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South East Homelessness Forum February 2015 Sarah Gorton Homeless Link.

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1 South East Homelessness Forum February 2015 Sarah Gorton Homeless Link

2 Statutory Homelessness Q3 2014 In Q3 2014 compared to Q3 2013: Homelessness applications fell and acceptances rose across England Applications and acceptances increased in South East England Source: DCLG England South East England 2% 14% 10%

3 Quarter 3 2013 Quarter 3 2014 Percentage change East England57%55%-3% East Midlands53% -1% London55%58%3% North East England33% 0% North West England31%36%5% South East England45%47%2% South West England46%50%4% West Midlands49%50%1% Yorkshire & the Humber35%42%7% England47%50%3% Acceptance rate Q3 2014 South East England has a lower than average acceptance rate compared to England as a whole, although the acceptance rate in Q3 2014 increased 2% compared to the same time the previous year Source: DCLG

4 Numbers in temporary accommodation increased 8% in England and 9% in South East England Despite a decrease in B&B usage, South East continues to have a higher proportion of people in B&Bs than England as a whole. Temporary accommodation Source: DCLG

5 Why people are homeless Q3 2014 The end of an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) was the main reason for loss of last settled home in Q3 2014 across England Homelessness due to loss of AST is more common in London and the south of England and less common in the north of England Source: DCLG

6 StreetLink Referrals in the South East 2012-2014 by sub-region Sub-region Total Dec 2012- Dec 14 Berkshire109 East & West Sussex466 Kent165 North Hants78 Buckinghamshire85 Oxfordshire197 South Hants172 Surrey158 Total1430 Source: StreetLink

7 Referrals to StreetLink by Local Authority (Top 10 LA’s in South East Region) Local Authority2012 (Dec)20132014Grand Total Brighton and Hove78044131 Oxford62788121 Portsmouth7423887 Worthing7363881 Eastbourne2184161 Milton Keynes4182850 Cherwell0103444 Basingstoke and Deane1142035 Elmbridge2201335 Southampton2141834 Source: StreetLink


9 Your feedback 9 Rough Sleeper Counts and Estimates  Any feedback on the process?  Which do you prefer: estimate or count? Why? Changes in benefits for EEA migrants  What impact is this having in your area? Updated EEA & NRPF migration guidance:

10 Young & Homeless 2014 10 o 207 voluntary sector and Local Authority responses o 52% of those seeking help with homelessness are under 25 o 50% areas using Positive Pathway approach o Increasing complexity of need o Recommendations include: focus on prevention e.g. family mediation increased education about homelessness in schools investment in emergency and ‘time-out’ accommodation

11 Hospital Discharge Evaluation 11 Aims of DH hospital discharge funding: 1.Ensure safe discharge from hospital after treatment 2.Secure appropriate facilities for those requiring ongoing medical support after hospital discharge to allow time for recovery o Patients reported higher standards of care, non-judgemental treatment and improved support during & after time in hospital o Advocacy, peer support, medical care on discharge and in-tenancy support o Staff reported improved working links across housing and the NHS, better access into accommodation and ongoing medical care o Some projects already showed cost savings through reduction in A&E use o In most cases continuation funding with joint investment by the CCG and Local Authority o priorities/homelessness-and-health-campaign priorities/homelessness-and-health-campaign

12 5 Areas in the Manifesto 12 1.Commit to end rough sleeping 2.Ensure better support for people to find and keep a job, and an effective welfare safety net 3.Ensure more homes and stronger rights for tenants 4.Secure a better deal for people with the most complex problems 5.Put in place a long-term homelessness strategy and the investment to deliver it priorities/manifesto-to-end-homelessness

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