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Prepared by: Tim Henn, Atlanta May 17, 2013

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1 Prepared by: Tim Henn, Atlanta May 17, 2013
Georgia State University and Spencer Stuart: Sales Executive RoundTable Meeting Prepared by: Tim Henn, Atlanta May 17, 2013 1

2 Table of Contents Introduction
Overview of Spencer Stuart International Why is Spencer Stuart Any Different than Other Global Competitors? Sales Officer Practice What’s Hot? - Key Trends and Skills Set Needs in Sales Leadership Compensation Observation and Trends Tips on Executive Recruiting 2 2

3 Timothy J. Henn Atlanta office
Tim Henn is a member of Spencer Stuart’s Technology, Communications & Media Practice and leads the firm’s sales officer business in North America. He also is a member of the Private Equity and Information Officer practices, and a core contributor to the firm’s Cloud Computing initiatives. Bringing more than a decade of executive search experience to his work, Tim conducts assignments for clients across North America, Europe and Asia. He concentrates on chief executive officer, general manager and other senior-level positions for technology and communications clients. Tim’s technology clients include communications service providers, wireless and wireline networking equipment and software companies, mobile device makers, and providers of cloud computing services, datacenter services, and optical systems and components — from early-stage venture-funded startups to the largest multinational corporations. In-depth technology expertise Before joining Spencer Stuart, Tim was with a global retained executive search firm for more than seven years as a senior member of its technology practice. He also has 14 years of technology industry experience in strategy development, product line marketing and sales. Tim worked for Motorola for six years, where he led strategy efforts for the company’s communications equipment businesses. In addition, Tim contributed to Motorola’s most significant acquisition, General Instrument, and to the strategic assessment of Motorola’s broadband wireline, wireless and satellite investments. Tim spent seven years in Silicon Valley working in senior marketing and product management roles for early-stage companies in data networking, communications software and semiconductors. Tim is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in electrical engineering and also holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Contact Information Atlanta office dd 3

4 Introduction to Spencer Stuart International

5 Our Firm Who we are Where we are What we do
Founded in 1956 and still privately held, Spencer Stuart helped establish the senior-level executive recruiting industry More than 300 consultants with a unique blend of professional search experience and specialized industry and functional expertise Experienced and highly knowledgeable associates, researchers and executive assistants round out client service teams and contribute to our knowledge of relevant candidate pools Where we are In 54 offices in 29 countries around the world With select clients, from major multinationals to emerging companies and nonprofit organizations, helping to address their senior executive leadership requirements In the boardrooms of companies around the world, from the largest multinationals to private equity-backed businesses What we do Partner with companies to find CEOs, presidents/COOs and their senior management teams, conducting more than 4,000 assignments each year In addition to executive search, we: Recruit exceptional directors and provide counsel on governance issues Assist boards in CEO succession planning Conduct management assessments of senior executives 5

6 Our Services We provide an integrated suite of leadership services, including: Executive Search: Executive recruitment focused on CEOs, COOs and other top-level functional leaders Board Services: Boardroom recruitment and governance counsel CEO Succession Services: Consultative services for boards’ CEO succession planning needs Executive Assessment Services: A proven, proprietary approach to helping clients more accurately evaluate the strengths of their senior leadership teams 6 6

7 Our Practices Functional Practices Industry Practices
Through our practices, we offer a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face in each industry and sector we serve, and of the competencies required for success in a variety of functional roles. Industry and functional specialists work in partnership and across borders to provide clients with the most comprehensive access to candidate pools. Industry Practices Clean Technology Consumer Goods & Services Education, Nonprofit & Public Policy Financial Services Industrial Life Sciences Private Equity Professional Services Technology, Communications & Media Functional Practices Board Services Chief Executive Officer Diversity Financial Officer Human Resources Information Officer Legal Search Marketing Officer Sales Officer Supply Chain 7

8 Sample of Spencer Stuart CEO Searches
Spencer Stuart conducts more than 300 CEO Search and Succession assignments annually and has the leading market share among S&P 500 companies. Succession/Search with Internal Candidates Sherilyn McCoy, CEO 2012 Hubert Joly, CEO 2012 Jose Almeida, CEO 2011 Brian Kelley, CEO 2012 Bill Brown, CEO 2011 Brian Krzanich, CEO 2013 Ray Lane, Chairman, 2010 Leo Apotheker, CEO, 2010 Meg Whitman, CEO, 2011* Chip Bergh, CEO 2011 Bryan Stockton, CEO 2012 Mike Polk, CEO 2011 Mark Thompson, CEO 2012 Dave Calhoun, CEO 2006 Marc Lautenbach, CEO 2012 Frits Van Paasschen, CEO 2007 John Lederer, CEO 2010 Marissa Mayer, CEO 2012

