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Introduction to the Faculty of computer science June, 2012.

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1 Introduction to the Faculty of computer science June, 2012

2 Overview  History & Vision  Departments and Degree Programs  Faculty  Highlights 2011-12  Admissions Details and Fees Structure  Facilities  Virtual Tour

3 The IBA Heritage  Established in 1955  The first business school outside North America  Affiliated with Wharton and then USC until 1960s  Received Charter – degree awarding institute status in 1994

4 FCS Vision To become the most sought after Computer Science program in the region by providing visionary leaders in the field of Computer Science and Information Systems

5 5 FCS Historical Perspective  Center for Computer Studies (CCS) Established in 1983  Initially provided diplomas in Computing related fields  1987: MBA(MIS) degree formally offered  1998: BCS  1999: BBA(MIS)  2002: 4-year BCS and BBA programs introduced  2005: PhD in CSE/ICT/MIS  2008:  BS (CS)  MS (CS) - Evening  2009: FCS established  2010: Department of Mathematical Sciences established  2011: First BS(CS) batch at the Main Campus  2011: BS Economics & Maths Launched

6 Degree Programs Faculty of Computer Science Programs BS (Computer Science) Ph.D. (CSE/ICT/AI/others) MS (Computer Science) [Evening] MIS specialization also offered as part of BBA/MBA programs

7 Departments Faculty of Computer Science: Departments Department of Mathematical Sciences Department of Computer Science & Management Information Systems (MIS)

8 8 FCS Faculty  Total Faculty: 23  13 PhDs  5 pursuing PhD at IBA  Total Alumni of FCS: Approx. 1000

9 9 CS/MIS Faculty (16) PhD Faculty (8):Research Interests - Dr. Nasir TouheedParallel Processing, Operations Research, (Univ. of Leeds) Numerical Analysis, SAP/ABAP [Joint appointment] - Dr. Sajjad HaiderArtificial Intelligence, Robotics and Bayesian Networks (George Mason) - Dr. Sayeed GhaniPerformance analysis and simulation of (MIT, Columbia) wireless, 4G and wireless sensor networks - Dr. Shakeel KhojaUsage of Web Technologies into learning, Multimedia (Univ. of Southampton) Systems, Digital Video/Image Processing and Storage - Dr. Wasim KhanOperations Research, Virtual Manufacturing (Univ. of Sheffield) and Education Management - Dr. Zaheeruddin AsifManagement Information Systems, Social Networking (IBA, Temple) (Program Director) - Dr. Amber Gul RashidMarketing & IT; Offshore Outsourcing of IT Services (Univ. of Salford) [Joint appointment with Marketing Dept] - Dr. Quratulain RajputSemantic Web Technologies, Information Extraction, and (IBA, Karachi) Semantic Annotation

10 10 CS/MIS Faculty (Cont) Faculty pursuing PhD Research Interests at IBA (5): Faisal IradatPerformance Analysis of Wireless Networks Imran KhanSystem Architecture Waseem ArainRouting issues in Wireless Networks Raza. AbediWireless Sensor Networks S. Irfan NabiManagement Information Systems A. WajedDistributed Systems Teaching Faculty (3):Teaching Interests Ameer RizviSupply Chain Management (Univ, of the East Manila) Maheen GhauriManagement Information Systems and Entrepreneurship (IBA)

11 11 Mathematical Sciences (8) PhD Faculty (6): Research Interests - Dr. Ahmed Ali Shah Numerical Analysis, Numerical Computing, (Univ. Of Kent) Cryptography - Dr. Hisham bin ZubairApplied Mathematics; Scientific computing; multigrid (Delft Univ. of Tech.) treatment of partial differential equations - Dr. M. Shahid QureshiSpace & Planetary Astrophysics (Univ. of Karachi) (Department Chairperson) - Dr. Nasir TouheedParallel Processing, Operations Research, (Univ. of Leeds) Numerical Analysis, SAP/ABAP - Dr. Abdul MajidFunctional Analysis, Applied and (LUMS) Computational Mathematics - Dr. Junaid A. KhanCommutative Algebra, Computer Algebra. (GC Univ.) Teaching Faculty (2):Teaching Interests - Ahmed RazaMathematics, Physics, Numerical Analysis (Cambridge Univ.) -Yaseen MeenaiStatistics, Statistical Inference (Univ. of Karachi)

