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By Trevor Burns atures/bio/B11.html.

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1 By Trevor Burns atures/bio/B11.html

2 Dred Scott was a civil rights activist. He had two daughters and a wife, Harriet.

3 Dred thought that slavery was wrong, just like any other African American. But unlike others, he was willing to do something about it.

4 Born Dred was born in 1795 as a slave.

5 Civil rights Dred thought that all people should have rights. Equal rights.,%20Forsyth%20County,%20Georgia_%20Bill%20Clark,%20Impact%20Visuals_jpg.jpg

6 Death Dred Scott died in 1858. He died from tuberculosis

7 Eliza One of his Daughters was named Eliza. She died in 1863. y/

8 Freedom Dred always wanted to be free, and he was willing to risk everything to be free. He used to live in a free state so when he came back and was treated badly, he brought it to court.

9 Greyer When Dred went to court with Sanford, Sanford hired two of the best layers out there. One of them was Henry S. Greyer.

10 Dred Scott’s wife was Harriet. She died in 1876. /03

11 In Court. In court, Dred went against John sanford and his lawyers. He lost. They said he had no right.

12 Judge The judge’s final decision about the Dred Scott didn’t have the right to get what he wanted, case dismissed.

13 Keen The people in court that were against him such as Sanford and his lawyers, were clever and were smart, so it was hard to fight them.

14 Lizzie Scott His other daughter, Lizzie, died in 1884.

15 Madison, Henry Lizzie married Henry Madison.

16 Negro Dred and his family were black, so they were treated like dust.

17 Hi, I’m Dred Scott Occupation He was a victim, activist.

18 Political Viewpoint The court was shocked that he filed a law suit against Sanford. But they said he had no right to do so.

19 Quarrel Dred fought for freedom, he fought as hard and as long as he could. (Quarrel-a fight or argument)

20 Raised in… He was raised in Southampton County, VA. He was born a slave.

21 Slave Dred was born a slave, in Southampton County, VA.

22 Taylor Blow Taylor and his family were trying to help Dred get free. Come on, lets get you free.

23 U.S. Army During this time, the U.S. was at war with the Seminoles over land.

24 Vocabulary Civil Rights- person’s that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

25 War This was a big part of the civil war, it angered one side and played a role in freeing African Americans.

26 X He signed his famous law suit with X. ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------- x ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------- ---------------------- x

27 Young Life In Southampton County, VA, Dred Scott was born and raised. As I said before, he was born a slave, and didn’t like it one bit.

28 Zesty Court At first the court actually thought that it was funny that an African American (Dred) would take his freedom to court.

29 Conclusion Dred accomplished a lot for an African American in that time period, and even though he didn’t win the court, he still influenced lots and lots of people and he will never ever be forgotten.

30 Work cited scott-9477240 Dred Scott V. Sandford by Sharon Cromwell. Compass Point Books. 2009. Mankato, MN

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