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1 Violeta Seva (Makati City) and Debra Lam (Arup).

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1 1 Violeta Seva (Makati City) and Debra Lam (Arup)

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3 3 METRO MANILA 16 cities and one municipality Political, social, and economic center of the Philippines Bounded by several major water and river systems Manila Bay in the East Laguna de Bay in the West

4 4 Climate Change Predictions for Metro Manila 2050 ScenarioSea Level Rise (cm)Increase Rate of Rainfall (%) Storm Surge Height in Manila Bay (m) Status Quo Climate000.91 Less Anticipated Change (Sustainable Growth) 19 9.40.91 Large Anticipated Change (High Economic Growth) 2914.41.00 Source: Climate Risks and Adaptation in Asia Coastal Megacities, WB/ADB/JICA, Sept 2010

5 5 1 in 100 year rainfall but 1 in 500 year flood. Typhoon Ondoy, 26 September 2009 Source: Flood Reduction Measures in Metro Manila, MMDA

6 6 Signed by the President in November 2011 Approved on April 28, 2010 Office of the President of the Philippines Republic Act 9729 in 2009 Climate Change Act of 2009 Climate Change Commission National Framework Strategy on Climate Change National Climate Change Action Plan

7 7 Metro Manila’s Flood Control Projects Napindan Channel Laguna Lake Manila Bay San Juan River Mangahan Floodway Pasig River Marikina River Rosario Weir Nangka River NHCS Marikina Dam Laguna Lakeshore Ring Road Dike Metro Manila Flood By-Pass Other Drainage Improvement Works Pasig-Marikina River Improvement Project MGCS

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9 9 Climate Change Impacts Longer Dry Seasons Salination of WaterSources Urban Flooding Water Scarcity Impact on Manila Water Resources Combat Salination Improve Basin Management Improve Yield Water Resilience Strategies Implement Demand Management Higher Sea Levels More Extreme Summer Rainfall Water Resilience Strategies

10 10 Flood Resilience Strategies More Extreme Summer Rainfall Climate Change Impacts Salination of Water Sources Urban Flooding Water Scarcity Impact on Water Infrastructure Increase Rainfall Storage Mainstream WSUD into Urban Planning Improve Drainage Conveyance Efficiency Flood Resilience Strategies Longer Dry Seasons Higher Sea Levels

11 11 Case Study Locations Ho Chi Minh City Manila South Australia Ontario Jordan Southampton Shanghai

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13 13 Any Questions? Thank you

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