12 Highlights 2011/2012 – AI  2011 a watershed year: First ever PhD from IBA, in the area of Artificial Intelligence.  International collaboration with the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in the area of Artificial Intelligence/Robotics:  Karachi Koalas competed in both the IranOpen as well as the World RoboCup competition held in Istanbul. Beat France and Japan and achieved 16th position out of 28 teams that qualified world-wide.  State-of-the-art humanoid Nao robot from UTS, worth 7500 Euro.  In 2012, the Karachi Koalas has again qualified for the World RoboCup Soccer to be held in Mexico City during June.  In 2011, a PhD student at IBA, Saleha Raza, also earned scholarship to UTS for 5 months  RA at the AI Lab gone to UTS for PhD on a fully-funded scholarship.

13 First PhD from IBA

14 NAO Robot @ IBA AI Lab NAO Robot World RoboCup

15 Highlights 2011/2012 – BS(CS)  Excellent Salary / market opportunities for our BS(CS) graduates  FCS undergraduates students awards: – “PROCOM 2012”, a prestigious event hosted by FAST-NU since 1998. Both the teams representing FCS IBA: “Softrack” and “Silver Sages” won first prizes in their categories “Innovative Business Ideas Competition” and “Game Application Exhibition” respectively. – Won first prize in the "Folio 3 Developers Day" at FAST-NU, Karachi. The team named "IBA's Infinite Loop" achieved "1st Prize" in the "Demo your project" category and were also awarded PKR 10,000 as prize money.  Connexions 2011 and 2012 both very successful events  High growth in BS(CS) program intake: 3 batches per year

16 Connexions 2011

17 Highlights 2011/2012 – Research  Expanded / Renovated FCS Building: – Expanded Robotics/AI Lab – Expanded Hardware & Networking Lab – Expanded Computing Lab – New Web Sciences Lab – New Telecom / Wireless Sensors Lab  Number of PhD students grown to 15  ICICT 2011 highly successful (Speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Denmark)  FCS Contributed 7 out of the 9 ISI Indexed journal publications  MoU signed with Multimedia University in Malaysia

18 Wireless & Sensor Networks Lab  Dr. Sayeed Ghani / 5 PhD Students – Wireless Sensor Lab: Crossbow – WiFi / WiMax / 4G LTE / Wireless Sensor Networks – Simulation tools: OPNET, QualNet, LabView, NS2  International Research Collaborations: – Tampere University of Technology, Finland – University of Illinois at Chicago  New Labs: – Networking & Hardware Lab (upcoming) 18

19 Wireless Sensor Network

20 Wireless Sensor Equipment

21 21 ICICT – 2005/2007/2009/2011 International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies

22 22 Research Labs/Groups  AI / Robotics Lab  Wireless and Sensor Networks Lab  Digital Futures Lab  Distributed Computing Lab  Web Science Research Group

23 23 Industry Interaction CEO Forum hosted every year by FCS and attended by a large number of CEOs and CIOs from the local industry. Campus Conversations held between IT Industry experts and FCS students organized by CIO Pakistan. Connextions: A yearly student organized event by the InfoSys and Web societies displaying Final Year Projects to the industry.

24 24 Strategic Partnerships SAP, February 2009 Microsoft, 2005 Oracle, May 2009

25 Eligibility Criteria BS (CS) & BS (Math - Eco)  Intermediate (min of 60% marks), or  ‘A’ Levels (min of 1‘B’, and 2 ‘C’s) three principal subjects  Mathematics required American High School Diploma with min of 80% of International Baccalaureate with at least 25 points out of 45 Grades of General and AS level courses are not accepted

26 Eligibility Criteria Graduate and Doctoral Programs Graduate Programs : MS (CS)  Minimum 16 years of education out of which four years should have been spent in an HEC recognized university.  Minimum 60% aggregate marks in Last degree or 2.50 GPA on scale of 4.0. Doctoral Programs PhD (Computer Science)  Minimum 18 years of education out of which four years should have been spent in an HEC recognized university.  Minimum 3.0 GPA on scale of 4.0.

