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Titanic Michelle Riechers The Sinking of. In the beginning The idea of Titanic was brought up in 1907 Construction began in 1909 Harland & Wolff.

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1 Titanic Michelle Riechers The Sinking of

2 In the beginning The idea of Titanic was brought up in 1907 Construction began in 1909 Harland & Wolff

3 Construction White Star Line Lord Pirrie and J. Bruce Ismay Thomas Andrews

4 J. Bruce Ismay Lord Pirrie Thomas Andrews

5 Olympic Class Liners Olympic – October 20, 1910 Titanic – April 10, 1912 Britannic – February 26, 1914


7 Rivets 1,200 tons 3 million rivets Iron plates

8 Boilers 29 boilers 162 furnaces 600 tons of coal/day Ash ejectors

9 Funnels 4 Funnels 24.5 feet front to back and 19 feet across 150 feet tall Set at an angle

10 Propellers Built for speed Manganese-Bronze 2 outer propellers and 1 center – 38 tons, 22 tons.

11 Watertight Compartments Practically Unsinkable Not truly watertight

12 Watertight Compartments How they work – Held open by friction clutch – Door closed by switch – Automatically activated Workers escape on emergency ladders

13 Safety 20 Lifeboats 3,500 Lifebelts 48 Life rings

14 Lifeboats Lifeboat requirements not updated – Advancements in shipbuilding – Latest boats stronger than ever – Better planned sea routes – Clutter on deck – Decision up to ship owner

15 Titanic Completed 882 feet long 92 feet wide Daft was 60 feet Double bottom


17 Letter to Captain Smith from J. Bruce Ismay (August 11, 1911) Dear Sir, We confirm the verbal instructions given to you at Southampton last week that it will be right for you to go full speed when on the short track, subject to your considering it prudent and in the interests of safe navigation to do so. This instruction applies to both eastbound and westbound voyages when on the short track. Yours faithfully, (Signed) For Ismay, Imrie & Co:

18 Titanic’s Maiden Voyage On April 3: Titanic arrives in Southampton

19 Sailing (April 10, 1912) 9:30-11:30 am: Second and Third class passengers board 11:30 am: First class passengers board

20 Ticket Prices First Class Parlor Suite: £870/$4,350 First Class Berth: £30/$150 Second Class: £12/$60 Third Class: £3 to £8/$40

21 First Class

22 Second Class

23 Third Class

24 Sailing (April 10-11, 1912) Noon: Titanic sets off 6:30 pm: Titanic arrives in Cherbourg, France 8:10 pm: Titanic leaves for Queenstown, Ireland 1:30 pm (April 11): Titanic departs from Queenstown, Ireland


26 Sailing (April 11-12, 1912) Titanic covers miles of water Calm water and good weather continues

27 Warning (April 13, 1912) 9:00 am: Ice Warning from Caronia 11:40 am: Ice Warning from Noordam 1:42 pm: Ice Warning from Baltic 1:45 pm: Ice Warning from Amerika

28 Warning (April 13, 1912) 5:30-7:30 pm: Air temperatures plummet 5:50 pm: Captain Smith alters Titanic’s course 7:30 pm: Ice Warnings from Californian

29 Warning (April 13, 1912) 8:40 pm: Look after fresh water supply 8:55 pm: Captain discusses clear weather and visibility of ice 9:20 pm: Captain Smith retires for the night 9:30 pm: Crew advised to watch out for icebergs until morning.

30 Warning (April 14, 1912) 9:40 pm: Ice warning from Mesaba 10:00 pm: Lookouts are relieved 10:30 pm: Sea temperature drops

31 Last Warning from Californian (April 14, 1912)

32 Disaster (April 14, 1912) All measures are taken to avoid the iceberg – Warning bell – Engines stopped – Watertight doors 11:40 pm: Titanic hits the iceberg down her starboard side


34 Disaster (April 14, 1912) 11:50 pm: Water has risen to 14 feet 12:00 am: Water has risen 24 feet, Thomas Andrews calculates the ship will stay afloat for 1 - 1 ½ hours

35 Disaster (April 15, 1912) 12:05 am: uncover lifeboats and get passengers ready 12:15-12:17 am: Titanic sends out distress signals to nearby ships Titanic’s orchestra continues to play music on deck

36 Disaster (April 15, 1912) 12:20 am: Water has reached 48 feet 12:25 am: Women and children ordered into lifeboats, Carpathia picks up signals

37 Disaster (April 15, 1912) Distress Rockets being sent Lifeboats are being lowered – Not being filled to capacity – Lives are foolishly being lost

38 Disaster (April 15, 1912) 1:15 am: Water reaches Titanic’s name on the bow 1:45 am: Last words heard by Carpathia from Titanic 2:05 am: The last lifeboat leaves the ship

