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Aimhigher (Hampshire & Isle of Wight)

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1 Aimhigher (Hampshire & Isle of Wight)

2 What is Aimhigher (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) ? A national campaign dedicated to raising aspirations and attainment for those aged 14-30. We encourage young people and adults to: develop goals widen horizons meet dreams by taking up opportunities to study in Colleges/universities.

3 What’s happening in Hampshire & IoW? Aimhigher delivers lots of activities which give people a better understanding of what University might be like, such as: Taster days in University Residential Summer Schools Talks in schools Mentoring Step into careers days Opportunities to meet other people who have been to Uni/college (Student Ambassadors)

4 Who delivers these activities? University of Winchester University of Portsmouth Southampton Solent University University of Southampton Farnborough College of Technology Portsmouth College Southampton City College Queen Mary College Partnership Network (EBLO) Connexions Schools in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight

5 Which Schools do we work with? Across Hampshire & Isle of Wight we work with 53 schools and 15 colleges. Our focus is young people who have ability but who come from areas where very few people have attended university/college

6 The brief Review current Students Aiming Higher pages Attract a 14-16 yr old audience to aimhigher! Create some pages of your own: your choice what is on them case studies of what pupils expect of college/uni with market research; FAQs and answers; an alternative prospectus; what young people hope to be and how they plan to get there.

7 Where is the students Aiming Higher website? You can access the students Aiming Higher in two ways (click on Aimhigher on front page) (click on Students Aiming higher)






13 Useful contacts If you want to find out more about events in the Southampton area; visit an Aimhigher event or arrange an interview please contact: Lizzi Brazier ( Rebecca Johnson (

14 Thank you for listening

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