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Shaping the recommendations….

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1 Shaping the recommendations….
6th February 2015 Shape of Caring Review Shaping the recommendations…. Professor Lisa Bayliss-Pratt– Director of Nursing, Health Education England @hee_lisaBP

2 Question… ‘How do we ensure the education and training is fit for purpose to support nurses and care assistants in delivering high quality care over the next years?’ Key question

3 The Evidence? 12 visits to view examples of good practice
5 Nurse/Care Assistant focus groups: 5 Director of Nursing meetings 2 patient public focus groups Key note speeches at Cardiff, Kingston, RCN Congress and 6Cs Live Call for evidence - over 160 Submissions Twitter chat – 160,000 accounts reached Edinburgh Newcastle Hull / Grimsby Bradford Liverpool Manchester Birmingham Norwich Cambridge Oxford Cardiff Bristol London Intro demonstrate gathering evidence Southampton

4 Prime Ministers Commission
Not starting from scratch… NMC Revalidation Consultation Francis Report Prime Ministers Commission Cavendish Report Willis Report

5 NHS Five Year Forward View:
……Five years NHS Five Year Forward View: Greater focus on prevention Patients will gain far greater control of their own care Barriers will be broken down in the NHS New care delivering models, including development of integrated out-of-hospital care Multi-specialty Community Provider Need to invest in primary care, including community nurses Enhancement of technology and exploiting technology revolution `

6 …..10 to 15 Years in the future ` Building on NHS Five Year Forward Plan the need for greater integration based on population need?

7 Future vision of the nursing and care assistant workforce
The future nurse and care assistant workforce will: Play an enhanced role in the community Enable healthy lives and support self-care Enabling whole person and coordinated care Have the ability to have more flexibility around roles and pathways Lead research and innovation while adhering to the 6Cs Budget resources are unlikely to grow!!!!!!! ` Enhanced Leadership and confidence

8 Theme 1 - Increasing patient/care voice
Call for evidence Theme 1 - Increasing patient/care voice Themes: Call for evidence showed a broad range of users involved within education and training e.g. recruitment, curriculum development etc. (Public Health Wales) (Teeside Univ/North Tees Trust) Future will be more towards a co-production model of care Educate public on future role of nurse. Nurses can be clinical lead– do patients always need to see a doctor? Overcome barriers for patient involvement for seldom heard groups, including learning disabilities and long-term carers `

9 Theme 2 - Valuing role of the Care Assistant
Call for evidence Theme 2 - Valuing role of the Care Assistant Themes: Currently wide range of training locally for care assistants and specialised care assistants with little evaluation as to effectiveness HEE has developed band bands 1-4 Talent for Care strategy (CA) which includes apprenticeships Understanding not all Care Assistants want to be nurses The future role of bands 3 and 4 – Care Assistants as Mentors (James Paget University) E-portfolio tool needed to prevent repetition of training `

10 Call for evidence Theme 3 - Widening opportunities role of the Care Assistant Need for the development of more work based routes Talent for Care Strategy (Bands 1-4) and Widening Participation (Middlesex – I Year pre-reg programme) Need for greater clarity of career progression Evidence to suggest greater examples of widening access, including vocational qualifications and bridging programmes needed Accrediting prior experiential learning (APEL) and entry into pre-registration education? `

11 Theme 4 – Assuring flexibility
Call for evidence Theme 4 – Assuring flexibility Wide interpretation as to what flexibility means in education and training Ability to transfer more easily – greater flexibility of roles and greater flexibility/transferability of skills within career paths (Greenway Review) Two year generalist – parity of esteem? Do we need to extend fields (adult, child, mental health & learning disability) `

12 Theme 5 - Assuring quality learning environments
Call for evidence Theme 5 - Assuring quality learning environments Mentorship is a key issue in both the oral and written evidence. There needs to be debate regarding hub and spoke models. (Amsterdam Model – Norwich) HEIs are being imaginative and providing a wide range of placements. This will need to increase to ensure students receive a wider variety of community placements. (Yorkshire GP practices) Pre-reg standards may need to be updated to reflect future changes and a greater shift to the community. `

13 Theme 6 - Assuring quality: ongoing learning
Call for evidence Theme 6 - Assuring quality: ongoing learning Examples of existing preceptorship models and local programmes but little evidence of value. These need to be enhanced and linked to pre-reg training Overwhelming support for development of a post-degree framework (Scottish Govt) with clear pathways Evidence to suggest strong benefits of Advance Practice (Bournemouth University) (Birmingham Children's Hospital) `

14 Theme 7 –research, innovation and evidence
Call for evidence Theme 7 –research, innovation and evidence Local schemes are in place for encouraging clinical academics. (Southampton) (Birmingham) Overwhelming support to increase numbers of academics Research, Innovation and evidence should be at every level (Hull) Overwhelming support for increased leadership at national level and at a local level e.g. nurses as partners within GP practice `

15 Theme 8 – Funding and commissioning levers
Call for evidence Theme 8 – Funding and commissioning levers As expected less concrete evidence Ongoing funding not designated and transparent Need to explore greater opportunity for multi- disciplinery learning and examine the future potential for cost saving Greater consistency in working relationships `

16 Raising the bar !!!!!!! For everyone – care assistants to academics!

17 Revalidation

18 What it is…. Revalidation is about the Code:
not about performance management Revalidation is about Scope of Practice: not about direct care You will be revalidated every three years: not every year Reflect on 3rd party evidence: not just self declaration and your appraising manager Linked to appraisal process: this must be high quality, robust, fair and objective Not replacing systems: adding to them

19 Questions… How do HEE support all nurses & midwives in our area?
Do we need a policy Who will be confirmers for ‘lone’ workers? Do we need ‘a Call for Evidence’ Have we evidence that some NMC registrants will leave the profession? Does it need centrally co-ordinating

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