9 Why is Spencer Stuart Any Different than Other Global Competitors?
Focus at the Top of the House: Leading Board of Directors practice and CEO Succession Practice. CXO and VP level work in the U.S. with flexibility to do director-level work outside the U.S. Speed: Spencer Stuart understands the urgency of recruiting new executives quickly. Our process is geared toward both speed and quality. Heavy company investment in knowledge managers, proactive ID, local and central research, etc. Senior Recruiters Lead the Effort from Start to Finish: Spencer Stuart recruiters have, on average, 10+ years of corporate experience and 10+ years of executive search experience. Our team remains engaged throughout the search to lead the effort. Focus on Culture Fit: Given our extensive knowledge of the candidate pool, our energies will be focuses not only on identification of an experienced executive but also on the “culture” and “business” fit of an executive who will excel in the client setting: Highest integrity with reputation for excellent quality work Focused on accountability and business results and accustomed to aggressive growth goals A collaborator who can play well in the “sandbox” with the existing senior team High Accountability on Recruiting Consultant: Client surveys at end of engagement are tied to bonus payments and are circulated to board members and senior management. This motivates us to meet and exceed your needs.

10 Potential Timeline for Completion
Key Milestones Environmental Interviews with senior management Start Finalize the position specification hours Confirm target list of companies hours Meeting to review long list of candidate profiles – 3 weeks Introduction of first 2-3 qualified candidates weeks First slate of candidate interviews weeks Timing for key milestones is subject to travel schedule and availability of client team members and candidates.

11 Sales Officer Practice

12 Chief Sales Officer Practice at Spencer Stuart
With specialized sector and functional expertise, consultants in Spencer Stuart’s Sales Practice bring to each search an in-depth understanding of talent needs and marketplace realities. Business & Professional Services Technology, Communications, Media Consumer Goods & Services Financial Services Life Sciences Industrial SALES FUNCTIONS We are a global, dedicated team of 25 consultants, many with a sales background. We have conducted more than 1,000 sales searches over the past three years for clients that range from large multinational companies to private equity firms and their portfolio companies to emerging companies and nonprofit organizations. For each assignment, we assemble a “best team” combining industry knowledge with functional and geographic expertise. We also conduct ongoing calls to review market intelligence and candidate pool development. Vice President Sales Major Account Sales Channel Management Sales Operations Licensing Sales Chief Revenue Officer Vice President Sales & Marketing Business Development Government Sales CANDIDATE POOL EXPERTISE

13 Spencer Stuart Representative Sales Searches
Consumer Financial Services Industrial Life Sciences Private Equity TCM

14 Defining the Sales Officer Role
The sales officer function demands a combination of experiences and competencies that vary by organization Sample Experiences Sample Competencies Revenue Growth Major Account Management Execution for Results Solutions Orientation Sales Processes and Tools Business Services Expertise Client VP Global Sales Cross-Functional Collaboration Strategic Sales Skills Recruitment and Development National Account Management Communication, Influence & Impact at CFO level Building Teams Ultimately, needed experiences and competencies will be determined by requirements of the specific situation.

15 Spencer Stuart Sales Officer Practice - Candidate Qualification Diagnostic
Multilayer Assessment of Potential Sales Prospects in Conjunction with Candidate Specification Performance Data Revenue Quota Revenue Growth Revenue by region Revenue by product line Margin growth Customer segments Channel mix Hardware, software, services revenue split. etc. Environment Strategic Impact Reasons for revenue growth related to New Products New regional markets Competitive dislocation Maturity level of products and markets Degree of maturity of operational processes Growth in revenue compared to market share growth Turnaround? High growth? Mature with slow growth? Big company with matrix management, small company PE funded, etc. Sales DNA & Culture Fit Development of new sales strategy to match new/existing corporate strategy What decisions were made to impact sales effectiveness related to: Customer segmentation Account coverage Processes and metrics Channel model dynamics Incentive compensation changes Performance management to raise individual and team effectiveness Ability to balance sales growth and profit maximization Talent management skills to attract and retain top talent Line experience and operating orientation Evaluation of key behavioral leadership competencies which map to: Best in class sales leader DNA Specific client competencies Leadership reputation internally and cross-functionally Ability to create a winning culture Philosophy on utilization of A, B and C talent across the organization 15 15

