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South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training NVQ level 2 Project.

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1 South East (South Coast) Pharmacy Education & Training NVQ level 2 Project

2 To develop a strategy to implement the NVQ level 2 Pharmacy Services Information gathering Infrastructure Implementation

3 Drivers for change Department of Health Clinical governance RPSGB

4 OOverview of Project Plan & Objectives 1 Identify candidates (by 10.03) 2 Establish Steering Group (by 9.03) Access funding (by 1.04) 4 Develop partnerships (by 4.04) L2 underpinning knowledge (by 11.03) 6 Develop Infrastructure (by 2.04) Communicate with stakeholders (on going) 8 Integrate level 2 into lifelong learning (from 4.04) 9 Monitor contracts/SLAs (from set up) 1 Support (on going)

5 1.Identify candidates Scoping exercise was undertaken to validate WDC data and confirm actual numbers of ATOs and dispensers Totals across Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 299* ATOs including 94 dispensers 9 Internal Verifiers 8 IVs in training 39 Assessors 48 assessors in training Shortfall across region: 14 Internal verifiers & 32 Assessors

6 Kent 64 ATOs (including 19 dispensers) 2 IVs (3 more needed) 7 Assessors (9 in training, 8 more needed) Surrey 62 ATOs (including 7 dispensers) 2 IVs (1 in training, 1 more needed) 3 A1s (7 in training) Sussex 67* ATOs (including 31 dispensers) 2 IVs (2 in training, 7 more needed) 9 A1s (21 in training, 8 more needed) * excludes ATOs in Eastbourne production unit Hampshire & Isle of Wight 106 ATOs (including 37 dispensers) 3 IVs (5 in training, 3 more needed) 20 A1s (11 in training, 16 more needed)

7 2. Establish Project Steering Group Membership: Membership reflects stakeholders: 3 WDCs, SPMs, also NVQ3 Pharmacy lead, Regional Dental NVQ2 lead Meetings Quarterly meetings Terms of Reference agreed Project plan and objectives agreed Lines of communication Workforce Development Confederation members to WDCs. The Chairman to Senior Pharmacy Managers. The Project Lead to NVQ IVs, NVQ centres, Trust E & T leads etc.

8 Terms of Reference for Project Steering Group To provide support, advice and information to the Project Lead. To receive the objectives of the project. To agree the work plan and timescales set out in the objectives. To receive progress reports and subsequent adjustments to these. To ensure lines of communication are established with NVQ centres, Internal Verifiers, Senior Pharmacy Managers, Strategic Health Authorities and Workforce Development Confederations. For individual members to seek information from local areas of responsibility and feed to the project as necessary. To co-opt additional members as appropriate.

9 3. Access funding NHS WDC sources of funding for NVQs have been identified: Surrey & Sussex Costed proposal accepted by the WDC. Funding agreed and established Contracts with 2 NVQ centres developed 0.5wte peripatetic assessor/verifier - funding agreed. Kent & Medway Draft costing submitted to WDC Other potential sources of funding/support Learning & Skills Council / SEEDA Hampshire & IOW Costed proposal accepted Awaiting WDC confirmation of funding route Contract with centre being developed

10 4 & 5 Develop partnerships & Underpinning Knowledge Underpinning knowledge and training materials Training manual: manuals printed and distributed through 4 training workshops (1 in each county) Tutors / trainers support manual planned for 2004 Medway SOP have agreed to validate the training materials and the RPSGB will be approached when the Tutors version is developed Partnerships Meetings with NPA Training Manager, Dental NVQ2 Project Lead ILA and NVQ Leads in WDCs, Medway SoP NHS Apprenticeship Lead (Kent) University of Kent Kent Guidance Consortium

11 6. Develop Infrastructure NVQ Centres - 1 centre per county Accreditation to deliver the Pharmacy Services NVQ level 2 is being sought NVQ3 candidates from September 2004 will register and receive centre services from the same centres as the level 2. Kent East Kent Trust NVQ centre / Edexcel will cover: Dartford & Gravesham, East Kent, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells, Medway Maritime Surrey Frimley Park NVQ centre – Edexcel will cover: Ashford & St Peters, Frimley Park, Royal Surrey County Sussex West Sussex NVQ centre – City & Guilds will cover: Brighton & Sussex, East Sussex, Queen Victoria, Royal West Sussex, Surrey & Sussex, Surrey Oaklands, Worthing & Southlands Hampshire / IOW Wessex NVQ centre – City & Guilds will cover: IOW, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke

12 NVQ centre responsibilities include: Delivering IV training and support Delivering Assessor training and support Registration of L2 candidates Standardisation of assessment Quality of the qualification Specified support to candidates

13 Project Jan – Dec 2004 NVQ Centre contracts Additional Funding Monitoring Support RPSGB requirements

14 Diane Evans NVQ2 Project Lead SE(SC) Tel: 07717 774975

15 Summary of the NVQ Level 2 project Project manager induction to WDC and project Funding streams identified to train and support candidates (initial discussions with WDC) Project Steering Group (set up with membership representing stakeholders and WDC) Meetings with the WDC leads for dental project, cadetships, ILA/NVQ Cadetship/apprenticeship (draft scheme devised for Kent) Level 3 NVQ centre coordinator at Brighton (met to discuss support for pharmacy NVQs) Senior Pharmacy Managers for Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Isle of Wight (presentation on the project) Infrastructure to support candidates and assessors (1 centre per county, partners being sought) Basic skills (funding being sought from LSCs) Database on candidates, assessors and finance (data headings and reports devised)

16 Objectives / Milestones July to December 2003 Infrastructure for implementing L2Agreed by WDC, SPMs, etc by October 2003 Cadetship/apprenticeship schemesModels devised and agreed by December 2003 Pharmacy E & T leadsWorkshop arranged for July 2003 Trust Training Managers for Kent, Surrey and Sussex Meetings arranged for August 2003 Trust Training Managers for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight To meet and inform of project; discuss what it means for local trust training managers by October 2003 LSC and EC funds to be soughtEC Funding application to be made by 9.03, LSCs to be contacted by October 2003 Models of good practice for training assistantsSeek national models of level 2 pharmacy training, import appropriate by October 2003 Numbers of assistantsVerification of WDC data by September 2003

17 AssesorsAgree numbers required to implement L2 and organise training by October 2003 Set up Level 2 Assessors forums by November 2003 CentresContact sites with NVQ centres, assess suitability for L2, discuss and agree SLA requirements with 4 centres based on one per county by November 2003 Devise training materialsIdentify suitable training materials devised by Inter regional group, local working groups and individuals to see if they meet the L2 requirements by October 2003 Print training materialsExplore design and printing presentation of training materials by December 2003 DatabaseSet up and data entered by November 2003 Basic skillsFunding, assessment of candidates and support agreed by December 2003

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