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October 2002Naples1 METNET & Career Mapping for the Maritime Industry Prof. Malek Pourzanjani.

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1 October 2002Naples1 METNET & Career Mapping for the Maritime Industry Prof. Malek Pourzanjani

2 METNET EUROPEAN UNION 5th Framework Programme Competitive and Sustainable Growth Thematic Network on Maritime Education, Training and Mobility of Seafarers October 2002Naples2

3 October 2002Naples3 METNET WHY ? WHAT ? WHO ? HOW ? Reasons and objectives MET Core MET Environment Principal contractors and Members Reference Groups Network policies

4 October 2002Naples4 METNET - WHY ? Reasons –insufficient supply of ship and shore personal –unused MET capacity –limited MET competitiveness and applicability –limited mobility

5 October 2002Naples5 METNET - WHY ? Objectives Improved, more harmonized, more widely applicable MET Increasing employability and saving jobs More attractive MET Competitive and sustainable growth in the maritime manpower sector

6 October 2002Naples6 METNET - WHAT ? MET Core (direct)MET Environment (indirect) Demand / Supply MET Costs Statistics Certification systems Enlargement of EU MET Curricula MET Enrichment English Back-up Training Trainers

7 October 2002Naples7 METNET - WHO ? Four principal contractors World Maritime University (WMU), Malmö, Sweden The Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe (AMRIE), Brussels, Belgium Centro de Estudios Tecnico Maritimos (CETEMAR), Barcelona, Spain Southampton Institute (SI), Southampton, United Kingdom

8 October 2002Naples8 METNET - WHO ? 1 European Master Mariner Association 4 MET Institutions 1 University 3 Maritime Research Institutions 1 European Association of Maritime Research 1 Trade Union 1 Shipowner Association 2 Maritime Administrations 1 IT Industry 15 METNET Members

9 October 2002Naples9 METNET Contractors and Members Reference Group of MET institutions Reference Group of Governmental Administration of MET Reference Group of Industry - Added Value Network concerning European Shipping (ADVANCES) Representatives of East European MET institutions and Government Administration of MET Representatives of non-EU Mediterranean MET institutions and Government Administration of MET Observers METNET - Groups

10 October 2002Naples10 METNET - HOW ? Network policies Integration Information Exploitation Implementation Stakeholders Meetings and electronics Research cluster (4th FP) Momentum

11 October 2002Naples11 Current Issues: Small number of ships Insufficient EU seafarers Too many Institutions Shore based requirements Attraction of Seafaring career Quality of life at sea Obstacles in mobility Different MET Systems

12 October 2002Naples12 Career Mapping for the Maritime Industry

13 October 2002Naples13 Career Mapping for the Maritime Industry Driven by tight labour market in marine sector. Cause: –high drop-out rates from industry –lack of recruitment at basic levels –un-coordinated approach by employers –lack of interest among young people

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15 October 2002Naples15 Rationale Mapping and stock taking in a disparate industry Recording skill requirements and numbers Transferability of skills between sub-sectors: –Inter-relating competencies and qualifications Marketing tool for new recruits needed Availability of training and education

16 October 2002Naples16 Objectives Catalogue employers’ requirements Analysis and quantification of marine labour market and training provision Analysis of alternative career routes Marketing tool for recruitment

17 October 2002Naples17 Deliverables Data on skills and qualifications made available to all An analysis of skills shortages and blockages Recommendations for employers on “best practice” Information and knowledge on which can be built a co-ordinated approach

18 October 2002Naples18 Deliverables: how? Reports on research findings made available Advice on best practice Data from findings and analysis Marketing tools: –Booklet, Posters, Videos on careers in marine industry –Web site containing clear career information for all levels; job vacancies; training and education courses; employer and candidate database.

19 October 2002Naples19 Progress news Scoping study needed Research study requires budget So far the WG received no direct funding Requests to EC - unsuccessful DGTren suggested link with METNET Scaled down version W.P. in METNET II (Framework VI)

20 October 2002Naples20 Progress news What is possible as part of METNET II? Cannot: –Quantify labour market – major task Can: –Catalogue employers’ requirements –Analyse training provision and costs –Provide novel on-line career marketing tools –Analyse career paths –Identify good practice Will have to be European approach

21 October 2002Naples21 Methodology Data on courses and training provision –Desk-top study and through employer interaction Plan to work up web site: –Host –Input of pages and data –Content –Commercialization

22 October 2002Naples22 Moving through the map How do you get from one block to another? - Choose career path: planning ahead - Serendipity: see where you fit in Need to know employers’ recruitment criteria and what a given job will provide in terms of experience, skills, qualifications etc.

23 October 2002Naples23 Methodology: what data? Maritime industry category –E.G port operations department, shipping agents –Description of function Jobs/ professions in organisations –Categories –Salaries –Job titles –Job(s) description –Grades

24 October 2002Naples24 What data? Factors in selection and recruitment process –Knowledge –Skills –Qualifications –Experience –Personal abilities –Aptitude –Traits

25 October 2002Naples25 What data? Career development - what will this job provide in terms of: –Knowledge –Skills –Qualifications –Experience –Personal abilities

26 October 2002Naples26 Development of a methodology Data collection from employers: best approach? – Questionnaire : measured but low response probable, questionnaire over load! – Face to face : low sample number, more data per respondent, time consuming, but can build up case studies – Focus groups : opportunity for debate and discussion; problem with getting people to attend perhaps – Literature : limited, could also be out of date – Internet : limited

27 October 2002Naples27 Future plans: Continue under METNET Literature including Web study Revise the questionnaire Arrange where necessary interviews and focus group meetings Collect data and carry out analysis Report to the EC, and MIF

28 October 2002Naples28 Major Issues: METNET will conclude in March 2003, what then? Post METNET, the programme requires ~ 50,000 Euros. This approach will provide a snapshot of the industry at the time of the study. What next?

29 October 2002Naples29 Proposal: Extension of METNET Mini continuation project funded jointly by the EC and MIF A dynamic approach and creation of a “Permanent Maritime Skills Observatory (PMSO)”.

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