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1 SUSTAINABILITY POLICIES & LOCAL AUTHORITIES Dr. Richard Williams Project Manager SusPurPol

2 PARTNERSHIP IN ACTION RAM Recycling & Southampton City Council PUSH & SH 14

3 RAM RECYCLING & SCC RAM Recycling Southampton City Councils Highways Maintenance Contract Minerals & Waste Local Plan Facts & Figures Business Plans & Outcomes What Next?

4 RAM RECYCLING Local BME Business in Southampton –Employees 25 local people –Has a turnover of £900,000 –Has been in business for over 20 years –Committed to supporting the local community and engage with local groups (e.g. the Mount Pleasant Junior School)

5 SCC’s HIGHWAYS MAINTENANCE CONTRACT Public – Private Partnership With Colas –Started in 2004/5 to run for a minimum of 3 years –“Community Benefit” elements to encourage local companies and workforces to participate –Steering Group in place to monitor outcomes and performance RAM Recycling –Obtained sub-contractor status for removal of waste material generated from highways maintenance activities –Already expanded by 10 staff to cater for the new need –Started looking for opportunities to make use of the material it is contracted to remove in 2005

6 HAMPSHIRE’S MINERALS & WASTE LOCAL PLAN Sub-Regional –Southampton sites required to assist in the delivery of the plan –Discussions between SCC and RAM opened up to explore opportunities Local –RAM’s Site on Empress Road identified as one where expansion could take place –Planning Application submitted to SCC for expansion of construction materials recycling (notably highways waste) submitted in March 2006 –Application approved in September 2006

7 FACTS & FIGURES:1 Application approved to process: –60,000 tonnes of inert waste –5,000 tonnes of scrap metal –32,500 tones of non-hazardous waste –2,500 tonnes of hazardous waste Anticipated outcomes: –50,000 tonnes of mixed waste (pa) from SCC –25% of this will be recycled (mainly for re-use in highways programme) –50,000 tonnes of recycled material by 2010

8 FACTS & FIGURES:2 Investment: –Over £1,200,000 –Business planning advice from WRAP –Commitment to long-term strategy –20+ year lease –High technology equipment –Doubling of the workforce (local sourcing) –Sustainable communities investment (schools programme)

9 WHAT NEXT? Move into other materials –Tyres –Glass –Plastics Financial Cost-Benefit Analysis –Whole Life Costs –More partnership opportunities (other authorities and businesses)

10 PUSH & SH 14 PUSH What is SH 14? Policy scope Policy impact Issues to consider


12 WHAT IS SH 14? Developed from outputs of 18 workshop consultations Agreed by all 11 South Hampshire Chief Executives & Political Leaders Has official visibility in the Draft South East Plan Went to Enquiry in Public (EiP) January 2007

13 POLICY SCOPE At least the 80,000 new homes to be built in the sub region by 2026 will support the policy which includes: –100MW of renewable energy delivered by 2026 –Reduction of between 8% and 20% in water use for new developments compared to 2005 levels –All new homes / developments accredited as “very good” (by 2012) and “excellent” after this time (using BREEAM / EcoHomes Standards) –All new residential dwellings to deliver at least 10% of their energy needs from renewable sources –Recycled / re-used material to be included in the build

14 POLICY IMPACT: 1 What does 100MW of renewable energy mean and look like? Standards move on –BREEAM Ecohomes = Code for Sustainable Homes –Building Regulations Part L –Etc. etc All residential development achieves at least the following level of the Code for Sustainable Homes All Non-residential developments with a floor space of over 500 m 2 achieve at least the following BREEAM standards Now3BREEAM ‘very good’ from 2012 4BREEAM ‘excellent’ from 2016 6BREEAM ‘excellent’

15 POLICY IMPACT: 2 “Places” will change: –Peoples attitudes will be challenged –Thousands of domestic wind turbines will spring up –More roofs will have solar panels –Debates on “environmental acceptability” will occur

16 ISSUES TO CONSIDER Is the market ready for such a policy? –in the PUSH region 80,000 “somethings” (at least - wind turbines etc.) will be needed before 2026)! – –Is the market for recycled material ready to respond to such demands? (e.g. Oxford Wood Recycling – the nearest wood recycling point so far identified could provide the joists for one house only from stock!) How would such policies be verified? –By developers, Local Authorities or others?

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