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A Brief History of Adventism. UK Heritage St Patrick – 388 AD.

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1 A Brief History of Adventism




5 UK Heritage St Patrick – 388 AD

6 St Columba – 521 – 597 AD


8 William Tyndale (1494?-1536 First translator of the English Bible

9 Martin Luther

10 John & Charles Wesley

11 William Miller Sir Isaac Newton Edward Irving

12 Millerite Prophetic chart Early Adventist believers 1st Seventh-day Adventist church, Washington New Hampshire

13 Officially named: 1860 Organised as a church, May 21, 1863

14 Go ye into all the world

15 Michael Belina Czechowski - 1864 – to Europe J. N. Andrews – 1874 – First official Missionary J. N. Loughborough – Landed in Southampton 30 December 1878 British Union Conference formed - 1903

16 British Isles from 1883 72 Heneage Road, Grimsby. The headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the British Isles from 1883

17 Holloway

18 Stanborough Park

19 ✦ In 1900 Dr and Mrs Olsen came from the United States to join Dr and Mrs Kress in pioneering health evangelism, ✦ In 1907 Stanborough Park was purchased (ministerial training had begun in 1902 at Duncombe Hall, London). ✦ The end of World War I signalled the beginning of the first ‘Golden Age of Evangelism’. J. D. Gillatt, O. M. Dorland, George Hyde, William Maudsley, Lionel Barras and R. A. Anderson were to be the big names. ✦ In 1932 a Queen Anne mansion, Newbold Revel, became the ministerial training centre. ✦ The British Mission to East Africa had been founded in 1906 but, in the inter-war years, the British Union supported a massive missionary programme in both East and West Africa. ✦ In 1949 the Voice of Prophecy began to broadcast from Radio Luxembourg and the Bible Correspondence School was founded. ✦ Evangelism was top priority in the Vandeman era, 1951-1956. ✦ In 1978 – four years after being presented with a positive programme for solving ethnic tensions in Britain – GC president R. H. Pierson visited Britain and brokered a ‘package’ which owed much to the four-year-old programme. The arrival in 1979 of ten top-drawer pastors, largely from the Caribbean, led to a period of church growth and harmony. ✦ In 1980 the John Loughborough School was founded in Tottenham, North London. ✦ In 1981, at the South England session held in the Portsmouth Guildhall, the first Black conference president was elected. Dr Silburn Reid did much to heal any remaining rift and, in 1982, organized the first camp meeting. ✦ In 1991, at a British Union session in Harrogate, the first Black Union president – Pastor C. R. Perry – was elected on a vote that was by no means drawn on ethnic lines. ✦ In 1999 the membership of the British Union topped 20,000 for the first time. By the end of this year it is expected to reach 29,000 – with considerably more then that in attendance each Sabbath.



22 Go ye into all the world

23 We have this hope that burns within our hearts … Hope in the coming of the Lord.

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