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Pam Bacon Regional Officer South West Who are we?

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2 Pam Bacon Regional Officer South West Who are we?

3 Children in Need SW Region BBC West - Bristol BBC South West – Plymouth BBC South - Southampton

4 The projects that we fund… …help us achieve our three ambitions. That every child in the UK has a childhood that is : Safe happy and secure allows them the chance to reach their potential

5 Illness, distress, abuse or neglect Any kind of disability Behavioural or psychological problems Severe poverty and deprivation Projects should make a difference to disadvantaged children and young people, aged 18 and under.

6 Our grant programmes Emergency Essentials  Small Grants  any amount up to and including £10,000 for one year at a time Main Grants  over £10,000 for up to three years

7 SMALL GRANTS 5 deadlines a year 1 st April 1 st June 1 st September 1 st December 1 st February  £10,000 or under for 1 year only  Online application  9 week turnaround

8 MAIN GRANTS 3 deadlines a year 15 th May 15 th September 15 th January  Over £10,000, up to 3 years  Initial Application – online  Invited to full application stage

9 Local Government Bodies NHS Bodies Applying on Behalf of e.g ‘Friends of’ ‘PTA’s Distribution to other organisations Private sector Who don’t we fund?

10 The basics – your organisation Not for profit Must have: – A constitution or governing document – A management committee – A bank account with two unrelated cheque signatories – Annual accounts – A written child protection policy

11 Retrospective funding Relief of statutory responsibility Medical research or pregnancy advice Promotion of any religion Projects unable to start in the next 12 months Building grants in excess of £20k What don’t we fund?

12 5 main focus areas

13 The perfect definition of disadvantage should be specific and measurable The definition should be evidence based It should focus on one of the four areas of disadvantage defined by CiN

14 Common Reasons for Failure Missing Information Insufficient Evidence of Disadvantage Project Not Sufficiently Focused on Children The Majority of Young People are Aged 18 & Over Capacity - The Organisation Does Not Have Management Skills/Experience/Finance Competition - Higher Request Amount = Higher Standard Expected

15 For further help… helpdesk on 0345 609 0015 or Bristol Office 0117 674 6600 Plymouth Office 01752 234 588 Southampton Office 02380 374 285

16 Thank you Pam Bacon 02380 374285 south&

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