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The Innovation Base Tom Franklin Franklin Consulting Hilary Dexter University of Manchester.

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1 The Innovation Base Tom Franklin Franklin Consulting Hilary Dexter University of Manchester

2 Overview Modelling processes What is the Innovation Base Archimate and the Innovation Base Modelling exercise The Innovation Base

3 Modelling processes: Describe the area of business or concern that the process supports and the goals of the process being modelled. Identify participants in the process and those responsible for its execution Identify the principal process and the actions that make up that process. Identify the information/data needed as resources by activities Identify the information/data produced by activities Identify the necessary sequence of activities and the decision points in the sequence Identify any events which can modify the sequence Does notation matter?

4 A small slice of COVARM - in UML


6 In Archimate

7 What is the Innovation Base? A place For storing and sharing models Of any sort –Formal or informal –Image, description or model To help people model for themselves And To share knowledge and experience

8 What is the Innovation Base for? To help projects make their (modelling) outputs more useful To help programme managers understand their domains To help analysts in their work To support the e-Framework To support communities of practice To support interoperability and reuse

9 What is the Innovation Base for? To answer questions like: –Who is involved in student progression? –Who requires training in new health and safety procedures? –Which applications does the student record system interact with? –Who uses the student record systems? –Which SUMs support student registration?

10 Rightsizing the HeWorld Knowledgebase Lower barriers to contribution and consumption Build modelling capability across the sector Avoid vocabulary and granularity ‘issues’ Enable collection of ‘usefully related’ materials We need to: So we aggregate elements into more general categories of ‘stuff’ that people will produce Innovation Base (IB) is a simplified structure derived from an HE domain model; Peoples’ models of things in HEworld are in UML, BPMN, Archimate, free text, sketches…These models will be kept in IB

11 IB: a smallish number of generous/inclusive buckets Domain Event Rule Artefact Information Transaction Role Motivation Competency Lifecycle State Lifecycle Organisation Service Application Project Quality Evaluation Work

12 Joining things up We want to make our models of things like business processes in such a way that we can make use of others’ examples and share our outputs. Which buckets do we need for modelling a business process (and fitting it into an enterprise architecture)? Domain Rule Artefact MotivationRole Organisation Work

13 Activity: Model your process with IB cards

14 Guidelines for the activity: Using 5 key questions we can look at our pieces of the larger HEsystem: 1)Where are we? (Domain and Organisation) 2)Who is here? (Role) 3)What are they doing and why? (Work and Motivation) 4)What things do they use and produce? (Artefact) 5)What controls their work? (Rule) Activity: build your own business process… We look for the concrete examples from our own areas and for the links between them.

15 Topic, area of interest, discipline, environment Domain The Teaching and Learning domain of HE: Subdomain: Programme

16 HEI, faculty, school, company, ad hoc e.g. EU project Organisation University of Poppleton: Teaching and Learning Support and Quality Assurance

17 Set of responsibilities, position, job title, behaviour Role Programme Team Recruitment and Admissions Head of School Faculty Quality Administrator Faculty Committee Finance Marketing External Advisor Validation panel VP Teaching and Learning

18 Goals, Mission, Vision, Benefits, Aims, Objectives Motivation Assuring : a convincing New programme rationale The business case – markets Appropriate timing of the proposal for the HEI

19 Activity, process, workflow, task, practice Work End-to-end new programme validation: Proposal in principle Develop proposal content Final approval

20 things in the domain, resources, outputs, documents Artefact Proposal for approval in principle Proposal for approval of content Programme specification Report from external adviser

21 Policy, standards, guideline, procedure, business rule Rule School action plan to be provided Faculty committee is chaired by Associate Dean A member of the Academic Quality staff will attend Internal advisers must be members of the faculty in which the programme is based

22 The Innovation Base



25 Adding a New Model












37 Browsing

38 Hom e Browse Domains Higher Education The Domain of Higher Education refers to a level of education that is provided by universities, vocational universities, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, institutes of technology and other collegiate level institutions, such as vocational schools, trade schools and career colleges, that award academic degrees or professional certifications. Synonyms: University Education Higher Education / Child Domains (4) Sibling Domains (0) Research Libraries Administration and Management Teaching and Learning Roles Southampton Workspace Vice Chancellor Pro-Vice Chancellor Manchester Workspace Vice Chancellor Dean of Faculty Deputy Vice Chancellor Processes Manchester Workspace UK Academic Progression Use Cases Southampton Workspace Research Assessment Exercise

39 Hom e Browse Domains My Models (new workspace) Southampton Workspace (edit) (new model) Admissions System (Use Case) Admissions Process (BMPN) Conference Peer Review (Activity Diagram) David Millard My Models I am a Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Southampton. My research interests include Web 2.0, Hypertext Systems, and Knowledge Interfaces. Joined: March 2009 Uploads: 12 Research Admissions E-learning Assessment Marketing You are Logged in as David Millard Logout

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