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Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions 4 th September 2014 #e2eoa.

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1 Open Access Issues and Potential Solutions 4 th September 2014 #e2eoa

2 DRAFT AGENDA 1030-1100 Registration, Coffee 1100-1130 Welcome, background, Jisc initiatives 1130-1230 What fields do we need in our systems to deliver open access requirements? 1230-1330 Lunch 1330-1430 Process Review Workshop Part 1 1430-14.50 Coffee 14.50-15.50 Process Review Workshop Part 2 15.50-16.15 Next Steps #e2eoa

3 Objectives More Efficient Management of Open Access Identify information requirements for Open Access Explore open access processes –Identify common issues –Identify good practice –Plan coordinated activity Maybe we will just collect lots of questions! #e2eoa

4 Housekeeping Fire alarm Toilets Photos Facilitators Post-IT notes/charts Wifi #e2eoa

5 Who are today’s organisers if I need assistance? Lancaster - Louise, Masud, Phil Kent –Josie, Simon Southampton – Kate Glasgow - Dawn, Mary Anne, William, Valerie There is a blue shape on our badges #e2eoa

6 A slide saying what the main things are….. REF RCUK Horizon 2020 Running a Research Organisation RequirementPossible ToolsBut what about? RCUKOur systems, RIOXXFunder acknowledgement, materials access, PubMed What exactly will RIOXX do? Facilitate RCUK report? Do we set up new fields? Yes. REFOur systems, RIOXX? Reports. E.g. no author final version in store Author final version – version control HORIZON 2020Our systems, RIOXX? Running an Efficient Research Organisation Our systems, Reports to check for anomalies, yet more fields…. Finances held in different systems without a key Efficient use of tax payers money. Working together.All these (often wonderful) offshoots Apparent duplication? Total Cost of Ownership, Monitor template, system reports, surveys….. #e2eoa

7 Other initiatives? Our systems RIOXX OpenAIRE RCUK Outcomes Reporting Research Integrity Books Other Jisc Initiatives – Monitor, APC, AAM RCUK OA Wellcome Trust Jisc Pathfinders REF Information about Research Data Copyright FundRef/ CrossRef ORCID #e2eoa

8 Extract from RCUK Report #e2eoa Category£ Sub-total paid to publishers408,510.15 Sub-total other expenditure/income-8687.53 Total Net Spend399,822.62 Block grant887,408.00 Balance of block grant left Finance System (for use to 31/03/15) 487,585.38 Estimated commitments to 31/07/1490,100.00 Estimated realistic balance of block grant left397,485.38



11 Update from Jisc #e2eoa

12 Metadata Discussion What information do we need to capture for Open Access? Choose a sub-set of metadata: 1) REF – Simon/Josie 2) RCUK (RIOXX) – Valerie/Masud 3) OTHER– internal needs, surveys, Other funders? – William/Kate #e2eoa

13 Group Discussions1130-1230 1.Are all the fields you need on the list? 2.Consider which are mandatory and which are optional. 3.Check the field name and definition/ask questions/offer suitable text 4. Any other comments 12.15 short update each group - level of success in agreeing requirements and issues. Sign up for afternoon metadata session #e2eoa

14 1230-1330 Lunchtime Activity – If you wish! Lunch will be served in the Terrace Lounge where registration/coffee took place 1) Add further comments about metadata – use orange post it's 2) Browse the leaflets/posters colleagues have brought 3) Speak to Jisc representatives #e2eoa

15 Process Review Workshop Part 1 Initial Groups – your badge is colour coded. 1. Pre-decision/other stuff (Red) Valerie/Simon 2. Free (Green) Kate/Mary Anne 3. Paid for (Gold) Phil/Louise 4. Metadata – Masud/William #e2eoa

16 Activity 13.30-14.30 Walk through the process Identify issues Identify potential solutions Add questions and comments IDENTIFY THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES WITH ***. NUMBER THEM IF YOU WISH #e2eoa

17 14.30 -14.50 Refreshment Break #e2eoa

18 Process Review Workshop Part 2 14.50-15.20 Review other sections – add pink post-it note comments 15.20 -15.50 10 minute feedback and group discussion on each section #e2eoa


20 Next steps 1550-1615 Write up and sharing of summary System user groups – let’s talk Await RIOXX final specification Produce final specification for system/s Manifest new systems offering Keep listening, sharing, talking – more workshops? Jisc synthesis #e2eoa

21 Afore Ye Go Please return badges and feedback forms

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