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‘The UK track record of Academic Enterprise’ A presentation by Marcus Gibson, editor, Gibson Index Ltd, London, UK. June 13-15 th, 2008 – EUPRIO, Stavanger,

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1 ‘The UK track record of Academic Enterprise’ A presentation by Marcus Gibson, editor, Gibson Index Ltd, London, UK. June 13-15 th, 2008 – EUPRIO, Stavanger, Norway. – +44 207 629 4064

2 2 UK’s record of University Enterprise Second only to the US in terms of the number of spinout companies and licensing deals 780 spinout companies created from 1985 to 2008 Significant UK Government ‘pump-priming’ funding, the ‘University Challenge’ Funds, 2002-6 Total value of UK University spinout companies: in the range of £1.8bn - £4.5bn (estimate in 2007) Some 4,500-plus higher technology jobs created, with 75% located in London, East and South East

3 3 Some noted academic SME successes Oxford GlycoSystems – Oxford University’s first Essential Viewing Systems Ltd – Strathclyde Wolfson Microelectronics plc – Edinburgh Turbo Genset plc – Imperial College London Ark Therapeutics plc – University College London Renovo plc – Manchester University Filtronic plc – University of Leeds Southampton Photonics - Southampton University

4 4 And ‘The Ones that Got Away’.. DNA fingerprinting - Leicester University: genius of Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys – worth £1bn in IP annual revenues, 1984 Development of Ultrasound - Glasgow, Prof Ian Donald, 1950s, “the most important paper on medical diagnostic ultrasound ever published”. Active Navigation Ltd - Southampton; universal search software that could have been ‘Google.. 10 years earlier’ Fibre Optic Amplifier, Prof Sir David Payne, Southampton Penicillin - Fleming, Florey & Chain, St Mary’s, London; but industrial production patent granted to US laboratory.. Gene profiling and DNA microarrays: Sir Edwin Southern, Oxford Gene Technology Ltd v. Affymetrix Inc. of the US. Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Nottingham; work of Sir Peter Mansfield, worth millions per annum.

5 5 Cambridge University – ‘The Exception’? Autonomy Software plc – a student venture Cambridge Silicon Radio plc – a spinoff from PA Consulting Group in Cambridge ARM plc – No.1 firm in terms of global influence, but independently funded Monstermob plc – no links with University But.. TeraHertz Photonics Ltd is one of the first University spinouts with real potential

6 6 How to Promote Your Academic Ventures? Start with the national and regional Press Then the trade sector and magazine Press International trade eNewsletters – important The whole range of Blogs, Podcasts and Webcasts, YouTube, and web conferences International science Press, eg ‘Nature’ International newspapers, eg. IHT, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Le Monde Regional Radio and TV

7 7 Technology Example No. 1: - just this month – June 2008 At Bath University, 180km west of London Self-replicating Rapid Prototyper: ‘RepRap’ Printer that squirts thin layers of molten plastic which solidifies into 3D layers.. Pioneering work of Dr Adrian Bowyer, at the Faculty of Engineering and Design. Video: + ‘ RepRap ’ Result? Instant publicity and global coverage

8 8 Enter those Business Competitions! Your National Business Awards contest Deloitte & Touche Fast 50 SME awards, and the D&T Fast 500 European awards Your local, regional, city and trade sector awards: ‘Best Newcomer’, ‘Best Startup’ Top level exhibitions and trade shows: eg. CeBiT, Hannover; 3GSM; Bio2008 (US) World Economic Form: Top 30 SMEs

9 9 Maximise your PR ‘Web’ Your PR network is much wider than you think.. Use your company’s customers’ PR leads Tap into your company’s partners’ PR leads eg. Acsian Ltd: Loughborough University software spinout, high value client of Rolls-Royce plc Local, regional and national economic development offices – Get them ‘On Your Side’ Overseas trade promotion office (eg. UKTI) University photo office must do their job, and sell the company as a ‘photo and caption-only’ story

10 10 Vital: Choose your PR ‘Leader’ Duplicate the ‘Branson’ Effect by sourcing that fluent, charismatic speaker for the SME Someone who likes talking to the Press, Radio and TV – for him or her it’s not a chore This person may not be CEO, chief scientist or a co-founder – he’s just great with media Charismatic spokesmen/women make ‘best copy’ Train your main speaker to talk on a host of different business and technology subjects: ‘My Preferences’, ‘My Holiday’, ‘My Car’, ‘My PDA’, ‘My Views on the Economy’, ‘My View on Bruce Springsteen’.. Anything in fact!

