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University Summer Schools. SUMMER SCHOOLS WHAT ARE THEY: It is a RESIDENTIAL at a university which will combine both academic with social experiences……life.

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1 University Summer Schools

2 SUMMER SCHOOLS WHAT ARE THEY: It is a RESIDENTIAL at a university which will combine both academic with social experiences……life as a student! Could be in summer term or summer holiday WHY: To experience first hand what it is like at university It may help secure an offer at that university To extend your experiences, meet new people It will look great on your CV or Personal Statement You will have completed a residential which counts for your DofE HOW? Speak to your tutor, who has all the details, Mrs Smith or the 6 th Form Office for more details. Use search engine. Search and see if your preferred university does ONE!!

3 PLYMOUTH UNIVERSITY SUMMER SCHOOLS Generic Summer School : 23 – 26 June 2015 Health & Human Sciences: 07 – 10 July 2015 Adult nursing Child health nursing Dietetics Medicine and dentistry Mental health nursing Midwifery Occupational therapy Operating department practice Optometry Paramedic practitioner Physiotherapy Podiatry Social work Plus the opportunity to visit the facilities at Derriford Hospital

4 Science & the Environment:14 – 17 July 2015 Animal behaviour and welfare Biomedical Science Chemistry Computing Engineering Geography Geology Marine Biology Including a field trip to Dartmoor Zoo!

5 Business : 14 – 17 July 2015 Business (with a simulation game) Careers and employability Marketing and sustainability The role of social media in the work place Tourism and hospitality Including trips to Plymouth Music Zone and educational field trip to the National Marine Aquarium

6 Arts and Humanities: 07 – 10 July 2015 Building and architecture Digital Art Drama Humanities Illustration Music Including a trip to our Immersive Vision Theatre and Peninsula Art Gallery

7 ….download the form summer-school and send off by Friday 20 th March Your tutors have this information It needs to be signed by a teacher so come and see me in my office in the Gallery or ask tutor/6 th for office. I need to know who has applied! summer-school Take opportunities that are offered, they may make a difference!!

8 Summer University 2015 - 13 th July to 21 st August participation/schools/summer-uni/ Application Deadline: 30 th April

9 You will need to write a brief Personal Statement: 200 words Please note that places are limited and priority will be given to applications that relate to one or more of the criteria below. Please tick the relevant boxes: * From a care / care leaver background * No family experience of Higher Education * Family Income below £25,000 * Have a long term illness adversely affecting performance * Have a specific personal / family event adversely affecting current performance (bereavement, divorce, etc.) * Have a disability (seen / unseen) * From an underrepresented ethnic group * Wish to study a subject at degree level where one gender is under- represented (for example, men wishing to study European languages, Childcare; women wanting to study Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics)

10 Falmouth University Summer Schools will be released in March- keep an eye on the website

11 University of Birmingham SUMMER SCHOOLS in August Who can apply? Some of the following…. * Applicants must be the first generation in their family to apply to university (parents must not have been to university) * Applicants must have parents in non-professional occupations * Applicants must have a minimum of eight GCSEs (grade B and above, which must include Maths and English). A minimum of grade B in Science at GCSE is also essential for academic streams involving Biological and Health Sciences and the Engineering Stream * Applicants must be taking relevant A level (or equivalent) qualifications for the academic stream an application is made to. * Applicants must attend a non-selective state school with a high proportion of free school meals and/or in inner-city areas. We do! If applicants currently attend a selective state school/college, the school they did their GCSEs must not have been selective * Have a household income below £42,600 Other factors that will be considered include students with disabilities and those that grew up in care or are currently in care. We actively encourage these students to apply

12 Can students choose what to study? There are three broad academic streams that applicants can choose from and the academic stream must be related to current studies or relevant to the degree programme students wish to study. The academic streams will include some of the following areas, but these are all subject to availability of academic staff: Humanities – Law, History, English, Philosophy, Theology etc. Biological and Health Sciences – Physiotherapy, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Biology, Chemistry Engineering – Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials, Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering Benefits of the programme Close all sections Students who are successful in gaining a place on this programme will benefit from the following: Raising aspirations to apply to the Russell Group universities Support from current undergraduates via e-mentoring when in year 13 Support with decision making process First hand experience of the academic learning to be expected from a research-led institution during the week long residential in August schools/summerschools/higher-education-insight.aspx

13 All or Most of these need to be met: * Will be the first generation in their family to attend university; * have achieved at least 5 As or A*s at GCSE, 5 credit passes at Standard Grade or equivalent; * attend schools or colleges with a low overall A-Level, Higher/Advanced Higher (or equivalent) point score and/or schools or colleges with low progression rates to higher education; * come from neighbourhoods with low overall progression rates to higher education or high levels of socioeconomic deprivation; * are (or have been) looked after, accommodated or in care; * are under the age of 18 at the time of the summer school; * meet the entry requirements for their chosen stream. Please refer to subject stream information for further details schools/sutton-trust/how-to-apply-/ DEADLINE: Monday 9 th March!!!subject stream schools/sutton-trust/how-to-apply-/ UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL SUMMER SCHOOLS (Sutton Trust) 5-10 July SUBJECT STREAMS ARE: Law, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Historical studies, Maths, Chemistry, Medicine and Dentistry, English, Economics and Finance Guaranteed an offer or interview

14 University of Southampton…opportunity ! The Access to Southampton(A2S) scheme is to provide financial support and special consideration to students who meet 2 or more of the following eligibility criteria: * In the first generation of your immediate family to apply to Higher Education, excluding brothers or sisters * In receipt of a 16-19 bursary or similar grant OR received Free School Meals during your GCSE studies * Attended a secondary school which achieved BELOW the national average of 5 A*- C passes (including English and Maths) at GCSE in 2014 (We are below at Bodmin) * Studies affected or disrupted by circumstances in your personal, social or domestic life * Living or grew up in public care. To enable you to demonstrate your potential we will invite you to attend a summer school and complete a subject-specific assignment. Students who successfully complete this assignment will receive: * Support and guidance through attendance at the Transition and Skills Event * Online support from a current University of Southampton student *An alternative offer, which is normally two grades below the standard offer* * A £1000 bursary when you enrol for your first year of study. An up to date list of participating subjects and their entry requirements can be found on our website :

15 : If interested See your tutors who will have details See/email Mrs Smith Download form from and hand to Mrs Smith to sign and write a brief comment. We also work with the Sutton Trust to host an engineering focussed SUMMER SCHOOL, the Design Triathlon. The dates for this will be 6th-10th July and the details will be on the Sutton Trust summer schools website soon!

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