39 Disaster (April 15, 1912) The tilt of Titanic’s deck becomes steeper and steeper. 2:17 am: – ‘Every man for himself’ – Father Thomas Byles gives absolution – Passengers and crew jump overboard – Titanic’s funnel collapses

40 On a Lifeboat “…The first wish on the part of all was to stay near the Titanic. We all felt so much safer near the ship. Surely such a vessel could not sink. I thought the danger must be exaggerated, and we could all be taken aboard again. But surely the outline of that great, good ship was growing less...” -Elizabeth Shute, age 40, first class

41 Disaster (April 15, 1912) 2:18 am: Titanic splits in two – Bow sinks – Sterns remains afloat 2:20 am: Stern sinks A lifeboat goes around the disaster site to search for survivors


43 Rescue (April 15, 1912) 3:30 am: Carpathia’s rockets are spotted 4:10 am: Carpathia picks up the first lifeboat 5:30-8:30 am: Lifeboats continue to be rescued, California arrives at the disaster

44 Rescue (April 15, 1912) 8:50 am: Carpathia leaves for New York J. Bruce Ismay writes to White Star offices: – "Deeply regret advise you Titanic sank this morning after collision with iceberg, resulting in serious loss of life. Full particulars later."

45 Titanic survivors aboard the Carpathia Titanic survivors in a lifeboat

46 Searching for Bodies White Star Line sends out boats to go searching for bodies – Mackay-Bennett – Minia – Montmagny, – Algerina 328 bodies picked up

47 Wallace Hartley Concertmaster of Titanic’s orchestra Continued playing until final moments Body found on April 30

48 Wreck of the Titan 1898: Morgan Robertson writes a fictional story about a ship called Titan that sinks in the North Atlantic from collision with an iceberg

49 Weak Rivets Said to be the main factor of the sinking Shortage on Rivets Bad metal

50 Captain Smith Retirement Wanted to make record time Ignored initial ice warnings

51 Thomas Andrews Ship’s designer Belief that the ship was unsinkable Bad designing

52 Captain Lord Captain of Californian Turned off radio Crew reported seeing rockets

53 Widely Accepted Split Theory Large angle from water filling the bow area Split from weight of stern Stern split down

54 Keel Theory Roger Long New Parts of the double bottom keel were found


56 Effect of Titanic’s Sinking Captured the attention of the world Send navy to search out icebergs Coast guard ice moniterings Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Lifeboats

57 Titanic Discovered September 1, 1985 Robert Ballard Spotted man-made debris

58 Titanic’s Bow

59 Titanic’s Stern




63 Random Titanic Facts There was no room numbered 13 The Titanic is as long as the Empire State Building is tall RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer Two dogs were among the Titanic survivors It took Titanic 15 minutes to sink to her final resting place

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67 Picture Sources KTelzZ9AM/S600/Titanic%27s+Lifeboats+In+New+York.JPG KTelzZ9AM/S600/Titanic%27s+Lifeboats+In+New+York.JPG

68 Picture Sources (Cont.) construction-13.jpg construction-13.jpg sinking.jpg sinking.jpg /s1600/Lifeboat+approaching+Carpathia.jpg /s1600/Lifeboat+approaching+Carpathia.jpg FAQ/titanic_iceberg2.jpg FAQ/titanic_iceberg2.jpg

69 Picture Sources (Cont.) 5_californian.jpg 5_californian.jpg 201105/7e507a762fa9b3f6cd4a942977ae8b90.jpg 201105/7e507a762fa9b3f6cd4a942977ae8b90.jpg floor.jpg?w=500&h=440 floor.jpg?w=500&h=440 ets/editorial/6/ce/eb4/6ceeb448-09f8-11e0-802b-001cc4c03286- revisions/4d0b8be4c0b71.image.jpg ets/editorial/6/ce/eb4/6ceeb448-09f8-11e0-802b-001cc4c03286- revisions/4d0b8be4c0b71.image.jpg http://cache2.asset- 69D929FDE0366051B8D758894A41136E467EE44ADFE44A3545DAD255F06BF04B24B 4128C http://cache2.asset- 69D929FDE0366051B8D758894A41136E467EE44ADFE44A3545DAD255F06BF04B24B 4128C

70 Picture Sources (Cont.) Photography/Images/POD/t/titanic-bow-131212-sw.jpg Photography/Images/POD/t/titanic-bow-131212-sw.jpg water%20deck%20model.JPG water%20deck%20model.JPG Grand_staircase.jpg Grand_staircase.jpg S760/1st+Class+2+Person+State+Room.JPG S760/1st+Class+2+Person+State+Room.JPG

71 Picture Sources (Cont.) 17a7abf9f3c4.jpg 17a7abf9f3c4.jpg 320/2.jpg 320/2.jpg /s400/Old_Titanic_24.jpg /s400/Old_Titanic_24.jpg thre-sister_ships.jpg thre-sister_ships.jpg

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