16 Evolution of the genus “Sales Officers”

17 The Science of Sales Has Become More Sophisticated
Recruitment & Development Sales Strategy & Organization Rotation & Succession Planning Performance Management & Compensation Plans Sales Process & Methodology Sales Operations Account Management Rewards & Celebration Technology (CRM, Pricing, Quoting)

18 Sales Operations & Technologies LEADERSHIP IMPLICATIONS
Emerging Sales Officer Trends … and their leadership implications Four Channel Model Sales Operations & Technologies Field Sales Indirect Sales Accountability Consistency T R E N D S Global Methodology Inside Sales eCommerce Maximize Selling Time LEADERSHIP IMPLICATIONS Lack of effective customer segmentation and mapping of sales channel Lack of effective collaboration to drive activity to the right internal organization Invest in world class sales operations not sales support Adoption non-negotiable at all levels Consistent cadence to increase chance of success

Emerging Sales Officer Trends … and their leadership implications Dated Go-To-Market Structures Localization of Global Markets Shorter Product Profit Cycle Vicious Price Competition Exploding Emerging Markets Regional Customization T R E N D S Local Channel Preferences Value Chain De-layering Solutions Selling Requirements Expat Expirations LEADERSHIP IMPLICATIONS Cost to serve specific customer segments way too expensive Outdated structure provides for coverage model Lack of clarity around selling skills to serve each customer segment 3 region structures no longer adequate Local language leadership required Cultural complexity with one region (i.e. Asia Pac)

20 Scarcity of Strategic Skill Sets LEADERSHIP IMPLICATIONS
Emerging Sales Officer Trends … and their leadership implications Scarcity of Strategic Skill Sets Fewer Sales Academies Short term pressures on CEO T R E N D S Churn of top sales leaders Crushing 30/60/90 pipeline requirements LEADERSHIP IMPLICATIONS Develop skill sets in-house or recruit externally CEO’s and Vice Presidents of Sales need to agree on time required to develop sales strategy Recruit rigorously to find scarce skills.

21 Compensation Observations
My data is a colored by B2B TCM, Industrial, Business Services: $100Mn revenue- $200K-$225K base, 50% bonus plus equity – North America $100Mn revenue - $300-$350K base, 50% bonus plus equity – Global $500Mn revenue $300K-$350K base and $50% bonus plus equity - Global $6Bn revenue - $450K base, 100% bonus, $400-$1M per year in annual equity Sign-on bonuses much less frequent since You must be leaving unvested equity on the table. Shift from options to RSUs and PSUs has been dramatic Overachieve plans on annual bonus are negotiable. Be prepared to discuss Initial equity grants most common. Clients encouraged to be generous to attract best talent. Candidates need to be around in 3-4 years to collect! Keep the recruiter in the middle on negotiations – ability to speak openly, get a reality check, and to enlist the recruiter to negotiate on your behalf without burning bridges.

22 Tips on working with Executive Recruiters
Develop one or two key contacts per firm in your industry vertical (i.e. consumer, industrial, technology) or function (i.e. sales officer practice at SSI). No need to meet every partner at the firm – we all talk and share candidate ideas. We are retained by clients to pursue candidates that meet our mutually-defined specifications. We cannot conduct a search on your behalf, but can be helpful in recommending you to our colleagues around the world. Please let us know your willingness to move to Asia or Europe. Develop your career as a “pure play” stock – excellence in a given function or industry segment is always well rewarded. Add data to the resume (dates, revenue before and after, team size, graduation dates). Be a good source and help with suggestions for others; this is much appreciated and expands your mindshare across the firm. We will not reveal your name as the source if requested. SSI conducts high level and high impact searches for small, medium and large companies but quantity per consultant per year is If you do not hear from us, it does not mean we do not think you are terrific. Each search is a very unique combination of required skills, experiences, channels to market, products, etc. During interviews, there are only two real ways to crash and burn – huge ego and providing long-winded answers to short, concise questions. Self-awareness and self-assessment are extraordinarily well received and put you in another league of executive talent. Expertise, candor and humility are a great combination. “Check-ins” every 4-6 months are fine. Any more than that may produce a negative impact.

23 23

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