11 11 Getting into the US market.. Entry into US market is a fundamentally key step for any University spinout.. Validation in the US market is crucial to success Your job in PR is to accelerate that pathway – as early as possible in the company’s career 96% of successful Irish Republic tech firms have their sales and marketing all sited in the US Contact US trade journals and leading exhibitions – always keen to have overseas stories, visitors

12 12 Reach the cutting edge of PR sophistication Quality of website is crucial, in addition to speed, clarity and topicality of content Put up high quality series of ‘White Papers’ Fix all-important speaker slots at key US events Eg. Sponsor the Annual Directory of your sector’s US trade association: very cheap, very effective. Contribute to Blogs, Discussion Groups, and attend ‘horizon-scanning’ events such as FiRE in San Diego; New Hampshire, Massachusetts, etc.

13 13 Maintaining long-term interest.. Keep the ‘Press’ section of your website up to date! Issue a minimum of one PR release per quarter Offer profile features of key employees Offer profiles of staff’s leisure activities (eg. UPS) Organise a Press Day once a year, every year Put your Contact Details on front page – always Don’t use Flash intros, PDFs, excessive numbers of irrelevant images that cripple website upload Don’t ever use tiny type sizes.. Unreadable!

14 14 Example 2: Success of MTEM Ltd, recent spinout company of Edinburgh University Supply of hydrocarbon prospecting services using a novel geophysical method “Multi Transient Electro- Magnetic” Raised sufficient finance for a rapid and ambitious expansion Land and marine surveying services are now proven Now in operation with exploration companies around the world Progress after three years: Turnover from nil to $20m Employees up from 4 to 67.

15 15 1991 - 1998$4 million grant from the European Union to perform field tests. Extensive data sets collected but the modelling is unsuccessful at extracting meaningful images. Sept 2000PhD studentship begun July 2001Eureka moment by the PhD student! By approximating the equipment response and allowing for timing errors, reservoir imaging is successful – and the MTEM method was born. August 2001Mathematical model refined, and a new optimal method developed – Leading to the disclosure of inventive material MTEM Ltd: The Core Data Processing Unit: ----------------------- A long gestation period from Eureka moment to technological and commercial success

16 16 Land based MTEM A series of source and receiver electrodes is pushed into the ground. The source is fired, and the voltage across the pairs of receiver electrodes recorded. MTEM ’ s Technology

17 17 Location of MTEM profile relative to reservoir and monitoring wells. Contours indicate the top surface of the reservoir, with the gas cap at about 500 m depth. MTEM Technology

18 18 Processed MTEM results over the gas storage reservoir Show the clear delineation of the gas cap at 4 ms. MTEM Technology

19 19 Gibson Index: UK SME database First database of tech-led SMEs of any major nation A total of 26,200 SMEs researched, rated and profiled 45 ‘hard’ tech sectors logged: up to 98% of SMEs A 40-page Monthly ‘eNewsletter’, Comprehensive Monthly ‘Events Diary’, quarterly ‘Awards Monitor’

20 20 The 45 Technology Sectors include: Agriculture & Plant Sciences Design & Prototyping Telecoms, Mobile Comms Advanced Computing Biotech & Pharma Medical Devices Industrial Processing Chemicals Software IT - Hardware, Systems, Services Instrumentation Automotive Engineering Aerospace eHealth Materials: plastics/composites, nanotech, metals Imaging & Photonics Security Technologies Engineering Environmental technologies GIS Systems Instrumentation Electronics Robotics & Automation RFID Radio Technology Marine Engineering Energy technologies

21 21 Top 100 SMEs Key Revenue 0 – 249,999 250,000 – 499,999 500,000 – 749,999 750,000 – 999,999 1,000,000 – 2,500,000 2,500,000 – 4,999,999 5,000,000 – 7,499,000 7,500,000 – 9,999,999 10,000,000 + Count 37 14 6 4 21 2 0 2 Collins/Bartholomew © Collins Bartholomew Limited 2004 Postcode Information © Royal Mail Group Plc Microsoft © Corp Location of Top 100 SMEs – by revenue 9

22 22 Top Revenue Postcode Areas KeyFromTo Unbanded 01,301,687 1,301,6882,603,374 2,603,3753,905,062 3,905,0635,206,749 5,206,7506,508,437 6,508,4387,810,124 7,810,1259,111,812 9,111,81310,413,499 10,413,50011,715,187 11,715,18813,016,874 13,016,87514,318,562 14,318,563 15,620,25016,921,937 16,921,93818,223,624 18,223,62519,525,312 19,525,31320,827,000 Top 100 SMEs – Postcode location 15,620,249 Collins/Bartholomew © Collins Bartholomew Limited 2004 Postcode Information © Royal Mail Group Plc Microsoft © Corp

23 23 No. of SMEs per Postcode Area Key No. of Businesses 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16+ Top 100 SMEs – by postcode location Collins/Bartholomew © Collins Bartholomew Limited 2004 Postcode Information © Royal Mail Group Plc Microsoft © Corp

24 The UK track record of Academic Enterprise Marcus Gibson, editor, Gibson Index Ltd London, UK. Thank you.. Your views are always welcome. – +44 207 629 4064

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