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Brunel University Research Archive: Mandate and RAE - an update John Murtagh.

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1 Brunel University Research Archive: Mandate and RAE - an update John Murtagh

2 History Set up in December 2006 Way of getting theses online Example of Virginia Tech Showcase Brunel research Free open source software

3 BURA Launch Vice Chancellor of the Brunel University Pro Vice Chancellor for The Student Experience Dean of the Graduate School Most cited scientist in Environmental Science Prof John Sumpter Dr Graham Caulton – our first PhD in 1966 Gareth Johnson Gareth – SHERPA presented

4 Progress – items on BURA Month/yearNumber of items November 2006 85 December147 January 2007 247 February310 March352 April385 May484 June580 Roughly 100 items added per month


6 Research Assessment Exercise 2008

7 Important year for universities How to involve the new repository service with the gathering of premium research for the RAE? Over past 6 years Being gathered in 2007 BURA optimum time in 2007 Made sense!

8 Research Assessment Exercise - others Other universities use IRRA: Institutional Repositories for Research Assessment add-on tool.IRRA: Institutional Repositories for Research Assessment Southampton, Edinburgh, Open, Kingston Mostly bibliographic Not linked to repository with full-text Problems with customization Incorrect DOIs, chasing up with DOI org

9 Upon thinking… Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) need checking for RAE…

10 Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

11 Publishers require link to original version…DOI


13 We therefore hired part time help to check DOIs on behalf of RAE process… With a view to receiving final drafts later where we would copy - past DOIs from RAE to the Archive

14 RAE to BURA

15 RAE status with BURA Already 4.5 percent of BURA is RAE journal content (82 out of 580) –Limited to RAE journal article content –Limited to publisher permission –Limited to author having final draft –Limited to author having time! Surprisingly high … but makes sense –Best research –Most recent research –Likelihood of final draft increased –RAE message mixed in with BURA message

16 Process of obtaining RAE material Met with Heads of School and RAE administrators May-June 2007 Letter to be sent to each academic requesting: 1.Register on BURA 2.Send final drafts of 4 or 3 RAE submissions to BURA 3.Or (depending on school) self-archive themselves 4.Or again (depending on school) send to research administrator in school

17 Other materials - poster

18 BURA Deposit Guide

19 Advocacy Evidence shows that those RAE submissions which are on BURA have been frequently downloaded. For example academics in 4 different schools: –4 items, 358 downloads –4 items, 291 downloads –3 items, 233 downloads –1 item, 163 downloads We need more RAE material Heads of School and Senior Managers met yesterday Will hopefully endorse RAE and BURA link-up Concern is RAE-BURA request is same as request for articles Academic benefits clear – but academic inertia Must take advantage of urgency in university with RAE

20 July- August 2007 Gathering!

21 Mandatory Self-Archiving

22 Content on BURA 60 % is submitted by BURA team –BURA Deposit Service The rest is by academics self-archiving Significant amount from key individuals Strong emphasis on self-archiving 150 registered Changing the “culture” of research publishing Easy steps to self-archiving

23 Mandatory Self-Archiving Origins Endless advocacy Repeated & constant promotion Asking for papers Results: modest Are you doing your job? Am I missing something?

24 Should self-archiving be compulsory (top- down)? or voluntary (bottom-up) ? Years of advocacy Plenty of examples in universities (Glasgow’s Daedalus project) Voluntary and asking doesn’t seem to work... JISC Survey: 15% of papers are being self-archived in all today (although 49% of authors have deposited at least once): Authors are too busy to do it until/unless their employers & or funders make it a priority by mandating it -- and then 95% of them will do it : 81% would willingly comply with a mandate from their employer or research funder to deposit copies of their articles in an institutional or subject-based repository 13% would comply reluctantly 5% would not comply with such a mandate Source: Swan, A. and Brown, S. (2005) Open access self-archiving: An author study. Technical Report, External Collaborators, Key Perspectives Inc.

25 Existing Mandates 5 out of 8 UK research councils mandate deposit on open access repositories The Wellcome Trust Other universities with mandate: Southampton School of Electronics and Computer Science, U. Minho, departmental and university-wide one at U. Tasmania, QUT

26 Implementation models Generic Rationale and Model for University Open Access Mandate – Steve Harnad March 2006 The Patchwork Mandate – technical paper Arthur Sale November 2006

27 Professor Arthur Sale “It seems to take 2-3 years for a university mandatory policy to become fully institutionalized, though the process is almost instant with departmental mandates.” Examples: Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and the University of Southampton

28 Proposal Position paper for School of Information Systems, Computing and Mathematics (SISCM) –Similar to Southampton’s school –SISCM had key people involved in BURA –Lots of use of ArXiv – already self-archiving (Open e-print archive with over 100000 articles in physics, 10000 in mathematics, and 1000 in computer science).

29 My Arguments SISCM research clearly seen Voluntary requests not working – proof Mandate could work – academic survey, Sale’s Patchwork etc. Pilot stage Clear plan of implementation Key internal people involved Relatively easy to implement SISCM only 9 th globally with mandate

30 Accepted

31 SISCM Self-Archiving Policy Model based on Southampton’s policy. Our mission and aims –It is our policy to maximise the visibility, usage and impact of our research output by maximising online access to it for all would-be users and researchers worldwide. –It is also our policy to minimise the effort that each of us has to expend in order to provide open online access to our research output provided at –We have accordingly adopted the policy that upon acceptance for publication in a peer-reviewed journal, all final drafts (i.e. pre-publisher formatting) of current research output is to be self-archived in the School’s Research Papers Collection on BURA.

32 SISCM Self-Archiving Policy How to self-archive –To ensure that your research papers appear correctly in BURA, the following steps must be taken: Register as a user on BURA: guide.html guide.html –Deposit your final draft (also referred to as a post-print) which requires you to fill in an online form supplying the bibliographic information to generate the metadata (e.g. author, title information, accepted journal publication details, etc.) You will also be asked to upload the full text of your research paper.

33 In action Compares research publication database with BURA School administrators - responsibility Policy rather than mandate – a mandated policy? Not punitive - takes suggestion of “Accepted for publication? Deposited on BURA?” Only in place effectively since January 2007 Is currently embedding itself – needs time and promotion

34 Support from key academics and administrators Ironically – RAE possibly seen as more important? Wait for BURA to establish itself before mandate is “thrown” at them …original arguments about bottom-up approach…?

35 Conclusions Wait and see approach to both RAE and Mandatory policy BURA is still new Needs critical mass before it is seen to be permanent and of long-term use RAE - requires political will and Schools’ support for success - hopeful Mandate requires above Embedding into School – a pilot so far

36 Questions? John Murtagh E-mail: Tel: 01895265417 Brunel Library

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