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(PROTECT) Exercise - Exercise - Exercise: Exercise Tempest Dawn 2013 Strategic Information Briefing Date / Time / Authorized By:

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1 (PROTECT) Exercise - Exercise - Exercise: Exercise Tempest Dawn 2013 Strategic Information Briefing Date / Time / Authorized By:

2 @NHSProperty Major Incident following storm force winds and tornados In Portsmouth and surrounding areas

3 @NHSProperty Portsmouth and South Hampshire Harbour disruption, trees down at SJH

4 @NHSProperty Local Impact / Many roads and all rail blocked

5 @NHSProperty Media Interest Widespread media / Lead story

6 @NHSProperty Summary Outline of Strategic Effects National effects: National media exposure / Health and safety risks and incidents requiring corporate decision making: Regional effects: Regional Comms, disruption to normal buisness. Local Areas effects (mainly Portsmouth and Southampton) (X) community hospitals damaged and on back up power NHS E request for interim ward capacity 40 beds. 6 Health Centers damaged, (one closed)

7 @NHSProperty Incident Control Room: Based in Portsmouth St James Hospital. (On back-up power) Incident Controller: Jamie Andrews 6 staff in Support.

8 @NHSProperty Key Resource Requests: agreed or awaiting decision –Operational Resources –Equipment –Personnel –Assets Premises Information

9 @NHSProperty Issues identified to this point Widespread power outage SJH – –Significant damage to fabric of Main Building Roof damage Wall collapse following hit by trees –Main, Solent & Orchards Drives blocked –Sewers overflowing –No power since storm hit Cosham Health Centre –Tree collapse on North end of building major structural damage Lake Road Health Centre –Minor damage to roof –Broken windows –Intermittent power supply SMCHC –Multiple buildings with minor damage to roof /windows and some water ingress

10 @NHSProperty Exercise Exercise Exercise Wessex X 6 Buildings compromised Building 1 - Cosham Health centre Asbestos risk (Conor Mulholland informed)qualified staff on site working with fire & police Building evacuated Relocating Primary Care Services to Acorn Lodge Building 2 – St James’ Hospital several areas with structural damage but no in-patients - running generator power – engineer on site to maintain generators all structural damage and risk cordoned off – preparing two wards to accept x 35 patients from Swell Being- ETA 13.30

11 @NHSProperty Strategic Decisions and Company Approach for response Building x 3 St Mary’s CHC Generator 24 hr fuel supply – sourcing fuel from unaffected sites Incidences of localised flooding – not material risk Window damage staff on site making safe Building x 4 Swellbeing Private Hospital Major damage to infrastructure X 35 patients relocated to SJH ETA 13.30

12 @NHSProperty Building x 5 + 6 Lymington & RSH Managed by local contractors Rydon– minor damage Lymington on generator power Exercise Exercise Exercise Wessex

13 @NHSProperty Comms phone calls outgoing Update to NHS England Lymington Hospital H & S Officer Working with Rydon Maintenance team RSH No staff made it in Contact Southern Electric Asbestos Risk Qualified staff on site working with fire brigade HSE Local police

14 @NHSProperty Comms phone calls incoming Portsmouth News BBC South Ted Nugent – Lymington Hospital RSH - Barry Toward – asked to contact SHFT as no power Ian Daccus - Area Manager Kent Offer of engineers accepted Tom Brown – Leicestershire offering staff & vans

15 @NHSProperty Communications NHS England & CCG briefed on position and mediation plans 35 relocated patients to SJH Cosham HC to Acorn Lodge Asbestos risk contained at Cosham HC No fatalities or major injuries reported to date

16 @NHSProperty Identified Strategic Dilemmas (if any) Planning supplies for additional patients Communication plan for all NHS PS staff Review staffing rotas for coming week Emergency staff accommodation Funding arrangements

17 @NHSProperty Company Approach for Recovery and Restoration Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service confirm hazardous materials team working with NHS PS on site Information from properties with building damage,cleaning,flooding,trees to be RAG rated for prioritising All staff inc management dressed to clean Clear directions – who will coordinate? Clean up –Interserve Additional cleaning equipment/PPE

18 @NHSProperty Trees – Specialist area –Drain/clean up/mop up process –Trees- Burley/Southern trees/TPOs –Building damage Structural engineer Estates Asbestos AP Company Approach for Recovery and Restoration

19 @NHSProperty E-mail Conor Mulholland Insurance update RIDDOR report – awaiting output from asbestos report RAG on building condition Exercise Exercise Exercise Wessex

20 @NHSProperty End Slide Date and Time Updated:10.45am Next schedule update and deadline for additions: –(Info to lead Editor by 00:00 + Date: ) Lead Editor of Strategic Incident Update: Contacts of Lead Editor: –Number - ? –Mobile-07515189928 –Email

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