27 Admission Test Composition  English Composition (MCQs)  English Comprehension (Essay writing skills)  Math (MCQs)  Difficulty level (MS & PhD) = GRE General  Difficulty level (BS) = SAT I / SAT II (Math)

28 Exemption from Admission Test Following are exempted from Appearing IBA Aptitude & Admission Test  BS candidates having a minimum 1900 score in SAT-I & 650 score in SAT-II Mathematics Subject  MS / PhD (CS) candidates have a minimum 650 score in quantitative section of GRE (International) or 160 score in quantitative section of Revised GRE (International)

29 Schedule of Admissions Fall 2012

30 Existing Fee Structure (Excluding One time Admission Charges) The Undergraduate & Graduate Programs ParticularsBBA/MBABS Tuition Fee109,20067,200 Students Activity Charges2,500 Lab Cum Library Charges2, 500 Total Recurring Charges (Per Semester) 114,20067,700 Evening Students Particulars MS(Economics), MS(CS), MBA - Evening, Tuition FeePak Rupees. One Course18,200 Two Courses36,400 Three Courses54,600 Four Courses72,800 * IBA reserves the right to amend/ change the above rates without notice

31 Scholarship Fund  To provide financial aid to the students on the basis of their needs determined according to pre-specified criteria.  Scholarships, Student loans and Qarz-e-Hasna for meritorious-cum-needy students  Full stipend covering tuition and other fees in 2012-13 will involve the following amount per student: Scholarships for Four Year BBA Programs Rs.10.2 M Scholarships for Two Year MBA Program Rs.5.1M  In 2010-11 an amount of Rs. 43.9 million was disbursed among 320 students in form of scholarships, stipends, partial tuition waivers etc (July – Dec 2011)  National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) All expenses paid  Sindh Talent hunt Program (STHP)All expenses paid 

32  Students can choose from among 29 societies elected and managed by students for co-curricular, extra- curricular and service activities  The societies provide opportunities to students to: nurture and display their real talent in various fields such as sports, drama, music, art etc. exercise leadership, management, social and teamwork skills through event management activities strike a healthy balance between career oriented skills and personal effectiveness Students involved in Community Services Student Life & Societies

33 Academic Facilities  IBA Intranet Portal Access to 17,000 Online research journals Access to 40,000 Online latest books IBA Research Portal  Automation of various aspects of IBA including Student registration & records Faculty evaluation Fee management Online admissions Online registration of courses Online library books & journals

34 Student Services  A faculty member is assigned to each incoming student as mentor for the entire duration of stay at IBA. The student can discuss all issues of academic and personal nature with the mentor.  Placement services of IBA assist the students in obtaining internships and project assignments with leading Pakistani companies  Recruiters from major employers visit IBA before the examinations to inform, test and interview graduating students  Prominent alumni who occupy leadership positions in their professions provide networking opportunities

35 Virtual Tour of the IBA Infrastructure


37 AUDITORIUM (Main Campus)


39 Academic Block (City Campus)

40 Classrooms

41 Seminar Rooms

42 Computer Laboratory

43 Breakout Rooms

44 Faculty Lounge

45 Video Conferencing Room

46 Students’ Cafeteria

47 Students’ Lounge

48 Boy’s Hostel – Lounge

49 49 Ongoing Developments Over 20 ongoing projects at both campuses:

50 Main Campus – Master Plan

51 Main Campus View – Under Construction Student Center, New Academic Block, CED, Prayer Hall

52 Library (Main Campus) Under Renovation

53 Admin Building (Main Campus) Under Renovation

54 New Academic Block (Main Campus) Under Construction

55 Student Center (Main Campus) Under Construction

56 Student Center (Main Campus) Under Construction

57 FCS Building (City Campus) Under Renovation and Expansion

58 Multistoried Building at City Campus (Under development) Sponsored by Aman Foundation


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