownership of resources Work Smarter , not harder strong, ethos balanced experienced staff. Regularly support each other Extra curricular activities Space Centre, Becky Boyle, Science club, Florida, CERN Regular meetings and dialogue Regularly share good practice, faculty meetings, PM work in small teams, share planning Strong Team Ethos Encourage new ideas and sharing resources Experienced , Well qualified – LftM.,LP Delegate responsibility Lesson observations Faculty Scrutiny (Mini Ofsted). Science Faculty Dedicated TLR point holders. Internal promotion, Clear leadership Rigorous PM process Quality assurance Weekly Science management meetings Clear organisation Exemplary Lesson plans using common agreed format Accountability, praise, valued, Common approach. Accelerated learning Cycle Clear and simple systems eg behaviour management Learning outcomes displayed every lesson Learning walks Business like approach to meetings, Electronic lesson plans on line Data shared Quality CPD in house and external 50% staff coach trained All staff continually add resources to SoL Recall, Describe, Explain Reminder cards on the board eg keywords for levels/ grades ALC. K. Mayle Curriculum Leader Science George Spencer 10

11 How the Science Faculty Demonstrates “Outstanding” at George Spencer School.
13/04/2017 On line Schemes of Learning for all key stages Learning Outcomes displayed on the board (HOTS) shared with students. Pitch correct for group Levelled ( AfL) Recall Describe . . . Explain . . Accelerated Learning Cycle Headings Connect ( 9-10 mins) Big picture, Activate ( putting in new learning) Demonstrate ( Show you know ) Consolidate ( reflect on progress against outcomes.)

12 13/04/2017

13 From good to Outstanding
High pace & reduced teacher talk time AfL techniques embedded in each lesson (a school priority ) Level / Grade reminder card Pitch questions to extend thinking. Science Support Rota mutual support mechanisms allows rapid dealing with disruption to leaning. Behaviour Support Reporting system Topic Mats & Visual Dictionary ( improved literacy) Up to date resources, “Kagan” Collaborative learning strategies. “Rally Robin, Numbered heads together, Rally Coach, etc” 13/04/2017

14 Force, mass & acceleration
Forces for Transport Speed Forces & Motion Work Safety in cars Distance –Time graphs Speed- time Graphs Acceleration Force, mass & acceleration Falling Objects Balanced Unbalanced Power Potential energy Kinetic energy Theme Park Rides Stopping distances Fuel for Transport 13/04/2017

15 Science Level / Grade Descriptors
KS3 Level GCSE Grade Action 4 E Identify and recognise 5 D Recognise and describe 6 C Describe in detail 7 B Explain 8 A Explain and apply knowledge A* Relate understanding to other knowledge

16 Other Examples SSR Science Support Rota Data tracking
Tracking achievement Behaviour System monitoring Formative assessment (Assessment for Learning) high profile in school. Collaborative learning techniques used every lesson. QA file Faculty SEF Lesson Observation

17 Some Up to date Resources
13/04/2017 “Boardworks” Science KS3/4/5 Echalk –Brilliant for connecting learning nergy/energyTransferBW/energyTransfer.html Upd8 and teachers notes Tarsia download free software –Formulator Tarsia Xtranormal an example


19 More Training Tips From Science Faculty at George Spencer Presentation to School


21 Finally, a quick word from the team . . .
Staff Video Thursday, April 13, 2017 . An Insight into an Outstanding Faculty .

22 An Insight into an Outstanding Faculty
4/13/2017 An Insight into an Outstanding Science Faculty Staff Video GEORGE SPENCER 22  FOUNDATION SCHOOL & TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE  A TRAINING SCHOOL K. Mayle Curriculum Leader Science George Spencer

23 An Insight into an Outstanding Faculty
4/13/2017 13/04/2017 Thank you Kevin Mayle Curriculum Leader Science George Spencer School Nottingham An Outstanding Faculty K. Mayle Curriculum Leader Science George Spencer

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