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“The Coffee Experts” Gabrielle Maas, Danielle Bender, Paige Bonner.

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1 “The Coffee Experts” Gabrielle Maas, Danielle Bender, Paige Bonner

2 Variety: We will offer our residents and visitors with flavorful coffee and a comfortable chic environment in which you can study or socialize. Service: Our staff members will be highly trained and experienced. We also plan on using the highest quality equipment to deliver the finest value products. Expansion: Presuming Edge is successful, we will open another one in an area with similar tourist activity.

3 The Mission of Edge is to provide our customers with a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy a given variety of different coffees and treats.

4 Low prices Healthy choices Enviromental friendly Good customer service Wi-Fi Open Mic night

5 SOUTHAMPTON VILLAGE RETAIL Prime street-front location. 1200 square ft. on ground floor with excellent visibility from walkways and street. High traffic area, good draw from neighboring businesses.

6 Company Summary- Edge will offer its customers the best-tasting coffee in town, as well as pasties, small salads and Panini's. We will provide high quality products with our lowest possible prices. Product Description- Edge will be the place for attaining high quality drinks and food, as well as providing magazines and newspapers to our customers, just as another way to enjoy their leisure time. Competitive Comparison- competition near the Southampton area includes: Starbucks The Golden Pear Dunkin Doughnuts 7-11 McDonalds Four Oaks Gourmet Deli

7 Sales Literature- Edge owners and employees will handle all the sales transactions. All sales will be data logged onto the computer, and later be analyzed. Sourcing and Fulfillment- Edge will purchase its coffee from Coffee Wholesale USA. We are in wholesale purchasing agreements with Coca-Cola, Poland Spring Water and Fletchers Bagels. Our Wi-Fi internet will be provided by Linksys-Cisco. Technology- Edge will include state of the art coffee brewers and machines. Coolers will be of high quality to make certain products keep their proper temperature level. Edge will be equipped with an ADT business alarm to prevent robbery. Future Products and Services- At this stage, there are no plans for expansion or future products. As business takes off we will re- evaluate to see if building another Edge is a smart company decision.

8 Market Analysis- Despite economic downturns in recent years, the coffee business has been a bright spot, various businesses and companies have been facing poor sales, but coffee chains continue to stay strong. Edge will focus on three markets: 1.The young adult: Afterschool, Edge can become a hangout spot. 2.The commuter: People commuting to work, they can stop in for a quick cup of coffee or breakfast. 3.The locals and tourists: citizens in the area walking around

9 Market needs- To please our customers, we will provide quality and customer service. It can be a convenient place to study, or a great meeting location. A desire for something unique or striking will provide a Good selling opportunity for our coffee shop. Market Trends- Affordable prices Leisure time Working Environment Technical Advances Market Growth- Edge will be open year round in hopes to attract people at different times of the year. We are hoping our customer base will fluctuate by word of mouth and by our advertising techniques.

10 Market Analysis- Despite economic downturns in recent years, the coffee business has been a bright spot, various businesses and companies have been facing poor sales, but coffee chains continue to stay strong.

11 Edge plans on establishing a loyal customer base. We will be focused on getting new customers, and having the regulars come back. After being hired, our employees will go through intensive training. Our promise is in our location, the goods we sell, the people we attract, and the environment we construct. Strategy and Implementation Summary-

12 Strategy Pyramid: Post- cards Coupons for customers, and future customers Making a good impression on the local community Internet Advertisements

13 Marketing Strategy- Because of the location, Edge will be an upscale business. Our prices will be relatively low to lure in customers. Edge will rely on establishing relationships with Southampton Schools and libraries because of their community support. Pricing Strategy- Edge pricing will be comparable to the competition. Our snacks will range from about $4.50-$7.50, pastries $1.50-$3.50, and coffee and specialty drinks $1.50-$3.75. Advertising Strategy- 1.Advertising-Our center positioning message: "The Coffee Experts” is to distinguish our service from other coffee shops. We will also be listed in Dans Papers for the locals. 2.Postcards-Edge will send mailings to our entire customer base. These postcards will announce our grand opening, special occasion and holiday specials. 3. Internet Advertising-Special promotions will be available only through our internet coupons on our internet mailing list.

14 Sales Strategy- We will be posting specials on our most popular items. We will be listed in popular magazine and newspapers ads. We will hand out free beverage and food coupons to customers who have purchased a certain amount of beverages, or baked goods. Direct mailing and internet coupons will also be available.

15 Strategic Alliances- Edge will depend heavily on our alliance with Southampton’s local Delis, The Golden Pear and Four Oaks Deli and their 711, as well as other consumable products providers nearest to us. However, we will always be looking for better quality products, more favorable pricing, or more timely delivery from other alliances.

16 Web plan summary- Since Edge is a coffee shop, a website is not essential for our business. We hope our future customers with visit our website to see what’s up with our shop.

17 Link to website

18 Management Summary- At Edge, the three owners will be “hands on” workers. Paige Bonner will run the floor, Gabrielle Maas will deal with the financial issues, and Danielle Bender will handle the advertisements.

19 Danielle Bender, Partner, Marketing Director Gabrielle Maas, Partner, Financial Director Purchasing\ general manager General Manager, runner General Manager, Cashier General Manager, shift supervisor, prep chef Paige Bonner, Partner, Floor Manager

20 Financial Plan- The cost of goods sold is based on the price list of our wholesale coffee company and is consistent with costs in the coffee industry. We expect sales to easily exceed the break-even point from the first month, and onward.

21 Break-even Analysis Graph-

22 Milestones- Secure financing (bank loans) – 1.) Opening up a business credit card account and paying it in full. 2.) Buying equipment and supplies from companies that will report good standing to the business credit bureaus. 3.) Having a good business plan with potential earnings, letters of intent, and any type of customer contracts already laid out. Obtain bids from contractors- We the business owners, will be reviewing the best cost for contractors to come in for reparation repairs. Hire contractor\construction improvements – We will want to begin work on our shop right away, no later than July 4 th of this summer. Hire employees- We will be hiring employees right away Opening date- Edge will be opening July 4 th 2009

23 Long-term Plan- As of right now there are no plans for expansion, if we are financially stable in the future, than we will revaluate and make plans for opening up another Edge.

24 Thank You

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