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1 Southampton Open Wireless Network

2 Southampton Open Wireless Network Outline Aims of SOWN Technical Outline Campus nodes Servers SOWN[at]HOME nodes Current Projects and Research How to get involved Any questions?

3 Southampton Open Wireless Network SOWN is a Research led Network looking at Advanced Wireless and Network Technologies City wide wireless CAN – Community Area Network (LAN Game Compatible) Cutting edge technologies Experimental deployments Projects for undergraduate degrees

4 Southampton Open Wireless Network SOWN was an ad-hoc Mesh network Now we have some campus nodes which use iSolutions’ network to talk to the Internet and the rest of SOWN Currently there are two high powered nodes working atop of SUSU and Zepler Buildings Run embedded PCs with Voyage Linux or OpenWRT High powered (>400mw) miniPCI wifi cards Technical - Campus

5 Southampton Open Wireless Network Rack mount servers located in building 32 (EEE) sown-auth – does what it says on the tin – This server is our authentication server for Web Redirect and 802.1x. We are directly peered with University login servers and through them to eduroam sown-vpn – Responsible for handling back-haul links from remote nodes so that they can talk to auth sown-nat – allows access to the internet for users of the on campus nodes and for all machines to update online etc. Also runs SNMP and cacti to make pretty graphs Technical – Servers

6 Southampton Open Wireless Network sown-6core – IPv6 router for SOWN sown-ha – The Mobile IPv6 Home Agent (ha) for ECS and SOWN sown-dev – Development server for testing of new technologies. Interesting things like Voice over IP are running on this box sown-backup3 – A dedicated sown backup server. 1 & 2 are shared function. … + there are more More Servers!

7 Southampton Open Wireless Network SOWN[at]Home Plug’n’Play wireless access points to allow SOWN access to be broadcast from users house with the minimum of fuss Just plug it in to a free network port on your router and switch on! Makes use of home ADSL line for internet access Tunnels are set up to sown-vpn so SOWN network access is granted. User authentication is passed down the tunnel to sown-auth Nodes are made by Meraki, but run with our own firmware based on OpenWRT (linux distribution for home routers) which is configured to work with SOWN.

8 Southampton Open Wireless Network Current Research WiMAX 802.11r 802.11a Multicast – SOWN TV VoIP – Internet phone in your home IPv6 Mobility – Take your IP with you IPv6 multi-homing – Resilient global addressing Eduroam Cloud

9 Southampton Open Wireless Network Wiki iptables Firmware Web2.0 OpenWRT Voyage Linux IEEE802.11 VLAN Bash Apache PHP MySQL Debian LDAP IPv6 Multicast VoIP RADIUS SNMP Nagios Cacti RIP OSPF Zebra DHCP DNS OpenVPN SSL SSHQuagga PIMD WiMAX RIPng Buzzwords/Technology ramond

10 Southampton Open Wireless Network What SOWN needs! Enthusiastic People Community Users to Help Expand the Network 3 rd Year Project Students 4 th Year IRPs Internship Students!

11 Southampton Open Wireless Network Get Involved! Put a home node in your house! #sown on (hosted by ECS) Mailing list Weekly meetings (and occasional ‘surgery’ days at the weekend for the extra keen – see web site) Chat to us now! email:

12 Many thanks to: Dr Les Carr and Dr Tim Chown (ECS Staff) David Tarrant James Morse Dave Newman Paul Dart (now Thales – radio mast deployments division) Nick Humfrey (now BBC – web 2.0 development) Colin Williams + many others!

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