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ORGANIZED BY: Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge - Europe (SAUC-E) 2006.

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1 ORGANIZED BY: Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge - Europe (SAUC-E) 2006

2 What is SAUC-E? SAUC-E is the acronym for Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge - Europe. SAUC-E is a competition for european students to foster the research and development in underwater technology. Sponsored by DSTL / EPSRC Organised by DSTL, Heriot-Watt University, NOC Challenge: Design and build an AUV that can swim around an obstacle course against the clock in sheltered water conditions. Manage a complete systems engineering project from design to build

3 How it works? DSTL (MOD) EPSRC Steering Committee Judges Competitors Industrial Sponsors Competition Funding Missions Independent Evaluation

4 The Competitors

5 The Mission Task nº 1: Move from launch/release point and submerge. Pass through a validation gate without contacting any part of the structure. Task nº 2: Locate a target situated on the bottom of the tank and "hit" it using a marker dropped from the vehicle. Task nº 3: Locate a mid-water target and make contact with the front of the vehicle. The target will be reflective (both optically and acoustically). Task nº 4: Surface within a designated surfacing zone which will be marked by means of an active acoustic device.

6 The Dream

7 The Reality

8 Competition site


10 The Teams


12 The Setup


14 The Action









23 Day 1: Setup and buyancy testing Sorting out last minute problems Day 1 & 2

24 Teams get ready Day 2

25 Qualifications… 4 Teams qualify for the final: HWU-Girona-Southampton-Bremen Bath are back in the water Leceister and Glasgow get wet Day 3

26 Girona wins the day Day 4

27 Live!

28 SAUC-E: Results 1 st 2 nd 3 rd University of Girona Catalonia - Spain Robot: ICTINEU AUV Heriot-Watt University Scotland - UK Robot: NESSIE AUV Southampton University UK Robot: Soton AUV

29 SAUC-E: Prize AwardTeamPrize 1stGirona£5,000 2ndHeriot Watt£2,000 3rdSouthampton£1,000 The team with the fastest vehicle Bremen£500 The team with the most innovative use of an everyday object Leicester (using a fruit bowl) £500 The team who persevered the most to overcome the challenge Bath£500 The team that took the most challenging approach Glasgow (the team with the waggiest tail!) £500

30 The Spirit

31 Most problems came from basic engineering Teams with little budget struggled Team with underwater research background had an edge Amazing result –No prior training in the pool –Yet 4 teams made it to the final –2 teams managed to perform at least 2 tasks –More students and labs now ‘think AUVs’ –Quality of vehicles was outstanding Continuity is assured for a few more years –MOD is on board –EPSRC is on-board –French DGA (MOD) is willing to join the party –Industry? It is up to you! Lessons Learnt

32 Encourage more teams to participate Keep Missions at the same level of difficulty Get involvement across Europe Better facility Bigger Pool More time in water for teams Encourage focus on autonomy Help required on basic engineering Financial support from industry welcomed The Future

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